Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Man

Questions First:

1. Is the clinic or hospital that you talk about private?
    La Clinica Peruano Americana was founded in the early 60's and still stands today. I have no idea what a private hospital even is.... ha ha ha ha ha  
2. What kind of sickness are you dealing with besides tapeworms and chicken pox?
    We've had a million dog bites, spider bites, and every other sort of bite you can think of. Also, Apendicitus seems to be a problem here...... I've had 2 cases in 6 months come up.
3. How many local missionaries to foreign missionaries are there?
    About 60% of the missionaries are from Perú. 30% is still Latin, but from some other part. 10% is white.
4. What kind of Peruvian holidays have you celebrated?
    Honestly, I don't know.... Every day feels the same to me. Unless people tell me it's a holiday, I have no idea. July 24 is Peruvian 4th of July, though.....
5. How big is the ward that you attend now?
    upside of 100 members
6. Have you tried your Lifestraw yet?
   Haven't needed to. I am saving it... I think I'm going to get sent back out the STICKS of the   mission when I am done here..... I probably have 6 more weeks here.
7. Do you have good cows milk there?
    Don't know. All milk here is evaporated...... I cry a little each night over that one.
8. What are the members like there?
    You can tell the church hasn't been here as long.... sometimes you hear some crazy things over the pulpit.... ha ha ha ha. But they are good people. You can tell they love their Savior. And that is really what matters most.
9. Have you been on any more trips with President Marler?
    Not since Ascope.
10. Have you heard anyone speak the language Quechua?
     Quechua is the native mountain language here. It is pure Lamanite tongue. I have never heard it spoken before, but I bought a book of Mormon in Quechua, and it looks really hard. There are chapters missing, because it still isn't all the way translated yet. Crazy, right?
11. Can you see the ocean? Is it beautiful? What about the beaches?
    Yes I can. There is a lot of garbage on the beach here, though.
12. Do you have any allergies there?
     Not at all.
13. How are your shoes holding up? Its been almost a year :)
     These shoes are tanks. I think they'll go all 24 months. They are indestructible. I recommend them to everyone.
14. Did you write Puddle of Glory?
     Yes I did
15. Does anyone in your mission have IPADs or Facebook yet?
     Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'll assume that was a joke. We are NEVER going to have Ipads here. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
This week was really, really fast. My trainer, Elder Zavaleta just got called as the new mission assistant. I guess I had a pretty good trainer, eh? I live with him again.... it's a little weird....... I can understand him now.

Bishop Coombs. I cried when I read your letter. I love you so much. You may never know how much you helped me as a youth. You were so understanding. You taught me so many great things. I will forever be thankful for my time with you.

Courtney..... Lookin' good. (She just had her wisdom teeth out)

THERE IS A NEW DUNKIN' DOUGHNUTS HERE IN TRUJILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing how grateful I am for simple things now..... We have so much in the U.S.

I am excited to hear that Dallin Gomez is having a baby and I am glad Levi liked his tie. It kind of looks like fish scales on some parts.... I thought it was pretty cool.

I am sending home some things with Elder Kaden Hansen, who has family in Tooele. He says he wants to swing by the house and drop it off. He is a great guy. You may want to treat him to dinner and some peanut butter popcorn. He is about 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and bald. You'll know him when you see him. He really is great. I am going to give him your number so he can coordinate with you. He was my first district leader. He knows me well.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you're so old...... I remember when you were BORN! The Megan ER....... weird.......
With all my love, from the other side of the world,

Elder Boekweg
The Man
The Man asked me to give myself,
And not just what I had,
He told me that He´d known me long,
Though I knew not the Man,
 He promised me He´d see me through,
The things that we would face,
He´d make me strong when I was weak,
And all my sins erase,
I followed Him, though knew not where,
Through places near and far,
At times, the Man was all I had,
I trusted in His arm,
Time and time, He saw me through,
And caught me as I fell,
I was not enough to follow Him,
As far I could tell,
The Man would smile every time,
And help me off the ground,
Get me back on my own feet,
To try it one more round,
I did my best; I told Him so,
Though failed many times,
He said that all was well with me,
He’d already made things right,
I asked if I would ever feel,
An easy path was mine,
He said as long as I would follow Him,
I´d walk a rugged line,
But at the end of all the pain,
A kingdom would be mine,
And I would rule it at His side,
Because I’d given Him my life,
And so I walk, through one more day,
The promised rugged line,
In His steps, I try my best,
And keep His words in mind,
I slip and fall, He helps me up,
Just as He´s always done,
The Man of perfect character,
The Father and the Son,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Clinic!

Sister Taylor.... I laughed SO hard when I got that picture. My companion asked me if it was my relative.... I said, "no, my neighbor," He was quiet for a minute, then said, "Man, THAT is weird....." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha ha ha ha. I miss being a punk to you, sister Taylor.... ha ha ha ha. It was good fun.


I sent you a picture of me and an Elder who went to the clinic this week..... at 2:00am.......... I went to the clinic in pajamas and spent the rest of the night there. We woke up at the normal 6:30m and went to the office to work. Sister Marler called and said, "You need to go home and sleep a few hours....." ..... so we did...... ha ha ha ha. It's great. I have to do the weirdest stuff..... I never imagine my mission like this.


Levi Gomez! Enjoy the tie, man! It's 100% Peruvian! I bought it in a little market for 15 Soles. I am glad Elder Astill got it to you. Who knew that I knew him before the mission? He is Danelle's cousin. How odd......
Also, I wanted to say something to Bishop Coombs.... I want to thank you for being such an exceptional leader to me when I was younger. I think about things you taught me all the time. "The devil don't kick no dead dogs," etc. I am so grateful for the guidance I had from you. I love you. I have a lot of fathers, and you are one of my most dear. Thank you.

I am too lame to keep writing this week.... I feel like writing home is becoming redundant. I say the same things every week. Sorry I am boring. I'll fill y'all in in a year and 2 months. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a hah ah a ha ha ha ha hah ah aha..... except you, sister Taylor...... HA HA HA HA HA HA! I'll just let you read my journal.
I love you all, send me more questions next week!

- Elder Boekweg

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Puddle of Glory

Well..... I have a cool story...
We have had a few missionaries break out with chicken pox this month. So last night, I had to leave my house at 10:00pm to run to the hospital here because a missionary was teetering on consciousness. I guess it hit him really hard. Anyway, we finally got him situated in a room, President went home, and so did my comp. I stayed the night in the hospital with the Elder. We went to sleep at about 4:00am. at 2:00am, they needed medicine. President told me to "do what I had to do," So I had to leave the clinic without a comp at 2:30am and walk the dark streets of Perú alone until I found a pharmacy. Ha ha ha. I thought to myself, "if only my mom could see this..... she would DIE." Especially because the clinic is in a really spooky place. It's old... Anyway, I finally found a pharmacy, and they ended up not having the medicine....... So I walked back, and the clinic told me we would have to wait until the morning. So I sat awake next to a Colombian who was very upset at me until he fell asleep. He couldn't talk, because he had chicken pox in his mouth, but his eyes just screamed at me all night. I couldn't have done anything more for him, but he didn't understand.... it taught a little bit about how the Savior feels about us. When we are bitter because things that happen seem to be "God's fault," we should remember that we don't see the big picture. Christ does. God does. They do everything they can to help us. Sometimes we don't understand.
I have found that usually when you are upset at something, it's because you are missing information.
We also had an Elder go to Lima this week for his Visa. We sent him off, and got a call a few hours later from a payphone. He had forgotten his documentation, and they could do nothing for him. So we waited in the airport until 9:50pm (he was supposed to come back at 9:00pm) and so we decided to go search for him. . . . . I testify before the legions of this earth that calling your mission president at 10:30pm to tell him that a missionary is missing is not an easy or pleasant thing..... But after the call, I kept looking, I went with one of the assistants, and we walked around Trujillo until about 12:00am looking for anywhere that he could have gone. We finally found him in a taxi that was looking for our house........
I am out late very often.......... actually, every single day this week I was out in the streets until after 10:30pm...... I am so tired. This is hard work. It is different work. I hear about my friends' stories, and I am reminded how much I miss doing missionary work like that. Focus on nothing but investigators.... I found so much happiness doing that. This office has taught me so much, and made me 100x the man I was when I got here already, but I remember the sweetness of field work... I will probably be here until April, I imagine.
Will somebody please tell me how Kaylee Hopper is?
I thought of some things I need in the birthday package: More socks. Crystal light. Big bag of M+M´s. Whey's protein.
Also, I would like the lyrics to the song "sweet afton" by Nickelcreek..... you can email them to me
I know that this work is inspired. At this time, God expects us to care enough about our brothers and sisters to go help them. Christ has paid the price for their souls with His very own blood. It is our duty to capture the vision, and go to the rescue of those who we have been called to help. I understand what Alma was talking about when he said, "Oh that I were an angel," so that he could spread this message to every soul who would hear it.
Dad, tell each and every young man in the ward to go on a mission. Tell them to study Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. Tell them that it is the most worthwhile thing any of us could ever hope to do. It doesn't matter where we are called to in the work, because it is all the same. We are all the Savior's hands on the earth. We all serve the same Master and purpose. Tell the young men to let go and jump into this work. We need them out here. We need all the help we can get. God needs them. We have each been issued a Priesthood duty to come  out here and give our all for 2 years, and if we turn our backs on this work, we will break the heart of God Himself. It is not an easy road. But it is a beautiful one. I know I am where I need to be. I know that a mission prepares a young man for the duties of manhood unlike any other preparatory measure ever could. There is no substitute for these two years. We cannot aford to lose this chance. Get the young men out here. I personally beg each of them to give themselves to God. To throw away all their fears and other obligations to come and serve at His side for the greatest two years whey will have known to that point. It is the adventure of a lifetime.
I love you all,
-Elder Boekweg

Puddle of Glory
There was a fish who swam all day,
And never had a word to say,
Until he looked above the pond,
And saw the world, from far beyond,
He saw the birds who flew so high,
And seemed to swim in blues of sky,
With all his heart, he wished to be,
Like they, who had been born with wings, he, then too, could fly away,
And leave the place he had to stay,
The birds would laugh, from far above,
That he, a fish, was downward stuck,
That they would fly, and always see,
The swimming fish, he´d always be,
“You can´t be us,” Said all the birds,
The fish cried out, with stronger words:
“My God, my God, take all of me,
And make me what I want to be,
Give me wings, that I might fly,
And be like them, who swim in sky,”
And God said, “No, that isn´t right,
But calm down, things will be alright,
I never made a bird of you,
Because that´s not what best you do,
You were meant to be a fish,
And swim and hope and dream and wish,”
The fish said, “God, why not a bird?”
With sincerity, in every word,
“For that is what I want to be,
And not the fish, that you now see,”
God said, “See that every bird may fly,
And claim their home, in clouds up high,
But you, my fish, may always go,
Where none of them, will ever know,
A place of peace, below the pond,
Where birds that fly, do not belong,”
The fish then cried, he understood,
That every life on earth is good,
And though he´d sought another part,
This time she cried this strong remark:
“My God, my God, take all of me,
And make me what I ought to be,
Help me to accept your will,
This is, at end, your pond to fill,”
The fish kept swimming, just as before,
And did what His Master, of him, did implore,
And smiled in wonder, deep down in the pond,
Why he’d kept  his question, shut up for so long,

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years in Peru is Awesome!!

Sorry Courtney's sweater is Grinch green.... ha ha ha. But it IS made of real llama wool....... ha ha ha. The wood thing is a cool story. A guy carves those things completely from scratch. How cool is that? It was 200 soles.... which is like...... 70 dollars... but I figured it was worth it. I am only on a mission like this once. And it was the PERFECT little recuerdo from my mission. Anyway, I'm glad you got it all safe. I think I'll be sending another package like that home soon. With Elder Hansen, who's cousins live in Tooele. I might even get this one delivered to you. Sweet, right? Personal Secretary has it's perks... ha ha ha.

I will buying some things to send home with Elder Hansen today... so don't be suprised if there's a lot of money missing today..... I have the perfect Idea........ Maybe I can haggle it down to be cheaper....

Tell the Gomez family that I love them. They occupied my brain for a minute this week. I miss them, too. And Levi....... use the force, man.

I don't have much time this week. Letters to President seem extra long in the office. oh well. I love you all. Good luck on the northern front!
Got to go. Love you. I'll talk to you later! 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013 went SO fast.... I was working in Tire warehouse a YEAR ago.......
Love you, bye!
-Elder Boekweg
1. What did you do on New Years?
     New Years in Perú is AWESOME. Ha ha ha ha. Imagine an entire country where everyone has fireworks that are totally illegal in the states. I stayed up to watch it, though my comp went to bed. It was like the whole sky was blanketed in dangerous explosions. It was SO loud. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
2. What should we do about a suit?
    Don't know. Don't worry about it. I'm going to wear this suit right into the ground. I don't even know where you'd find them here... I'll have to look.
I think Elder Smith is going to give me his suit. Ha ha ha. He goes home in one change, and it's already too small for him. I'll see if I can leech it from him..... He'll probably come by the house in Tooele, too eventually. He told me he wants to meet you.
3. Are you still playing soccer?
  Yes..... ha ha ha
4. What is the temperature there now?
    mid 90's. It's the humidity that kills....
5. Any special requests for your birthday package?
     I want a letter from Bishop Coombs..... I don't know why. I just love that guy..... he is very dear to me. Also... I would like an update about Kaylee Hopper. Maybe a thing of Whey's protein?

These pictures are of the things Chance sent home for Christmas.

Trujillo Peru Temple- currently under construction
Scheduled to open 2015

Sweater made of real Llama wool

Courtney loves her Llama sweater

Chance in a skit on Christmas Day. He's the one on the left.