Monday, January 26, 2015

True Peace and Happiness

Thanks for the long letter today. I like them long. I hope all is well back in Lincolnshire. Land of peace and snow.

I wanted to share this with you all this week:

Jesus Christ is the infinite and eternal Savior of our souls. What He did can never be repaid by any amount of work or really anything. I can't imagine the love He has for us. Do we realize that He, being an embodied spirit was willing to endure the excruciatng pain of being nailed to a cross for us? I know that He lives. I know that He loves us. I know that He never abandons us or leaves us alone to fight the adversary when we seek Him. He cannot. Because He is the only way to beat the opposition. We cannot do it without Him. Every sin, and every mistake would label us forever as "unfit" for the kingdom of God. But luckily, thanks to one Man who was able and willing to pay the crushing debt, we can take control of our lives, and drive them in the way that leads to God and happiness. There is no other way. We can search in vain for years or even lifetimes for an effective substitute, hoping that some form of mundane entertainment or amnesia will wash away what we ourselves cannot; but we will never find it. I testify that the only power that has the capacity to remove whatever feelings of saddness, or guilt, or burden that we may have is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We cannot argue any other way, because nobody who has ever sought peace in another way has ever found it. It simply doesn't exist anyplace else! We can intend to mask our problems, coating them in prettier words until nobody will point a finger, but I think that deep down, the afflicted will always know that there is something wrong. Some seemingly unsolvable puzzle that never disappears. I invite everyone reading to do what Jeffrey R Holland invites us to do and "give place to the enemy of our souls no more." Don't let the adversary win. He doesn't have the power to force us into saddness. We have to choose it. If something is wrong, FIX IT. Repent. Ask forgiveness. Work hard and with a plan. Do whatever is necessary to get rid of those feelings, because they are not worth carrying.
Our Savior stands ready with open arms to receive every soul that is brave and smart enough to come unto Him. He makes no exceptions. All are invited. We have the chance to weekly renew our repentance process, and remember Him. The Sacrament. Please participate, or the infinite sacrifice of our loving Savior goes to an ironic waste. He cannot heal us if we don't let Him. And we are the only force standing in the way.

Congrats, Brayden. I am hopeful for many more exciting things in the near future.

Sorry I don't have time to write more. I thought hard about that paragraph. I hope it helps someone who needs it this week. My heart is continually drawnout in prayer for all of you. I undertand that scripture now. I love you all so much. I wish everyone would know what true peace and happiness is. It only comes through obedience.

Love you,

Elder Boekweg

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Invasion

Tell Brayden I love him. That man means a lot to me. Tell him to wait to catch up on adventure time with me. I want to study the plot with him. He will know what you mean.

The "happily ever after is starting to take form, I think." Brayden comes home this week.............. How strange.
My cool Bayern Munich jersey.  You like it?

I am SOOOOOO STOOOOKKKKKKEEEEEEDDDDDDD about the temple dedication. 21 of June
My beard is so powerful now..... I am one of the missinoaries that has to shave every single day without fail, or else you notice it...... ugh
This is me knocking a "door" here. Ha ha ha. The invasion is so poor. I love it there. Nobody knows how to read. The people are SO humble. It's some of the only true humility I have ever seen, I think. It's my favorite part of my area. 

Welcome to Alto Moche. Ha ha ha. Actually, this is the invasion of Alto Moche. They build their houses on a hill right next to Alto Moche and live there for free. It's poverty on a level that we don't know exists in the states. Our government passes out houses for free that are 80x better than these. No floor, no roofs, and walls of sticks  and tarps..... no water. No electricity. No nothing.

 Like this.......... Imagine the poorest place you 've ever heard of, then multiply it by 1,000...... and THAT'S my area. I have so many stories to tell when I get back. We're going to need 2 whole years just to catch up again. And I could never fully convey how things are here........ It's so different. I hope someday you get the chance to see poverty like this. Makes me wonder why humans worry about mars and dumb things like that, when our own world is doing so poorly.
We live up higher on the hill. In a house with a floor and roof. We have electricty, and water most of the time. It's has gone missing a few times, though.
That's all for this week. Love you all.
-Elder Boekweg


Monday, January 12, 2015

Sand Dunes!

1. Did you already get your travel papers?
    They are purchased, but I don't have them yet.

 2. How is the work going in your new area? We have been praying for you and your companion.
     KEEP PRAYING, IT'S WORKING. It's going great. We have several promising investigators.

 3. Do you need anything for your bday package?
      Nah. Irish Spring body wash, maybe. I've been thinking about how awesome it used to feel to use that wonderful stuff. "electrify", of course.

 4. What are you doing for pday now in this area?
     Today we are going to explore Incan ruins..... I'll take some pictures. should be cool.

 5. Do you think you will find a homemade soccer ball in this area?
      No.............. But if I do, I'll get one.

 6. Start thinking about what classes you want to take at BYU cuz I think registration will happen Friday Mar 27.
    Oh man...................... no way...... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. German 101 again for sure.......... and I don't know what else........

Thanks for the updates on the world......

Is it too late to buy 3 baby pigs? I was thinking of ways to earn money to come back to Perú for the temple dedication, and I think I could make enough with 3  or 4 pigs....... at least, for the plane tickets......... I am so desperate to go..... it is going to KILL me to have to leave right before the major event that I have been waiting for for 2 years............

Tell me about Tooele........... Send some pics.

The picture is what happens when your area is mostly sand dunes, and it's really, really hot and humid and you have to walk all day. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Funny, right?

I want to take pictures of the invasion area, but I am afraid I will get my camera stolen........ it's pretty poor there, mom............ you would have to see it to believe it.......... 
You can see the ocean in the background there in the distance....

I am EXTREMELY blessed here, because at the end of every single day, I get to see a sunset over the south pacific ocean. For free......... it's an incredible sight. 
I am in Alto Moche. I think the Book of Mormon started here. The moches are the really ancient Nephites, I believe. I'll have to explain it all when I get home. It's cool. Alto Moche is known for it's HUGE beetles that come out in the night and make a ton of noise. One night, one flew onto my neck, I screamed in fear, and threw it off me into the dirt, and a group of nearby children laughed their heads off at me. I had no idea what on earth it was!!!!!! apparently, they are not harmful, but thy sure are gross...........
Don't worry about me I have angels that walk in front of me, behind me, and to the sides of me. I have less to worry about than you guys in Tooele. I have seen divine protection many times.
I have to go now. See you later! Love you bye! Enjoy the pics.
-Elder Boekweg

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lots of Sand


1. Tell us about your new companion?
    He is from El Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mèxico, Mèxico. As Mexican as a man can be. He's cool. He likes hot food, and is 19 years old. He will be heading home in 2017........
**Thank you Sister Marler for the pictures!
 Elder Rivera and his trainer, Elder Boekweg.

Elder Boekweg started with a selected reading from Preach my Gospel.

2. Will you get another mission pres for the other Trujillo mission in July?
    ​Yes. Presidente Rios, who is currently a bishop in Chiclayo​

3. What have you found out about your new area?
     ​LOTS OF SAND. It's a beach. ​It's is also by far the poorest place I've ever had, and by far the most dangerous....... last night, we were walking home, and the power went out. Complete blacknes, except for the moon. we started to hear breaking windows and animals screaming. It got nuts. I picked up  a big rock...... y'know...... just in case. Ha ha ha.

4. What are you staying in? With the comment about the people living in tents I wondered if there were apartments for you to stay in?
​   We live above a small fruit store. Smells good...... finally. Ha ha ha ha. THAT in itself is a big blessing. But there is another part of our area that we are exploring that the people just live in houses made of four cut down tree posts, and tarps for walls stretching inbetween. Crazy, right. This is poverty that surprises me even after having been here for a long time...... a person could not have less than these people have...​

5. Are there businesses in your new area? How do you use internet?
​   Same. Little tiendas that have internet​

6. What are the responsibilities of a trainer?

​    an extra hour of studies every day........................................ and in general just showing the new guy all the ropes. It's cool. Even my comp from Mexico thinks this place is poor. ha ha ha ha ha. He's rich though, I think.​

7. You didnt mention any of your other Christmas presents, did you like them?
    ​I loved them. I have my banjo picture by my bed. I did not expect it. I was expecting you to at least wait until my birthday for. But I knew if I was persistent, I might eventually get it. Ha ha ha ha ha! It only took me a year and a half of asking.
BYU tie is my offical "pday tie" I love it
Alien slingers are sweet. Ha ha ha
Thank you!​

8. Who did you give the other presents to?
    ​Oddly, nobody I was with needed them this year. We were blessed. So Elder Gonzalez got them.

10. Still eating seafood by the ocean?
​ Yes. Ha ha ha
Things​ are pretty crazy here in Alto Moche. We have huge Incan ruins in my district. In fact, some of the Elders have to proselyte basically on top of them. Ha ha ha. People still live there. 

I need you to pray for my comp and I to find new people to teach. We are opening a new area, and are building from the ground up. 

​DAD: I NEED WHEELS. Don't forget the truck or car or whatever. I cannot be homebound when I get back. I definitely need to drive. Your time is running out. Ha ha ha ha ha I love you though.

My "kid" (his new companion) calls me "the nazi" all the time. He says I look like one....... pretty much everyone tells me the I don't look "gringo," but German. Is it true? They say there is a difference, but I don't notice even one. Ha ha ha.

The lady just tapped my shoulder...... my time is up. 

I love you all! I'll send pictures next week, hopefully! (Though I make no promises)

-Elder Boekweg