Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Clinic!

Sister Taylor.... I laughed SO hard when I got that picture. My companion asked me if it was my relative.... I said, "no, my neighbor," He was quiet for a minute, then said, "Man, THAT is weird....." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha ha ha ha. I miss being a punk to you, sister Taylor.... ha ha ha ha. It was good fun.


I sent you a picture of me and an Elder who went to the clinic this week..... at 2:00am.......... I went to the clinic in pajamas and spent the rest of the night there. We woke up at the normal 6:30m and went to the office to work. Sister Marler called and said, "You need to go home and sleep a few hours....." ..... so we did...... ha ha ha ha. It's great. I have to do the weirdest stuff..... I never imagine my mission like this.


Levi Gomez! Enjoy the tie, man! It's 100% Peruvian! I bought it in a little market for 15 Soles. I am glad Elder Astill got it to you. Who knew that I knew him before the mission? He is Danelle's cousin. How odd......
Also, I wanted to say something to Bishop Coombs.... I want to thank you for being such an exceptional leader to me when I was younger. I think about things you taught me all the time. "The devil don't kick no dead dogs," etc. I am so grateful for the guidance I had from you. I love you. I have a lot of fathers, and you are one of my most dear. Thank you.

I am too lame to keep writing this week.... I feel like writing home is becoming redundant. I say the same things every week. Sorry I am boring. I'll fill y'all in in a year and 2 months. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a hah ah a ha ha ha ha hah ah aha..... except you, sister Taylor...... HA HA HA HA HA HA! I'll just let you read my journal.
I love you all, send me more questions next week!

- Elder Boekweg

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  1. Not sure if Chance gets the messages from here.....I am dying to hear more about the medical system in Peru since he is getting to know so much about it. I keep assuming that the clinic and hospital that you are talking about are private...but I have no clue. What kind of sicknesses are you missionaries dealing with ...besides the chicken pox and tapeworms? How many local missionaries to foreign missionaries are there? What kind of Peruvian holidays have you celebrated? How big is the ward that you attend now?.......I can go on and on chance ;-) Deedre'