Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brain thinking list

First off, Kelly........ I just want you to know that I love you and thought about you this week. I want you so much to be happy. My prayers are always with you.

Niki.... Enjoy my room. Hopefully you didn't find my pet, Squekers. He lives behind my headboard in the abyssalous void that I have not cleared out since 7th grade.

Eileen, your pics don't work. I love you and wish you the best.

Deedre... Sorry for not telling you sooner about my gross parasite, which I am still not taking medication for. I didn't think my mom could hack very many pics of parasites..... ha ha ha. I got Granda Lewis' history. Send me more!

Joylynn, There is a missionary who told me that you were his English teacher. His name is Matt Dority. He tells me you were nuts. Ha ha ha.

I found the Elder that Grace Duffy told me about. I'll be doing his paperwork here in the next few weeks.

Gomez Family, I love you

Fivas Family, I love you

Johansen family, I love you

Kelsey Family, I love you Linzi...... HAVE FUN IN CHINA!

Sister Taylor, I am still enjoying my vacation from you haha

RJ Scott, I miss showing pigs and steers with you in that crazy old Stockshow. I smelled some cow poop the other day, and it reminded me of your steers. Ha ha ha. And Shannon's, which always seemed to be the craziest ones of the bunch. I love you Scott family.

Elder Hayden Shofield, I love you, naive.

Elder Fivas, I love you and your pictures of food every week. We're going to work out and get ripped when this is all over............. although I believe I've said something like that before in the past.....

Elder Kelsey, I love you man. I miss rollin' in yo' thug machine feelin' like a thug nasty and crankin' the bass while speeding heinously down an urban road.... oh the memories.

I am sure I will write more notes to more people next week. These were they who made my brain thinking list this week.

So the story of the week is this: I walk in to the bathroom on Thursday night, and see sticks all over the bathroom floor. My first thought was that one of the Elders put them all there to bother me (I have a bathroom minus a shower all to myself, because all the 6 people in the office have found out that I can't poop without clogging a Peruvian toilet) But then I noticed the window was open. I thought some jerk kid was probably throwning sticks in the window after watching us go inside, because it's fun to tease missionaries. I shrugged it off, and started shaving. The next night I came in and there was more sticks..... the window still open.... and this time, I realize that my razor blade is gone. There are paper scraps all over the floor this time, too.... I think it's weird, but I don't care enough about it to tell anyone. Then the next morning comes, and I walk in to use the bathroom. I see two pigeons gently sleeping in the window sill.... Now everything makes sense, and I try to scare them off. One of them goes without a fight, but the other lunges at me before flying out. I almost got pecked. Ha ha ha. I will be keeping my window closed now.... especially because the stupid birds flew away with my shaving blade..... dumb things.
I LOVED the raspberry hot chocolate. I made a cup of it, drank it, and then realized that I accidentally used water from the tap....... which is like instant death here in PerĂº for a gringo..... But I'm not sick yet.... Ha ha ha.

I love you all very much and I will write more next week. I love you Courtney.

Changes week was MISERABLE.... I was in charge of all of it. I have slept 8 hours in the past 3 days because I have been working here in the office until 11:30pm every night, and waking up at 5:00 to take missionaries to the airport to go home... I am SO Tired.

Also Dad.... I showed my comp a picture of you, and I apparently look nothing like you.... But the further I get into my mission, the more I want to be just like you. You are my hero. The example of working as hard as an ox. I miss you so much. 2 Days ago, I remember I just wanted to talk to you so bad, but I couldn't. I love you dad. Pink Floyd still rocks.

Mom.... I could write a billion paragraphs about you and still not do you justice. Just know that I love you.
- Elder Boekweg
Chance hasn't sent pictures in some time. This was on his mission blog. You can see him in the background in the blue tie, laughing about something, not realizing he is on camera!!

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