Saturday, November 9, 2013

Update on the Pigeons

   Who told Courtney she was allowed to look that old!? What is she, 20!? She looks older than I do!

 And DALLON!!!!!!! IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh.......... he is enormous. I cannot believe I have not seen them in almost 8 solid months now.....Time has flown on the wings of a golden flying hawk on fire..... And I do believe that we shall indeed live to see it pass completely........ wow....... Especially when Christmas hits.... I'm kind of scared to Skype home. I would much rather talk on the phone. It would be so much easier to not have to see you all. But alas, I do what I must.
Also... I found out from an Hermana this week that I am allowed to watch videos from y'all. So if you want to make a video and send it my way, I think that would be cool. I am not allowed to send back, though. So I guess you all will have to wait until Christmas. 
1. What else do you do on p-day besides soccer? I keep getting asked and I don't know.
    Soccer, Football, Fútbol, and sometimes even Pelota. That is about all.....
2. Are you on medicine yet for your parasite? The answer better be yes!
    Yes. Cured, baby
3. How often do you proselyte? Everyday or just weekly?
    Well...... we have from 6pm to 9pm every day. But sometimes work gets in the way of that... It's crazy. President told us that our office assignments always come before our area.... With that being said, sometimes we sacrifice proselyting time in order to pick people up from the airport or some other weird thing. It's hard for me to be in an office....... I have realized how much I never want an office job....... ugh..... but I am called to do what I am called to do. And I will do it.
4. When do we get pictures?
     Maybe never........
5. Have you or will you have any baptisms while serving in the mission office?
     .... Nope.
6. Do you see Pres and Sis Marler every day?
    Usually about 4 times a week. But I call them hundreds of times every day
7. Do you only have 1 senior couple in your mission?
     For now. They are awesome. We run to their house to help them with things all the time.
8. Do you have a member family that you spend time with. Like they would feed you anytime?
    Negatory. But my family in CasaGrande invited me to come to their little girl's baptism. I love them. She was 7 when I taught their family. She still had to wait a few months when her family got baptized. Little Eva. We call her Evita. She has such a sweet special spirit. And her family may be the reason CasaGrande didn't kill me. Ha ha ha. 
9. Do you feel sick having a tape worm?
     Na. Just tired.
10. Do you do service projects?
     All the time. I have already built about 2 whole Peruvian houses. Floor, walls, roof. And around here, that's usually all you need. Ha ha ha. Its cool that they are able to live so happily with so little. 
Update on the Pigeons..........
So I wake up one day this week, and my companion tells me the birds have gotten back in to my bathroom. I don't believe him, because I knew that I had shut the window. So I go look, and sure enough, they had figured out how to open the window, and were back...... They are increasing in intelligence........ gathering knowledge...... I guess that's Boekweg luck for you; The best and the worst, but nothing in between. Ha ha ha ha. 
Funny story.... One of the Elders is doing counseling here in the office, and so we sometimes have a psychologist kickin' around. Yesterday, she looked at me, staring deep into my eyes, and suddenly said, "You Don't belong in an office, do you? You need fresh air. You are a social person, and to be here all day alone kills you, doesn't it?" I laughed so hard. She hit that on the HEAD. I do miss the field. The office is really, really different, and really, really hard. I have seen progress in many different areas. I have learned things that I don't think the field could have taught me. Different things. And I get to collect the direct runoff of doctrine that President rains down on the missionaries. I have learned SO much that way.... but I do still miss walking entire days. I never thought Christ would ask me to serve this way. My mission is turning out to be something entirely different than what I thought it was going to be. But such, is the way of he world, I guess. You can never know beforehand exactly how things will go. And so here I will be until I receive another assignment. Sometimes, it's hard to love being a missionary when you feel like you just have a 12-hour a day job. It's hard to feel like my work and effort matters sometimes, as it is now not measured by key indicators and statistics and the level of people's conversion. Now, instead of serving the people here in Perú, I serve the missionaries who serve the people. It's like I am down one level deeper now. I see the mission from a totally new perspective. In CasaGrande, I sometimes felt isolated and alone, but here I can see the whole mission. I see everyone and everything. A bigger picture than I saw before.

President LOVES my song called "Headlights." He makes me play it every time I am near a guitar. The entire mission is starting to sing it to me when they see me. Everyone in the office knows every word.... It's so funny. I never thought Some Fish would have a place even in the mission. It looks like they want me to play the song for the Christmas show too..... ha ha ha. So Some Fish is going international, now. I'm playing the Plaza de Armas, Trujillo show. What a venue. There will be thousands of people, I am told. It is madness.
Here is the link to Chances song Headlights:
I am so sorry that I don't have time to write everybody back.... I wish I could. I will catch up with everybody when I head home. And that really won't take all that long. Just be patient with me. Close your eyes and you will see. Everything now, as it was meant to be. Troubles somehow, set us free. Before you know it, I will sing. And tell each one of all these things..........
wow..... ha ha ha

Sometimes my job requires me to call The Salt Lake Temple, or Provo, or Ogden, etc ..... it's weird to know that my phones calls are making it so close to home base.... 

And Elder Walther.... I met him a BYU. I lived in the same building as him in Wyview, 3 floors up. He was cool. It's nice to have him around. He is the one familiar face from life before the mission. And he understands me completely, because we are in the same boat. Ha ha ha. He was in Ascope, which is about 20 minutes from CasaGrande. So for a change, we saw each other at all the district meetings. It was a blessing. Tell his mom that he is healthy....... believe me, I know. ha ha ha. He is a really good missionary.
Enjoy the pictures. I have taken about 5 of them in the past 2 months..... ha ha ha. And make sure Linzi's letter gets to her.
I love you all,

-Elder Boekweg

 Chance wants to use this picture for his next album cover

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