Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lots of Questions!

1. Do you want me to make you a live account for Skype?
Na. I have no idea how any of this is going to work..........

2. Do you know yet when you will be Skyping us and for how long?
I can Skype either the night of the 24th or anytime on the 25th. How does the 25th at night sound?

3. What will you do on Christmas day besides call us :) (don't tell me nothing, because I saw your Thanksgiving celebration!)
I really honestly don´t know..... I think we´re going to a devotional that President is doing......?

4. Will you take a pic of your Christmas tree and send it to me? So I can see how cute it turned out.
It shall be done

5. Have you come across any homemade soccer balls yet?
Negative. They don't really make soccer balls... they just use really cheap ones, usually. But I can ask some kids if they´ll make one for me. Would that be as cool?

6. Have you spoken in Church before?
If I had a nickel for every time I've spoken in church in PerĂº, I would have a few dollars

7. Do you give blessings often?
Yes. A bit less now, but still pretty often.

8. Do you always have to be with your companion being in the mission office?
The interesting thing about personal secretary is that I often find myself alone with sisters........ and I just got permission from President today to help one get into a car by PICKING HER UP WITH MY ARMS..... ha ha ha. I am the official mission ladies´man. Im constantly in awkward doctors room listening to sister´s health problems...... ugh...... But with all that being said, My companion and I do a lot of splits. with Everyone and their dog.

9. When you go out late at night does your companion go with you?
We stick together.

10. Who is your companion? Elder Tway?

11. Do you have cockroaches there or any other huge awful bug?
I saw the most gigantic ant ever in my laundry yesterday. It had to have been at least an inch long. Yes there are a ton of cockroaches, too. Big ones. 2 inchers are the small ones.

12. How much do you weight now? Have you grown at all?
165 or so. Maybe a bit less. But in my defense, I did also grow like 2 inches recently, and have been working out like a maniac here in the office. You should see my guns. They´re sweet now. Ha ha ha.

13. Will Sis Marler post the Christmas festival on her blog so I can see you sing your song?
I actually didn't have time to write a song..... I am sorry... I am SOOOO busy here, that it took back seat.

14. Yes I can get blades here. Inkafarma is the greatest thing ever. It´s a store with all that stuff.
I sent you some pictures of the clinic that I spend hours a week at.......... There are SO many pictures of the virgin Mary. These people have such a firm knowledge that God lives. Ask ANYONE in the street if they believe in God, and they will look at you weird, as if to say, "is that even a question? Of COURSE I believe in God. How could you not?" The problem here lies in people´s humble pride. Everyone thinks they know everything about the Bible. Ha ha ha. I had a taxi driver yell at me last night about how Mormons believe in another Bible, and it was of the devil. He told me that if I had read the Bible, I would know that God would never send us more Bibles. I smiled at him, and bore my testimony. I knew he wasn´t listening. But it was my duty as a missionary to make him choose to follow Christ of not. Be an agent unto himself. Take responsibility for either acting well, or acting poorly.
I love my mission with my entire soul. It means everything to me. It is really, really hard sometimes. It is an investment. We pay everything we have, and we get back 100x more. When you give your ALL to Christ, you´ll find that He can support you in any circumstance.
Kaylee Hopper - Send me an update!
Brett Paulick - You too, man!
I still can't believe Mason is married..........
- Elder Boekweg
Pics Chance sent of the clinic


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