Monday, December 29, 2014


Dear Mom,
BIG CHANGES. So..... right after the Christmas talent show President Marler made a huge announcement. The mission will be split in two. Trujillo North, and Trujillo South. Needless to say, he now neeeds to make twice as many leaders for the mission by July. So I imagined he would probably make a few of us old leaders trainers to raise up some more guys that already knew a few things about leadership by the time the new mission was opened. And......... I am one of them. Yup. I am going to be a trainer until the end. My last two changes will be spent in a place called Alto Moche, which is on the very southernmost point of Trujillo, literally on top of the beach. It may be the poorest place I've been so far. I am not sure if it's dangerous or not yet, but I'll let you know, It's what's called an invasion, which means that it's just a group of people that decided to set up camp there without anyone's permission, and they came in numbers so large that the police can't kick them out. So it's very, very, very poor. But those are my favorite places.
I am very sad to leave El Carmen. It was a great area. But I trust the Lord in all His direction, and I am willing to do whatever He wants. It's kind of funny how different my mission has been from the norm. I have lived it all in reverse! ha ha ha ha ha. President Marler called me this morning and said that he has agonized over this since I was called to the office, thinking that I should train from the very beginning, but never knowing when it would happen. So he took his last opportunity to set me up. I will be a district leader also, as I open this new area. Oh yeah, it's a new area, which means that it'll be somewhat like Santiago de Chuco was with almost nothing to start from. I am excited. I love hard things.
I have never been so................... aware of things. This is going to be the end of my mission. I will leave this new missionary to go home. That's INSANE. Only two and a half months left. It's this odd feeling of peace, anxiety, excitement, fear, and more than anything else, simply eeriness. It's going to be over so fast. I hope I can take these last two changes and be an awesome example for this new missionary. I'll probably show up on the blog with him this week. Keep an eye out.
I don't have much else to say. I am stoked about the banjo! Now I need a Dobro. Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah. But seriously, I am really excited about that. I put the picture up on my wall when I opened it in November. Just kidding.
Shauna Taylor wrote me by the way,  I love that lady. She's so funny. 
Dad......... is a massive bison of a man. What on earth happened to me that I turned out so small? People don't believe me when I show them pictures of dad. They all say, "do you mean your step dad?" Ha ha ha ha. Oh well.
I love you all. I guess I will talk to you again next week...... from my final outpost. See ya!
- Elder Boekweg
So thankful for technology and the opportunity to Skype with Chance on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day Talent Show, Trujillo Peru

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Call

Well mom...... I also do not want to write too much, because even though I've spent two years half a world away from you, we always seem to run out of things to talk about in our one Christmas call home a year. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It just takes too long. I'll tell you everything when I get back. Ha ha ha. Or I'd have to spend the rest of my mission just typing. So be ready for a long probably really weird story when you see me again.

I still love the work more than life itself. I am working hard here in "El Carmen," and am working on a big plan for the stake, We want 1,000 people attending church in the stake by march. It would be the first time it's ever happened in the history of the stake!

Please come with a bunch of questions..... because I could talk about thousands of things....... and I therefore have NO clue which to choose. But this will be your last chance to ask Elder Boekweg something in person. The next time you see me, I'll just be Chance again. Weird, right?

I'll try to take some pictures of Christmas day too with your packages. Though I make no promises.......... ha ha ha ha........................ I'll do my best to remember.

y'all should see my SWEET toe right now. It's heinous. It's like my trophy for having walked for so long. Ha ha ha ha. Remember the pioneer shildren song? Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a

I love you all. Sorry I'm not very photogenic. That blog always seems to catch me at my worst. Someday I'll do a good photoshoot. HA HA HA HA HA.


- Elder Boekweg
This is from the Christmas program last weekend at Plaza De Armas Trujillo Peru. Glad to see that Chance still gets to play the guitar and sing! You can find the video of his song on my Facebook page.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Program

Not much to report this week. Just the usual run. We did the zone training this week. I used the lights you sent me to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Thank you for those. My other gifts are under a small tree we bought.

Christmas Skype home - dec 24 still, but now at 8 o'clock Peru time. I will be skyping home from my bishop's house. He's cool.

We are doing a guitar/harmonica number in the Christmas show. I am sure Sister Marler will post it this week. And if not, next week. It's in Spanish this time. "Cristo ha Resucitado" number 122 in the Spanish hymn book.

I enjoy hearing that everyone thinks I look older. It's about time. I have felt like I looked too young forever. Ha ha ha.

There have been a series of murders and robbing's in my neighborhood lately. Also, a new guy just won a political position here. I don't really know much about him. He might kick gringoes out of Ancash (where I am) just like he did in Huaráz. Stuffs getting crazy. We'll see what happens. 
I am fine. Not sick. Not scared. We feel angels around us always. What more could I say?
I got the Thanksgiving letter from the Boekwegs! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Brayden and Austin!!!
I love you all, 
Enjoy the picture of Chimbote.
-Elder Boekweg

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mountain Hat

Alright.................... I am not extending. Nobody else in my group will do it with me. Ha ha ha ha. And we won't make it to the dedication anyway. They say it's between may10-june10. So I will be coming home in March. On the 25th. There wouldn't really be a justifiable reason to do it. I was called with specific dates of start and finish, I guess.

We are working with 5 awesome familes right now. We are going to need many miracles. We need 4 marriages, 1 divorce, and 12 baptisms to take place in the next two months. Pray for them. It can happen.

I need you to send me the recipe for carrot cake. The lady that washes our clothes wants to make some for Christmas. Hermana Liz. She's insane. Ha ha ha ha. But cool, too.
The Christmas packages got here. They are under our little tree that we bought. And yes, the mountain hat is MINE. I got no credit for it on the blog. Everyone thinks it's sweet.
I don't really have much to say......... I love the work here. It's going good. I wish my zone would get into more people's houses, but they are doing alright as well. 

Hey dad. Comfortably dumb.
Out of time. I love you all. Goodbye!

- Elder Boekweg

Monday, December 1, 2014


1. What did you do if anything for Thanksgiving? Im pretty sure you didnt have turkey haha.
     We did a zone fast. ha ha ha. I didn't remember it was thanksgiving this year....... it was sort of a lame holiday even before it didn't exist here in Perú........

 2. Are you baptizing in Chimbote? You never mention anything about baptisms.
     We had a few last change, but nothing too recent. We are working with 5 complete families. They progress more surely, but less fast. That's why we are demorando with this.

 3. Who is the new AP since Elder Zaveleta went home?
      Elder Brown from Provo (He's half Nicaraguan)

 4. Do you need new white shirts?

5. How is your health? Everything good?
    Well..... aside from the fact that HUGE cockroaches run up and down the walls every night, everything but my mental health is fine. I am so tired of stepping on them in the morning when I get out of bed...  there's just so many...... you really can't avoid it.

I am glad to hear the package made it. The tops are for dad. I figured he'd like them. All street children here play with those. And those are high-class ones. They cost less than one dollar a piece. Ha ha ha. 

So................ change of plans..... I might be extending again. Ha haha ha haha. President asked if me and Elder Leavitt were going to do it..... I guess that means the window is still open........ 

Sister Boody called you? I was in the exact same ward as her for like 15 months..... ha ha ha ha a ha. She knows everything about my mission, practically. Funny, right? I hope she didn't say anything bad............ ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thanks for the letter Sadie! I love receiving them. I wish I could send letters back.......

Mom. I am glad you liked the poem. Pretty deep, eh? Pink Floyd-ish, I would say. I still want a banjo....... that is the sincere desire of my heart. HA HA HA HA. SUBMIT TO THE BANJO.

Dad. Grandpa is funny. thanks for the pic. I would like to go explore the desert with you sometime. That place in FAR southwest Utah where there is absolutely nothing but dirt and wierd people wandering around in it.

How can I get back to the temple for the dedication? I think it's going to happen between may 15 and june 15. I will BARELY miss it even with an extension. We will know for sure this week, I hear. I am desperate to get back for that. Sounds like just about everyone in my group will be coming back for it. They're kind of a well-to-do lot of guys. I can only imagine how it would be. I am sure I could stay with people probably for free. Food is cheap. All I need is the ticket.......... THAT'S the expensive part...... We'll see, I suppose. I just don't think I could do it. I have no idea how much it would cost to fly here and back. And I would only have a few weeks to earn the money, really. Maybe I could come back after the dedication in like, December or even next year sometime. We'll see....

I love everyone. Until next week,

-Elder Boekweg
**Thank you Sister Marler for the picture!!
Elder Pearce, Elder Stephens , Elder Bates, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Boekweg and Elder Bramble practice,
"Have a Jolly Holly Christmas"

Monday, November 24, 2014

The foundation for the rest of my life


1. Will you be skyping or calling this Christmas?
      Skype or calling. Whichever you prefer.

 2. Is your debit card working ok for you?

 3. Can we have some more pictures with your face in them? Also I would like to see how much you have grown.
     Like tall? I think I am two inches taller than when I left, I think.

 4. Do you know how I can contact Elder Nelson just in case he doesnt call us? We havent heard from him yet. I know he has probably been soo busy. He just got home last Wed. (***The package came today! Thank you Elder Nelson!!)
     Nah. I know how he is. I told him to call you so that you could ask him how much it costs. He probably just sent it and ate the price in heroism. He's like that. Ha ha ha.

 5. Did you know Kaden Hansen got married last week?
      Yes. Cool. Congrats!

 6. Are you still looking for a homemade soccer ball?
      Yes. The search is slow. I don't have much free time.

 7. Have you eaten anything crazy lately?
     Mmmmm......... lots of fish. Chimbote is the fish capitol of South America. It smells SO fishy here.

 8. What are your church services like? Do you have a building in this city?
     Yes. My ward here is probably bigger than Carr Fork. we have a weekly attendance of around 150.

 9. Do the members in this area support you? Do you eat meals with anyone?
     Yes. It is the best area I've had, in that regard. Members like to help here.

 10. Do you still have a pensionista? Do you do your own laundry here?
      I have a pensionita. Hermana Iris. She is the best one I've had. Also, I think everyone has the wrong idea about them. They aren't like "maids" that are eternally washing our clothes and things. They have small restaurants, and we pay monthly to eat there. Our clothes are usually washed by a volunteer member. neither of them ever come to our house. They aren't allowed to. We clean the house and everything like that. ha ha ha

 11. What are you eating now? Anymore chicken and rice?
      My pensionista is the BEST now. She is the only one that doesn't make us eat rice if we don't want it. Chicken, well...... there's no way to avoid it here. But it's more fish here in Chimbote. LOTS of fish. But fresh fish is pretty sweet compared to what we were eating in the mountains..... they eat some gank stuff up there. Ha ha ha ha ha. Chuño.......................

 12. Do you still get to play a guitar ever? Will there be another Christmas program?
        No guitars here. But yes. Don't know if I'll be in it this year.

MAN Grandpa Boekweg is funny. I love that guy.

Mom...... I feel like from here on out, my emails will be really boring. ha ha ha ha. I feel like I have drained the tanks on what to talk about through email. Everything else has to be told in person to be told right. 

Do you think the Tooele hospital needs help from a translator? I did medical translation for almost 10 months here........ That might just be a SWEET job to get me through college..... that was my epiphany this week. I'd move to Provo, and just translate there. I know all the medical terminology in Spanish. What do you think?

Is Jared Handley still alive? Ha ha ha.

When are Terrance and Courtenae getting married? Like, next week, right?

Do you still hear from Sadie?

Also...................... I have to write my "go home date" this week. So......... I guess I'll put March 23 like normal. I will have put in a full day by then, and I feel peace about doing it. I would like to stay longer, but if there is no reason, It's probably better if I come home on time. There are complex legal things that the mission has to do when alien missionaries extend. It's very hard for everyone. And I would only really get 4 more weeks out of it. One month longer. So I guess you can write it on the calendar. I'll land in Salt Lake on the 25th. But only because President won't let me extend just one or two weeks to make "my dearest april" happy. ha ha ha ha. Or else I'd do it. That's alright....... that song is still going to be amazingly strong afterwards anyway. Can't wait to sing it with the full weight of 3 Aprils in a row behind it. The song will finally be "finished." It will be a song that took me three years to write. Ha ha ha ha. I'll be able to take it right out of my heart, with the full knowledge of what it truly means. No longer just hollow predictions, but rich and colorful memories that I never want to forget. My two greatest years. The dearest part of my life. I have given everything that I am to this work. I love God with all my heart. Pay attention to how you feel when you read that, because I want you to know, mom, that I have done nothing to dishonor our name here. I have tried my very best every single day. There have been many times when I have not known what to do, and I have made mistakes because I have lacked knowledge; but I have sincerely thrown my whole self at this. I have held nothing back. I have focused all my energies on this work, and I have served God the Father and The Savior Jesus Christ the very best I knew how. I have never picked disobeidience. I have striven to choose that which is best in every decision I have made since you sent me off 20 months ago. I will continue to do so until the end. This is not just 2 years of a mission here, it is the foundation for the rest of my life. 

I love you,

Elder Boekweg

Monday, November 17, 2014

The happiest moment of my entire life

Hi mom,

1. Do you still have your Christmas tree from last year? I am getting your packages ready and wondered if you still have your decorations.
    I do not...... I am sorry. I still have the ornaments, though.

 2. Any needs before I ship your Christmas package?
     Nay. JUST A BANJO

 3. When do you have to tell Pres. about your extension?
      This very same week. :) But they say the dedication is in June, probably....... so it looks like I'll be home in March. but I might extend another couple weeks or so........... guess we'll see.

 4. How is your toe doing?
     Still don't have a nail. I've got about half. My goal is to have it all back by the time I come home so I can walk barefoot on blessed carpet without grossing everyone out.

 5. How is your retainer doing?
     Meh. It's probably fixable. Not too bad

 6. Is your voice recorder still working? I cant remember if it needs batteries?
     Still works. That thing is a tank. It needs no batteries.

 7. Did you tell Elder Nelson that I will pay for the shipping for the package or however he wants to do it? We are soooo excited to get it. Cant wait to see.
     He's going to call you this week. Says it'll get there by the end of the week. You can open it whenever you want. In fact, it might be better if you open it sooner than later so that you can enjoy what's inside longer.

 9. Did you get my package yet?
    RASPBERRY OREOS ARE THE BEST THING EVER. Thank you so much! I loved it!

ummm.......... I am thinking of things to write........

I am losing Elder Oyarzo today. That bums me out. I love that guy. My next comp will be Elder Gonzalez, whose parents are from Costa Rica, but who was born in Seattle. He likes Pearl Jam. I think things will go just fine. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

Lane write me. I love that guy too.


Remember the familia Saldaña-Castillo from Casa Grande? My beloved converts from up there north? THEY GOT SEALED TWO DAYS AGO IN LIMA. Elder Zavaleta (who went home 3 days early just to see it) called me from the temple, and let me talk to each of the members of the family. It was literally the happiest moment of my entire life. I have never felt happier in all my mission. 

Comfortably dumb. Love you dad

Courtney.......... animals are for eating. :) Ha ha ha ha. But your rabbits are cool.

I don't have much time, so I have to say goodbye for this week. But the familia SALDAÑA was worth the week. And the year..... and the 20 months. :) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I love you goodbye!
-Elder Boekweg
  The first pic is just me overlooking my area, and the second is Chimbote from a mountain that I hiked.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Flood

Hi Mom,
I can't stop thinking about how much you're going to love the package I am sending home. Elder Nelson goes home in one week, and three days. Then he can call you and coordinate everything.

Will someone send me a picture of Hayden? I love that guy so much....... ha ha ha ha ha ha

Happy Birthday Eileen!

I flooded the house this week. We are 6 Elders that live together, and I accidentally left a water faucet on (because there was no water, therefore no noise, therefore I forgot to close it before leaving the house in the afternoon) and it flooded the entire house. Luckily, all floors in Perú are tile, or cement, so everything was fine except for some clothes that Elder Grant left on the floor. They got wet is all. But it was so funny to come home to a lake....... oops....

I've seen a lot of weird things in my missionary work....... ha ha ha ha. It's pretty bad. Reminds me of when one of my investigators died....... THAT was crazy............... and a really, really, great story. But she was also the reason that the dad of the family started listening. They are going to the temple this month, because it's been a year...... actually, a year and several months, They had to save up to go.

I think I'll probably be getting a new companion this next week, which makes me very sad. Elder Oyarzo is the best.

Crazy to think that Christmas is only about a month out from here. Feels like yesterday was also Christmas....
No news yet on the temple. Still don't know the date. I am hoping hard that it's April......... because THAT would be a cool end to the song.........
I love you mom. Of all the people I care about, you stand alone. I am most excited to see YOU again. You're going to have to teach me English again, because mine's getting pretty bad........ I have to translate everything from Spanish to English in my letters now. And I have SO very very much to tell you. I think you have about 3% understanding of everything that goes on here. I have failed giving you a good idea of what my mission has been like. And I AM SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU. All the details.......... it may take several lifetimes.
love you bye,

- Elder Boekweg

Monday, November 3, 2014

When will the TrujilloTemple be dedicated?

Dear Mom,

Wow. Brayden heads out sooner than I thought. He'll have been home a while when I get back. Especially if I extend. Ha ha ha. Hayden sounds like will be the closest return date to mine. I love those guys. I leave the field March 23, but won't be home until the 25th because it takes so long to fly home from here. I can only imagine Tyler Kelsey in SOUTH AFRICA..... ha ha ha. It's going to take him weeks. Also........ It sounds like the temple won't be dedicated until June-ish. We don't know for sure, but that's what I'm hearing. It's funny, because it's like the mission gossip. "When will the temple be ready?" But I only have 2 weeks until I have to tell them if I am extending or not. I feel like if I don't get to see the temple, and there is no other productive reason for me to stay, I should probably come home. I don't want to be here as a legal problem for the mission unless the temple is done in time. 
*The temple gates are opened and we are able to drive through the temple grounds.  The temple is beautiful and and the grounds are now being planted and are very lovely- from Sister Marlers Blog.

How is Erin doing? How is the post-mission shock? Ha ha ha. What time does she wake up now? Also... I am going to need her help learning German. I figure that Danish should be pretty similar, right? They are neighbor countries.

For Christmas............ I would really like a very large bag of Swedish fish. - and a banjo that waits for me at home - and maybe another huge stack of pictures like you sent for my birthday.

I would like a picture of Lane Liddell's infamous "un-crossed eyes" face. That always made me die with laughter. I miss Lane.

Elder Nelson will be home in just 2 weeks. I am sending him home with our home phone number. I figure that would be the easiest way to get this done? You can coordinate it all from home base. It is a SWEET package. But it's for Christmas too. Open it whenever you want, but know that I will be sending nothing else until I myself come home in March. I figure it would be kind of dumb to do so. But I have a gift for dad at the end of it all that he is going to LOVE. And I mean really love. I bought it a few months ago in the mountains........ but I won't say any more. It's super cool. Just think..... what could come from the Andes mountains of Peru?
Also... tell me about this "Ebola" thing? Apparently, It's made it to Brazil, which shares a border with Peru. People here are starting to worry a ton. Is it just like the swine flu?

I love you and will talk to you next week!

- Elder Boekweg

Ich bin ein schweinherd mit grosses armen. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think?
There Chance is in the back on the left.

Brownies- Im sure he enjoyed that.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The work goes on!

1. I am thinking Christmas.....Is there anything you need? What could I send for your companion that would be helpful?
    I don't need anything..... except that Banjo........... just relent and do it...... or I will ask for it in February again. Ha ha ha ha ha. Give in. And maybe some Swedish fish. Man I love those things....... probably more than life itself at times.

 2. Did the debit card issue cause too many problems for you? What were you trying to buy?
      Nah. Wanted to buy some soccer jerseys last week for you, but I'll do it this week.

 3. Do you live in an apartment? Was it one of the pics you sent a couple weeks ago?
     It's more of a small dirty house. But it's cool. Really ghetto. I live in the HOOD. ha ha ha ha

 4. When are your transfers? Will you be getting a new comp?
      Transfers are still 3 weeks away. But I will probably lose my dear Elder Oyarzo, and meet the missionary who is destined to "kill" me, they call it. I only have 3 changes left after this one. I hope they are cool.

Well mom...... I guess we're down to 4 and a half months until you have to drive to the airport to get me...... ha ha ha ha. Can you believe it?  But this does bring something important up. In the next few weeks, we are going to hear the official opening day of the Trujillo temple...... there is a possibility that it will be maybe late April or May, in which case, I would be able to extend and be here to see it...... and if that is the case, I really would like to stay out longer.......... I need to know what you think. Because that means I would not, in fact, be home for the very next general conference with you all. But it would mean that I could see all the people I have worked with in my entire mission there at the temple that I have dreamed of for so long.......... I think it would be pretty cool. I ask you this because if I am going to extend, I need to tell President Marler as soon as I can. They are going to buy my plane ticket within the month of November. And I don't know exactly which date. I guess all of this depends on the temple dedication date that I will hear soon. But if it happens to be in April or May, I would like to stick around here to see it. Tell me what you think.

Our zone here is doing very well. We are learning how to have lasting success. People are changing every day. And that is what counts.

This week is concilio otra vez. Asi que, tal vez me verán en el blog unas veces más en ese sitio de pronto. Ojala

I drown in this work. It consumes all that I am. I do not exist outside of the work of salvation. It's odd to know that that "old world" I used to live in still exists. Roxberry in Tooele still serves Razzberry rushes...... so many things have changed........  I am planning on spending a lot of time with Uncle and Hayden until I have to leave Tooele again for Fall semester at BYU..... and THEN I will be alone............... Each one of my friends and family will be far, far away from me. Not to mention, I don't have any idea what I want to study! I also don't have any money to study in the first place! If ever a man truly had nothing............. it was probably still not me, but I think I come close..... ha ha ha ha ha ha. I have seen people here who REALLY have nothing. I am just at a loss about what it is I am going to do when a few more short months come and pass.

However, I do occasionally have that dream that all missionaries have, when they come down the escalators in the airport and see their family for the first time in 2 years...... THAT might just be the sweetest moment of my entire life up until then. That moment will be worth 2 years' hard work. But for fear of what comes after that, I can honestly say that I would stay here and work until I die to avoid it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Grandma Boekweg- THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! Peanut butter Honey blend is the GREATEST. Also, I needed some new socks severely.... I wear through a pair in a matter of weeks.

The work goes on here. I love you dad. I think about you when I do work with our stake young men's leader. Zone leaders talk to stake leaders all the time. Tell the missionaries that they should do more splits with the young men of the stake. It's super effective for us, and teaches them to be missionaries early on............. And Don't forget about my truck. Ha ha ha ha ha. I'll need it.

Mom....... I miss you a ton. I hope you know that that dumb pillowcase with cast away written on it is ridiculously good at reminding me of you. Thanks. Ha ha ha

Courtney...... sorry I never write you, apparently. I will try harder. I hope you have a good Halloween. I love you.

Happy birthday Grandpa and Niki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will talk to you all next week!

- Elder Boekweg
****Mail Strike ended…send packages OK - Thank You Sister Marler

 The mail strike is over and it is OK to send packages.  Those that are in Lima are coming slowly over the next 2 months.  Hopefully we will get them all…

Please remember the best way to send items is in a 4 pound prepaid envelope…from the U.S. post office, these come as letters and do not go through customs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pics from the New Camera

So lets go over the questions:
1. What is your address if you will still be there in Nov, Gustavo is heading back to Peru and will bring a package with him.
     Tell him " La Capilla Mormona en El Carmen." That is where I can most easily find him. But we'll have to coordinate carefully. I can't spend time with him like I did the last time. Unfortunately, He is still technically my family, and I am not allowed to take a day off with him..... unless he comes on a Monday... that could work. Let me know.

 2. How much are the nicer soccer jerseys?
      40 Soles........ about 16 or 17 dollars

 3. How are your investigators? Getting close to baptism?
     They are doing great. I can't write too much because of mission rules on investigator privacy, but they are good. One of them has an AMAZING story that I will tell you next year.

 4. Of all the new missionaries coming to Trujillo now how many are from Utah? Does there still seem to be a lot of Utahns coming there?
     I have no idea who comes in anymore......

 5. Did you get to meet The Marlers son and Daughter in law while they were there recently?

 6. How far is Chimbote from Trujillo?
     Like....... 3 hours south.

 7. Who is bringing our package home in a few weeks? Will we need to go pick it up from him?
     Elder Nelson. He lives in Chicago, but he's coming to Utah for Christmas. I'm going to give him enough money to send the packages, once he's stateside.

Another week....... holy cow this is getting ridiculous. So fast. I feel like I just hit send a week ago on the last letter I sent to all you. It just keeps speeding up...... and when I think it can't get any faster, it does just that, and I find myself seated again at a computer that runs as well as my old car in the winter writing anoher letter about another week gone by. Erin's already home, and Brayden comes home in just 4 months........... how on earth have we made it this far? Months just click by here in the mission. I don't know how it is back home waiting, but I have been truly amazed at hpw true dad's statement was: "A week is about as long as a day." So dad. But so right.

We are having a lot of success in the zone right now. Pray that it doesn't run out. Pray for the missionaries personal conversion. That is what makes all the difference.

I though about Hayden this week again. He is cool.

I also thought about how strange it will be to see Uncle's 2 new children that I have never been with........ so odd.....

I don't have much time this week, because i got these pictures attached. But I hope they are worth it. Everyone always tells me they want more pictures........... the price, I suppose, is shorter letters.... because I don't have time to do the both. These dang computers.........
I love you! I will talk to you next week!

- Elder Boekweg


Monday, October 13, 2014

Choir from Tooele

Question time:
1. How tall are you? How much do you weight? Do your clothes still fit?
    Ha ha ha. I dont know. Quite flattering, though. I have worked extremely hard for that my entire mission. Looks like its paying off maybe$ (the question mark button on this keyboard doesn't work, so I will put a $ everywhere that there should have been a question mark)

 Chance looks a little bigger!

 2. Did you find a homemade soccer ball?
     No...... But I can find one here in Chimbote......

 3. What is your release date? NO, we are NOT going to come pick you up!
      Ha ha ha. They told me that I fly home and land on March 25, but the travel takes 2 days, so I have to leave on the 23. Funny, right$ I am SO far away from home.

 4. Any ideas for Christmas? I am starting to think about it since I have to ship it next month.
     Just get me that banjo........ ha ha ha ha. Other than that, I would very much like it if you could donate everything that you would have spent on me to Primary Childrens hospital. People need so much help......... or, donate it to Kendal Levine. Even better. I really mean that. It would make me smile to hear that it happened.

 5. I cant remember, do the Peruvians celebrate Halloween?
     Not really. Last year they didnt do anything that I noticed.

 6. Are you taking lots of pictures now? Did you find an adapter cord?
     Yes. I will send some now.

 7. Still studying German?
     Yes. But my progress is slow. I do a bunch of the excercises in the book every Sunday night. Thats my "German time." Ha ha ha

 8. Do you ever get American type food? I know you have pizza, Ive seen Papa Johns in the pictures. But does it taste the same?
     Papa Johns here is not the same. But its been so long since Ive tried the American kind, that I cant really remember what it tastes like..... Ha ha ha There is also a Burger King here in the center, but I think it too is different than it is in the states.

 9. When is your next transfer? Do you think you will be transferred?
       No. I honestly believe that I am riding this area out until the end. I will end here, I am sure.

 10. Did you get to see Conference yet?
       Yes. WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME THAT A CHOIR FROM TOOELE SANG$ I saw so many people I recognized! It was the coolest little treat to see Bro Reynolds and Sister Wright singing. I am glad they still exist. Ha ha ha. I loved Elder Uchtdorfs talk. He always hits home for me. "Lord, is it I$" That one was my favorite I think of this conference.

I am frustrated to tears with these junk computers...... someday, I will tell you about them when I can do it through talking to you face to face. Ha ha ha. They are the worst. But oh well. You are used to not getting pictures, right$ Ha ha ha ha ha. I am sorry.

I thought about Hayden this week too, dad. He is such a cool guy. I miss him to death. He has left a great example for the young men of the stake. Trials come, but they dont define our actions. As President Heder said, "our circumstances dont define us, they reveal us." I have come to understand that much more in my my time here in Peru. He was so right. So profoundly right. We have the power to overcome our trials. We either choose to do it, or not.

We are working with 2 really great families right now. We are hoping for a huge success with them. They are great people, but they have come from a DARK past. ha ha ha. Pray for them.
-Elder Boekweg
Leadership Council- Thank You Sister Marler!!

Chance sent these pics today of him in Chimbote.


Monday, October 6, 2014

He got a Camera!

1. Tell us about your conference watching experience. Was it in Spanish? Did you watch it with members? At a home? Was it live?
    Haven't seen it yet..... In Peru this week was elections. It is illegal to have any kind of meeting during the elections, so we were not able to see any of it. It will be rebroadcasted to this country this weekend. Weird, right? We didn't even go to church this week.........
2. Do you get many letters these days?
    The missionaries from my group have started to write amongst ourselves because nobody else does. Ha ha ha ha.

 3. Is it starting to be summer there?
    Summer never ends here.

 4. Do you want me to put money in your account for you to just ship our package home to us?
      I am afraid it will get robbed doing it like that. I already arranged for somebody to take it home in 6 weeks.

 5. Can you buy more Ecco drink and is it expensive? Dad is hooked on it and the only place I can find to buy it is straight from Trujillo Peru!
     I KNEW he would love it. I do too. I'll have to send him Kimbo. It's like Ecco, but stronger. I like Ecco a bit more, I think. It's great.

 6. Will you ever have an Ipad or facebook on your mission?
      When the world goes inside out, and all the pigs in all the world sprout wings and fly, then swim like fishes, THEN, will the Perù Trujillo Mission have Ipads.

 7. Do you know your exact release date yet? Once I thought you told me March 23. Is that right?
     Don't come pick me up. Ha ha ha ha. I'll let you know when my date is when it's closer. I love you

 8. Have you seen any cool stuff lately on your pdays?
     Nah. Chimbote is city. Not much by way of ruins or anything here. But it's got a cool and very stinky fishing bay.

 9. Still playing soccer? Can you still buy soccer jerseys?
     Yes. and Yes. I will need some more money if you want nice ones. But junk ones I can get for like 10 soles. (3 bucks and some change.) Just let me know what you want. Holland, and what else?

Sounds like the bigger world is changing outside of mine. I hope Kendal is okay. I also hope that Kaylee Hopper feels what she needs to do. I also have been thinking a TON lately about Kelly. 

I am a witness that we are creations of a God that loves us very much. I feel His love every day. I am not perfect, but nobody else is either. All the same, I try my very best every day to do all the things that Jesus Christ has asked of me. I do it because I love Him. And I only feel comfortable when I know that He is happy with me. This drives me to do everything I can to make it happen. It is not easy, and I mess up more times than I can count. But I know it's all worth it in the end. I invest my life in the things that really matter in the end. And I love it. The greatest part is that this kind of happiness is available to everyone, if they themselves are willing to accept it and pay the price for it. What is that price? It is a willingness to admit that we are wrong sometimes, and that we can't fix the damage we have done alone. That is where the Atonement of the Savior comes in. He pays the rest of the debt that we owe. He only asks us to say sorry and try harder afterwards. It is so simple. Repentance is so open and free. It is bitterness at it's start, but even greater sweetness at it's end. The Savior repeatedly tells that His arms are extended out to meet us, and that we need only trust in Him. He will clean us. We can be free from our sins, and the horrible burdens that come with them. Nobody is happy in sin, and He knows this. THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ALL OF THIS. That we can be happy again, despite what we have done and have our slates wiped clean. Please remember this always.  There is nothing in God's plan that causes permanent suffering. It is the only intelligent thing to do. More important than mine, is God's love for you. He and His Son Jesus Christ have been planing your happiness for eons and eons. They want you to have it. What they do not want, is for us to suffer and be slaves to this world, because there is no kind of lasting happiness there. The world's solutions will never solve the world's problems. They only deepen the wounds. Have a good week!

Pretty normal week. Ha ha ha. Went to leadership counsel for the billionth time. ha ha ha. Maybe I'll show up in a pic?

Tell me how Erin's homecoming is. 

I bought a camera. But now I need an adapter cable...... ha ha ha ha. I am so dumb......

Thanks for the message dad. I love you. I have never seen your head with hair since I was 4 or 5, I think........

Courtney. I love you. I wish I had more time to write. Just think that in 3 months, I'll skype home again. Then 3 months later............................ I stinkin' come home....... wow......................

I love you mom. Thank you for being the most faithful writer of my mission. I always know I have at least one Letter waiting for me. 

- Elder Boekweg

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hot Air Ballon Crew!

Well..... sounds like another week indeed HAS flown by. Every week feels one day shorter.

I am SO jealous of that Pink Floyd concert.....................

Crazy that Erin comes home so soon. 
Uncle....... Buttermilk nuggets plus Hot tub plus Zombies....... is such a thing possible? Why, such a level of pure ecstasy would rip a hole in the very fabrics of time, I'd say......... therefore, I believe we have an obligation to the race of men to try it.............

Don't have too much to say this week. Just that I am increasingly interested in the idea of talking to Roberto in Spanish when I get back. I am so excited. I will be able to talk to him in a way that nobody else in the family can.......... 
Don't have any new pictures as my camera is still under the weather..........
Milton, my convert from last week, got the Aaronic Priesthood this week. He is so cool. And so scary.... ha ha ha I love that guy
 Hope work is good............... Got a question for you.......... can you believe that in 5 months and like 25 days or something I come home? I feel like I REALLY don't have enough time left. I can't believe it has gone so fast up to this point. My group is officially the oldest white guys in the mission now. All the young white guys think of us as the gods....... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Like I used to think about Elder Young. That is so weird.............
I am really trying to get a package sent home to everyone. I have so much stuff to send that nobody wants to take it home in their luggage..... But I will find a way.

Sounds like I may have a summer job when I get home. Hot air balloon crew! Ha ha ha ha. Elder Bramble really is getting his balloon, and he says I am good to go with him. He's going to get me trained in skydiving as well, supposedly. I really think it could work, too........ this might be NUTS.....
I love the mission. I was talking to my companion about it, and it is the only place that you can be happy every single day. Nowhere else allows you to never have to think about yourself. And I have learned that thinking about others is way more worth your time than thinking about yourself. Selfishness is misery.
With that being said, you should know that it is also the hardest thing I have ever done. Ha ha ha ha. With sweetness, comes equal bitterness. There are really hard times as well. But when everything is said and done, it is worth every second. To the young men of the Carr Fork ward, I say, "GO ON MISSIONS. Don't make excuses. Don't be afraid. You will be ready when God needs you to be." Just trust Him. He is, after all, the grad designer of the entire universe. Seems like it would be easier to have faith in the very thing that created us and sustains our lives. But some people can't overcome the doubt. Just have faith, and everything will be alright.
I love you mom. Thank you for always being a rock in my life, and the lives of countless others. A mother to many. 

Tell Amy Bate that I am still waiting for her letter. Ha ha ha. And that I love her.

Tell dad, "comfortably dumb"

- Elder Boekweg

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lots of Pictures

Chimbote Zone

1. Did you watch the dedication of the Ogden Temple?

 2. Why havent you bought a camera? Please get one right away.
       I am afraid to buy one....... What if a better is just a day away?

 3. How did your t-shirt turn out with Linzi's art?
     Good. I will try to send one home.

 4. I am very concerned about your answer last week to the dental work question. What has happened to your teeth?
     My "permanent" retainer has been broken for months and months and months....... ha ha ha. There's no place to fix it here. The cement is falling apart. I am waiting for it to fall off completely, but two teeth still have it good. I'll worry about when Im in the US of A

 5. How did your baptisms go? What are the people like?
     One is named Milton. He is awesome. I would run in fear of him if I saw him in Salt Lake. THUG. But he's so sensitive to the spirit. Truly a chosen man. The other is Shandè. The missionaries have been teaching him for some time now. He is cool also. I did not get any pictures, but I made my companion promise that he would transfer me some.

Sister Marler said we need to gather Family History information about our own families..... so I need help from you guys. Grandma should send me everything she knows or remembers about the Barlows and that crowd. Yeah? Deedre keep em coming.

Elder Uceda visited us this week. It was AWESOME. He said they are going to open the temple sooner than we think! Maybe I'll see it as a missionary!? That would be the greatest thing ever.....

I really wish I had more time to write.... ugh...............

Tell Grandpa Thorpe that I thought about him this week. That jeep pic last week made me laugh.....
Dad.... don't forget about my truck. Ha ha ha.

I love you guys I am so excited to tell you all these crazy things that happen here..... I just wish I could tell you more in the short hour I have to write.

I'm so glad I took these pictures of Santiago de Chuco...... because I don't think missionaries will ever be there again. What an adventure that was!

Doesn't Erin come home this week? 
 Also...... COURTNEY IS A CLONE OF MOM. What  on earth!? 

When does AJ Walters get home? I'd like to send him a message sometime...... I just don't know his address.

There you have pictures...... :) Now tell me I'm a good boy. Ha ha ha ha ha. I was thinking about it this week, and realized that I haven't sent pictures home in several months...... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am such a bum. Dad oughtta love the one of the house. He'd live there if it were an option, I am sure. Check out this funky tree in the Andes! Totally covered in moss. Kind of creepy.
- Elder Boekweg

Monday, September 15, 2014

God's got the Plan


1. How did you like your playdough haha?
     Fun. Ha ha ha. I love you mom.

 2. Can you see the temple from your area?
     No. Temple's about 3 hours from here.

 3. How is the work going in Chimbote? Any baptisms scheduled?
     Yes! 2 for this Saturday. I'll do my best to get pictures sent home.

 4. What is your companion like? He is from Chile?
      He is the best. Hilarious. He is learning English, and is constantly saying the funniest stuff. Ha ha ha ha ha-

 5. What do you do with the winter clothes now haha?
      I think I might send them to the mountains for the guys that need them. Is that okay with you?

 6. Did you get that T shirt made from Linzi's drawing?
     Today I'm doing it.

 7. Did you buy a camera?

 8. Have you needed any dental work since you've been there?
     I'll tell you later. :)

 9. How is your toe healing? Will I get a bill to my insurance for that?
     Good. and No. Mission covers it.

Thanks Uncle. We are alike in so many ways. I love you

Grandpa Jeep pic is sweet.

God requires our whole being. Not just part of us. Not just the bigger part of us. All of us. He will work patiently until we surrender every part of our souls to Him and His Son. Not because He wants us to be generic robots, but because He loves us, and knows that doing this will lead to an end of greater happiness than we can imagine. He puts us in fires to make us fireproof. If we willingly surrender all that we are, then He doesn't have to take anything away. He wants our progression. He wants our success. Everything that he does is for us and it will always be that way because He is our Father. Don't doubt Him. Don't give up on Him. Because He never, never, never gives up on us. We are valuable and precious to Him. We become like Him, when we act like Him.
God's got the plan.

-. Elder Boekweg


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trujillo Peru Temple

1.Did you get my package yet?
    YES! Mini M&M's are great. Thank you so much!

2.When is the Trujillo Temple going to be dedicated?
    They tell me September of next year. I keep thinking, "The only way I'm coming back is if Deedre takes me" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We could volunteer at an orphanage, too! I know a few good ones. I'll be her guide! Ha ha ha ha ha. Seeing as how I'll be a poor college student, I don't think I'll be able to make it back. Which makes me SUPER sad. I spent my whole mission telling people about the importance of that big grey building in Huanchaco, but I won't see it completed. It's like eating a whole plate of rice, and having to leave before they serve the cake.

3. Do you watch general conference live?
    Don't know. But it's coming right up, eh? Pretty crazy. Seems like NO time passes inbetween them.

I was talking to a guy this week in his door. I noticed that one of his teeth was wiggling as he spoke. Imagine my suprise when this very same tooth simply fell out of his mouth down onto the floor. I thought I would laugh, but as the man just kept talking like nothing had happened, I just kept listening to him...... True story.

I am sorry to hear about Kendall...... I will keep her in my prayers. God has a way of making missions really interesting for each of us. Imagine her story after all this....

Linzi, I need you to draw me a pirate ship sailing through a galaxy..... use your imagination.
I love you Amy Bate.

I got your beard pictures from the cabin....... everyone thinks I was born on the "other" side of the railroad tracks. Ha ha ha. Iove you guys.

Not much time this week....

Vans are lame! Trucks are cool! Ha ha ha.

I love you Dad. Comfortably Dumb. Be where you are. I wrote you a message on the wall of a bathroom stall the other day. Everyone else had done it......... Thought I'd throw one up in English.

Mom. You mean the entire world to me. There is no person on this earth that I am more excited to see in a few more months than you. I hope you are doing well. Don't let uncle eat all our food. Ha ha ha.  I love him too.

Sorry I never send pictures home..... ha ha ha. Everyone hates me for that, I am sure. I am in the coolest place on earth, and don't ever send pictures of it........ ha ha ha ha ha. I just can't figure out these computers..... they are hard. It takes so much time to send a picture that I would have no time to write anthing. And my camera doesn't even work.

I have a question - Can Deedre send me more family history stories? I loved reading those 2 stories about the Calls.

Got to go! The internet hotspot geshtapo just taped my shoulder. If i don't get off, he'll charge me another 2 and a half cents. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah a. 

Love you all!

- Elder Boekweg
A couple of pictures of the progress on the Trujillo Peru Temple.


Monday, September 1, 2014

New Socks!

Mom -

Another week flown by.... bueno, Chimbote is the tierra prometida. In other words, Chimbote rocks. I have never had help from the members before here. I am used to having to carry the whole or branch on my back, but the members actually help here! I rode in a TRUCK on Sunday to go pick members up with a member named Felix. I smiled like an idiot the whole time because after having been the only person who cared about the work for so long, I was too happy to contain it. It reminds me of the apple in CasaGrande. I only had 8 or 9 weeks in the mission and was really missing a few things from home. Then I found an apple that appeared miraculously. I cried when I found it, because I knew what it was. I knew what it tasted like. It was something I was familiar with. I cried the whole time I ate it. I'll have to tell you more of the things that happened in CasaGrande later....... there really were some miracles that took place there. I didn't write them in my journal or write home about most of them, because they were kind of sacred to me at the time, but I can testify that God knows us and our needs, and loves us so much that He is willing to give us the things that will make us happy.

1. When and why did you eat hamster or guinea pig?
     Casa Grande we ate Kui, (Guinea pig) beacause that was what the husband of my pensionista brought home that day.
2. Is the food going to improve in the city?
    No..... rice still. The only difference is that we eat in a different room than our pensionnista now, so I can easily pass the gross things to my latin companion. Ha ha ha ha.
 3. Still have a maid?
     We do not have maids. Pensionista only cook and wash clothes. But they leave the house to us missionaries. They never enter our houses.
4. What is your apartment like now? Hot water?
     Hot water yes. Finally. The trick is that the water in Chimbote shuts off after 10. So you'd better wash your hands and things in the morning. bvvvvt.
5. Should I have Larry send the camera or can you buy one in Chimbote?
    Whichever is easier. I can buy one today.
 6. Is it warmer in Chimbote?
     Chimbote is hot. Funny qoute about the mission: "We have hot water when we want cold water, and cold water when we want hot water."
7. You should be getting 2 packages right away from gma Boekweg and me. Let me know if there is anything else you need?
    Could you send me a yoga workout routine? That would be sweet. I need to balance my Chi levels every now and then. Seriously though, it would be cool.

Here are a few things that came to my mind this week:
Linzi Kelsey: You are getting incredibly good at drawing. I couldn't believe how cool that album cover idea was. I am going to try to put it on a shirt here, becasue it only costs 3 dollars. Send me more! THANK YOU FOR THE SWEDISH FISH AND OREOS.............. 

Funny story: we were talking with an old lady when she told us the story about her husband who had an enlarged heart. (I guess that is actually deadly.) She told us that the doctor asked her husband had been cheating on her. When she said no, the doctor said, "that's odd, because a man with a heart this large could easily love up to 2 or 3 women." Me and my companion laughed just long enough to see that she wasn't kidding........ She really believed that that could be a side effect of an enlarged heart! That's what you get here for medicine, sometimes. Deedre ought to love that one. That was the serious explanation of the sickness.....

Let's see...... There is a gang here in my area called the "pecho rojo" gang. The "red chests." Apparently, they bust quite a few people up.... but I guess they mostly stick to their hill. It's their territory. I don't fear them though. It's sort of hard to believe that a few young idiots could hope to beat angels in a fight. HA! Also, I usually scare the living daylights out of people now. Huge muscles, and all.......

There's a lot of new missionaries in my zone, and they all call me "old." It's weird to think that I have become their "Elder Young." It's come full circle now. Funky.
Tell uncle I love him.
Tali: she's at BYU!

Tell dad he is cool. I use his "be where you are" quote in pretty much every meeting I have to teach something in. I want to do that same hike with him next summer. Sorry your beard is gone. man.

I got Grandma Boekweg's package and I am LOVING having new socks. I put them on and thought, "Now I remember what new and clean socks feel like." It's like heaven on your feet. I didn't realize it, but all my socks are severely beat up.

Anyway, I love you all. One more week, eh? Enjoy it all! New school year, couple holidays coming up, snowfall soon. Awesome. 

- Elder Boekweg


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Off to Chimbote

Questions first:
1. How was the conference with Elder Anderson? Remember Court met him at Prom. She even got her pic taken with him.
     Good. They said he speaks Spanish..... but,........ ha ha ha ha. He speaks French and Portuguese way better! But I loved his talk either way. He talked about the things that are not seen are the most important things in the church. Testimonies, etc.

2. Are all those beautiful cakes in Elder Harris's pics from a store or are they homemade? Gma Boekweg and I cant decide. It seems you have cake a lot!
  No idea what you are talking about. They make a lot of cakes here in factories.... most are kind of gross. I usually steer clear of them.

3. Have you had guinea pig or hamster yet?
    Yes. Heinous.

4.  Did Elder Harris get transferred?
      Nope. I did! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I will now be serving in Chimbote! Zone leader of another crazy zone. They say it's as dangerous as Casa Grande there..... this should be good. At least I speak Spanish this time. I can't believe I got swapped again! that's four times in 2 changes! You'd think I caused trouble or something.... Sounds like I'll be with Elder Oyarzo, from Chile. He is in my group. Meaning, we arrived here at the same time. Let's go work the GHETTO!!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!! Back on the coast, I guess..... I loved the mountains to death..... it will be hard to leave them. But I will go where I am called.

5. Did you get gpa Thorpes letter?
    YES! Thanks Grandpa! I hope you know how much letters mean to me. Especially coming from a man who I respect so much. I cried a little bit as I read it.

Hmmm............ I can't say that I really know what to say this time around. I am writing late because the bus ride to Trujillo was 6 hours long. I didn't have time to do it in Huamachuco. Anyway, Take a look at Chimbote on Google earth. I will be close to "El Carmen" district. They say it's pretty spooky over there sometimes. I am excited. I have a zone of 24 missionaries now. 20 Elders and 4 Hermanas. In the mountains, there were only 8 of us. ha ha hah a. Big change.

Elder Stewart Thomas coming home? I feel like I sat at his farewell just hours ago.... could it be that it has passed that fast? What about AJ Walters? I remember he was one of the very first of us to leave.

How is RJ doing? I love that guy.

Tell Lane Liddell to write me sometime. I miss hearing from him.
I had a dream this week that I was walking down Churchwood dr in the early summer when everything is green still. It was so beautiful. I think Tooele is my favorite place in the world still. Despite its desolate landscape and subzero temperatures. Not beacuse it is the biggest or richest or prettiest place on earth..... but because it is MY place on earth. But Perú still needs me and here I will stay for a few months longer. I am not afraid. I believe all things are possible. (watch the movie "ephraim's rescue" this week for me) and I will do whatever is necessary to bring to pass God's work here upon the earth.

I should also quickly mention that I had surgery this week. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Kind of. I had my entire right big toenail extracted because it was so horrendously ingrown. So now I have 9 toenails..... I think it will grow back in a few months. It is weird to walk with no nail.... your toe feels too soft............

I love my Savior. He did for me what no other could. He died for my sins so that I could be forgiven and saved with Him at the last day. I know He lives. I know He loves each of us. I know that someday we will understand the why things are the way there are completely. There is no end to His goodness and glory. He is my master and I am forever indebted to Him.

Have a great week!

- Elder Boekweg