Friday, April 19, 2013

1st Letter- 1 week in the MTC

  It's good to hear that you are all okay. Things are pretty crazy here at the MTC. I don't have much time to even think about how horribly I miss guitar and otherwise good music, but business is good, the MTC is good.I have already learned in the past week that when we think only of others and their needs, our own needs are automatically met. I have also learned so many new things in this one week because we spend so much time reading the scriptures. I've been studying the apostle Peter and his relation to Christ, and have found that Peter was dang righteous and cool man.
   I'm hoping my Visa comes really soon. I'll catch a plane to Peru, and with any luck stay alive all the way to the Lima MTC.
   I am actually in a tri-panionship. I have 2 companions, Elder Leavitt, from Cottonwood Heights and Elder Cunningham from Rexburg Idaho. They are awesome. I actually enjoy the extra company. They are also waiting for their Peru visas so they can go to Trujillo with me. Elder Leavitt got his call a week before me. Seems us Peru Elders get long waits. But its all good.
   Elder Leavitt as we went to bed last night said, "Elders... not to freak you out, but we have 729 days left of this..." That is a long time, but at the same time, its going really fast.
   I have seen Elder Cheney, Elder Monson, Elder Stewart, and of course Sister Handley. They are all happy.
   Courtney has a very special letter coming from me today.... ha ha ha. I hope she laughs at it.
   I need a watch. I dropped that other one on the very first day from 4 feet in the air and it broke. Dumb thing. I have looked and I'm pretty sure they only sell girl watches here. Send me one if you can.
   I only have a half hour to write everybody, so I'm going to have to keep this short. I can't believe I have already been here a week. I stood on the temple grounds today and thought about how it had already been 8 days since I said goodbye to you all from that exact same place. It was weird. I think these 2 years are going to fly by...
   We finished with our first "investigator" yesterday. I'm not allowed to disclose her name, but we actually got her to agree to baptism. This is cool, because even though she wasn't a "real" investigator, she was supposed to follow the spirit as she felt it. Meaning that she is as real as it gets without being real. But we really had it easy with her. She pretty much asked us to be baptized before we ever brought it up.
  Anyway, I love you and miss you. I use the "is this some kind of JOKE!?" thing all the time, and nobody laughs because it's stupid. Ha ha ha.
   Peace out. Long live Rock n' Roll.
   I love you! I'll keep writing!

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