Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Off to the MTC finally!!

  Today was the BIG day. We left Tooele this morning and headed for Provo.  Went and had lunch at Subway (Chances choice), then over to the Provo Temple for pictures. There were lots of families doing the same thing as we were. The energy at and around the Temple and the MTC was crazy. What a fun sight to see.
 Chance and Courtney on Gomez family's favorite bench!

Here we are at the MTC curb. Strict instructions to take 2 1/2 minutes for goodbye. Chance was so eager and excited I don't think we took 1 minute. But I wouldn't have wanted to hold him back at this point. Better to leave with a smile, and that he was!

There he goes! Happy to get on with his mission.


  1. So fun! Wahoo go Chance! I love the picture on the bench :)

  2. Nice blog! Good going Beckie! Love the pics.

  3. So cool! Exciting times are ahead! You guys are so strong and amazing....I cried just looking at the pics! Go Chance...make a difference in he lives of lots of people!

  4. It is almost like being there on the sidewalk of the MTC with Chance. Great pictures. Thanks for putting this up. Prayers and thoughts are with Elder Boekweg and the whole family.