Monday, October 27, 2014

The work goes on!

1. I am thinking Christmas.....Is there anything you need? What could I send for your companion that would be helpful?
    I don't need anything..... except that Banjo........... just relent and do it...... or I will ask for it in February again. Ha ha ha ha ha. Give in. And maybe some Swedish fish. Man I love those things....... probably more than life itself at times.

 2. Did the debit card issue cause too many problems for you? What were you trying to buy?
      Nah. Wanted to buy some soccer jerseys last week for you, but I'll do it this week.

 3. Do you live in an apartment? Was it one of the pics you sent a couple weeks ago?
     It's more of a small dirty house. But it's cool. Really ghetto. I live in the HOOD. ha ha ha ha

 4. When are your transfers? Will you be getting a new comp?
      Transfers are still 3 weeks away. But I will probably lose my dear Elder Oyarzo, and meet the missionary who is destined to "kill" me, they call it. I only have 3 changes left after this one. I hope they are cool.

Well mom...... I guess we're down to 4 and a half months until you have to drive to the airport to get me...... ha ha ha ha. Can you believe it?  But this does bring something important up. In the next few weeks, we are going to hear the official opening day of the Trujillo temple...... there is a possibility that it will be maybe late April or May, in which case, I would be able to extend and be here to see it...... and if that is the case, I really would like to stay out longer.......... I need to know what you think. Because that means I would not, in fact, be home for the very next general conference with you all. But it would mean that I could see all the people I have worked with in my entire mission there at the temple that I have dreamed of for so long.......... I think it would be pretty cool. I ask you this because if I am going to extend, I need to tell President Marler as soon as I can. They are going to buy my plane ticket within the month of November. And I don't know exactly which date. I guess all of this depends on the temple dedication date that I will hear soon. But if it happens to be in April or May, I would like to stick around here to see it. Tell me what you think.

Our zone here is doing very well. We are learning how to have lasting success. People are changing every day. And that is what counts.

This week is concilio otra vez. Asi que, tal vez me verán en el blog unas veces más en ese sitio de pronto. Ojala

I drown in this work. It consumes all that I am. I do not exist outside of the work of salvation. It's odd to know that that "old world" I used to live in still exists. Roxberry in Tooele still serves Razzberry rushes...... so many things have changed........  I am planning on spending a lot of time with Uncle and Hayden until I have to leave Tooele again for Fall semester at BYU..... and THEN I will be alone............... Each one of my friends and family will be far, far away from me. Not to mention, I don't have any idea what I want to study! I also don't have any money to study in the first place! If ever a man truly had nothing............. it was probably still not me, but I think I come close..... ha ha ha ha ha ha. I have seen people here who REALLY have nothing. I am just at a loss about what it is I am going to do when a few more short months come and pass.

However, I do occasionally have that dream that all missionaries have, when they come down the escalators in the airport and see their family for the first time in 2 years...... THAT might just be the sweetest moment of my entire life up until then. That moment will be worth 2 years' hard work. But for fear of what comes after that, I can honestly say that I would stay here and work until I die to avoid it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Grandma Boekweg- THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! Peanut butter Honey blend is the GREATEST. Also, I needed some new socks severely.... I wear through a pair in a matter of weeks.

The work goes on here. I love you dad. I think about you when I do work with our stake young men's leader. Zone leaders talk to stake leaders all the time. Tell the missionaries that they should do more splits with the young men of the stake. It's super effective for us, and teaches them to be missionaries early on............. And Don't forget about my truck. Ha ha ha ha ha. I'll need it.

Mom....... I miss you a ton. I hope you know that that dumb pillowcase with cast away written on it is ridiculously good at reminding me of you. Thanks. Ha ha ha

Courtney...... sorry I never write you, apparently. I will try harder. I hope you have a good Halloween. I love you.

Happy birthday Grandpa and Niki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will talk to you all next week!

- Elder Boekweg
****Mail Strike ended…send packages OK - Thank You Sister Marler

 The mail strike is over and it is OK to send packages.  Those that are in Lima are coming slowly over the next 2 months.  Hopefully we will get them all…

Please remember the best way to send items is in a 4 pound prepaid envelope…from the U.S. post office, these come as letters and do not go through customs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pics from the New Camera

So lets go over the questions:
1. What is your address if you will still be there in Nov, Gustavo is heading back to Peru and will bring a package with him.
     Tell him " La Capilla Mormona en El Carmen." That is where I can most easily find him. But we'll have to coordinate carefully. I can't spend time with him like I did the last time. Unfortunately, He is still technically my family, and I am not allowed to take a day off with him..... unless he comes on a Monday... that could work. Let me know.

 2. How much are the nicer soccer jerseys?
      40 Soles........ about 16 or 17 dollars

 3. How are your investigators? Getting close to baptism?
     They are doing great. I can't write too much because of mission rules on investigator privacy, but they are good. One of them has an AMAZING story that I will tell you next year.

 4. Of all the new missionaries coming to Trujillo now how many are from Utah? Does there still seem to be a lot of Utahns coming there?
     I have no idea who comes in anymore......

 5. Did you get to meet The Marlers son and Daughter in law while they were there recently?

 6. How far is Chimbote from Trujillo?
     Like....... 3 hours south.

 7. Who is bringing our package home in a few weeks? Will we need to go pick it up from him?
     Elder Nelson. He lives in Chicago, but he's coming to Utah for Christmas. I'm going to give him enough money to send the packages, once he's stateside.

Another week....... holy cow this is getting ridiculous. So fast. I feel like I just hit send a week ago on the last letter I sent to all you. It just keeps speeding up...... and when I think it can't get any faster, it does just that, and I find myself seated again at a computer that runs as well as my old car in the winter writing anoher letter about another week gone by. Erin's already home, and Brayden comes home in just 4 months........... how on earth have we made it this far? Months just click by here in the mission. I don't know how it is back home waiting, but I have been truly amazed at hpw true dad's statement was: "A week is about as long as a day." So dad. But so right.

We are having a lot of success in the zone right now. Pray that it doesn't run out. Pray for the missionaries personal conversion. That is what makes all the difference.

I though about Hayden this week again. He is cool.

I also thought about how strange it will be to see Uncle's 2 new children that I have never been with........ so odd.....

I don't have much time this week, because i got these pictures attached. But I hope they are worth it. Everyone always tells me they want more pictures........... the price, I suppose, is shorter letters.... because I don't have time to do the both. These dang computers.........
I love you! I will talk to you next week!

- Elder Boekweg


Monday, October 13, 2014

Choir from Tooele

Question time:
1. How tall are you? How much do you weight? Do your clothes still fit?
    Ha ha ha. I dont know. Quite flattering, though. I have worked extremely hard for that my entire mission. Looks like its paying off maybe$ (the question mark button on this keyboard doesn't work, so I will put a $ everywhere that there should have been a question mark)

 Chance looks a little bigger!

 2. Did you find a homemade soccer ball?
     No...... But I can find one here in Chimbote......

 3. What is your release date? NO, we are NOT going to come pick you up!
      Ha ha ha. They told me that I fly home and land on March 25, but the travel takes 2 days, so I have to leave on the 23. Funny, right$ I am SO far away from home.

 4. Any ideas for Christmas? I am starting to think about it since I have to ship it next month.
     Just get me that banjo........ ha ha ha ha. Other than that, I would very much like it if you could donate everything that you would have spent on me to Primary Childrens hospital. People need so much help......... or, donate it to Kendal Levine. Even better. I really mean that. It would make me smile to hear that it happened.

 5. I cant remember, do the Peruvians celebrate Halloween?
     Not really. Last year they didnt do anything that I noticed.

 6. Are you taking lots of pictures now? Did you find an adapter cord?
     Yes. I will send some now.

 7. Still studying German?
     Yes. But my progress is slow. I do a bunch of the excercises in the book every Sunday night. Thats my "German time." Ha ha ha

 8. Do you ever get American type food? I know you have pizza, Ive seen Papa Johns in the pictures. But does it taste the same?
     Papa Johns here is not the same. But its been so long since Ive tried the American kind, that I cant really remember what it tastes like..... Ha ha ha There is also a Burger King here in the center, but I think it too is different than it is in the states.

 9. When is your next transfer? Do you think you will be transferred?
       No. I honestly believe that I am riding this area out until the end. I will end here, I am sure.

 10. Did you get to see Conference yet?
       Yes. WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME THAT A CHOIR FROM TOOELE SANG$ I saw so many people I recognized! It was the coolest little treat to see Bro Reynolds and Sister Wright singing. I am glad they still exist. Ha ha ha. I loved Elder Uchtdorfs talk. He always hits home for me. "Lord, is it I$" That one was my favorite I think of this conference.

I am frustrated to tears with these junk computers...... someday, I will tell you about them when I can do it through talking to you face to face. Ha ha ha. They are the worst. But oh well. You are used to not getting pictures, right$ Ha ha ha ha ha. I am sorry.

I thought about Hayden this week too, dad. He is such a cool guy. I miss him to death. He has left a great example for the young men of the stake. Trials come, but they dont define our actions. As President Heder said, "our circumstances dont define us, they reveal us." I have come to understand that much more in my my time here in Peru. He was so right. So profoundly right. We have the power to overcome our trials. We either choose to do it, or not.

We are working with 2 really great families right now. We are hoping for a huge success with them. They are great people, but they have come from a DARK past. ha ha ha. Pray for them.
-Elder Boekweg
Leadership Council- Thank You Sister Marler!!

Chance sent these pics today of him in Chimbote.


Monday, October 6, 2014

He got a Camera!

1. Tell us about your conference watching experience. Was it in Spanish? Did you watch it with members? At a home? Was it live?
    Haven't seen it yet..... In Peru this week was elections. It is illegal to have any kind of meeting during the elections, so we were not able to see any of it. It will be rebroadcasted to this country this weekend. Weird, right? We didn't even go to church this week.........
2. Do you get many letters these days?
    The missionaries from my group have started to write amongst ourselves because nobody else does. Ha ha ha ha.

 3. Is it starting to be summer there?
    Summer never ends here.

 4. Do you want me to put money in your account for you to just ship our package home to us?
      I am afraid it will get robbed doing it like that. I already arranged for somebody to take it home in 6 weeks.

 5. Can you buy more Ecco drink and is it expensive? Dad is hooked on it and the only place I can find to buy it is straight from Trujillo Peru!
     I KNEW he would love it. I do too. I'll have to send him Kimbo. It's like Ecco, but stronger. I like Ecco a bit more, I think. It's great.

 6. Will you ever have an Ipad or facebook on your mission?
      When the world goes inside out, and all the pigs in all the world sprout wings and fly, then swim like fishes, THEN, will the Perù Trujillo Mission have Ipads.

 7. Do you know your exact release date yet? Once I thought you told me March 23. Is that right?
     Don't come pick me up. Ha ha ha ha. I'll let you know when my date is when it's closer. I love you

 8. Have you seen any cool stuff lately on your pdays?
     Nah. Chimbote is city. Not much by way of ruins or anything here. But it's got a cool and very stinky fishing bay.

 9. Still playing soccer? Can you still buy soccer jerseys?
     Yes. and Yes. I will need some more money if you want nice ones. But junk ones I can get for like 10 soles. (3 bucks and some change.) Just let me know what you want. Holland, and what else?

Sounds like the bigger world is changing outside of mine. I hope Kendal is okay. I also hope that Kaylee Hopper feels what she needs to do. I also have been thinking a TON lately about Kelly. 

I am a witness that we are creations of a God that loves us very much. I feel His love every day. I am not perfect, but nobody else is either. All the same, I try my very best every day to do all the things that Jesus Christ has asked of me. I do it because I love Him. And I only feel comfortable when I know that He is happy with me. This drives me to do everything I can to make it happen. It is not easy, and I mess up more times than I can count. But I know it's all worth it in the end. I invest my life in the things that really matter in the end. And I love it. The greatest part is that this kind of happiness is available to everyone, if they themselves are willing to accept it and pay the price for it. What is that price? It is a willingness to admit that we are wrong sometimes, and that we can't fix the damage we have done alone. That is where the Atonement of the Savior comes in. He pays the rest of the debt that we owe. He only asks us to say sorry and try harder afterwards. It is so simple. Repentance is so open and free. It is bitterness at it's start, but even greater sweetness at it's end. The Savior repeatedly tells that His arms are extended out to meet us, and that we need only trust in Him. He will clean us. We can be free from our sins, and the horrible burdens that come with them. Nobody is happy in sin, and He knows this. THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ALL OF THIS. That we can be happy again, despite what we have done and have our slates wiped clean. Please remember this always.  There is nothing in God's plan that causes permanent suffering. It is the only intelligent thing to do. More important than mine, is God's love for you. He and His Son Jesus Christ have been planing your happiness for eons and eons. They want you to have it. What they do not want, is for us to suffer and be slaves to this world, because there is no kind of lasting happiness there. The world's solutions will never solve the world's problems. They only deepen the wounds. Have a good week!

Pretty normal week. Ha ha ha. Went to leadership counsel for the billionth time. ha ha ha. Maybe I'll show up in a pic?

Tell me how Erin's homecoming is. 

I bought a camera. But now I need an adapter cable...... ha ha ha ha. I am so dumb......

Thanks for the message dad. I love you. I have never seen your head with hair since I was 4 or 5, I think........

Courtney. I love you. I wish I had more time to write. Just think that in 3 months, I'll skype home again. Then 3 months later............................ I stinkin' come home....... wow......................

I love you mom. Thank you for being the most faithful writer of my mission. I always know I have at least one Letter waiting for me. 

- Elder Boekweg