Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chance can cook?

1. What's with the new ties? You said you don't do a tie swap there.
I got a few new ones. They are cheap here.

2. Do you use karo syrup in your peanut butter popcorn? The sauce looked a little different. Is it double honey?
No..... I just think I'm making it wrong..... Ha ha ha ha. But they like it anyway.

3. Did My Dearest April work for Sister Marler the way I sent it? Also what is it for? (Chance wrote and recorded My Dearest April before his mission last year.)
She loves that song. I sang it for everyone, and she wanted to hear the real thing.

4. Did you get your St. Patty's day package? How did you like the milk :) Better than evaporated!
Oh my gosh....... Double stuffed Oreos are wonderful. They are so lame here... Ha ha ha ha ha. Thank you so much.....Thank you Handleys, "I" loved it.

5. When will it be starting fall there? We had our first day of spring yesterday.
Fall doesn't exist here.... It just goes from hot summer to less hot summer.

6. Do you think you will transfer next time?
No. Personal Secretaries normally stay 6 changes. This is my 5th.

7. How tall is Elder Leavitt? (Chances Companion) Way taller than you haha.
He is 6 "3" I think.

8. When do you get your iPhone? That will be funny.
I actually will not get an IPhone anymore...... but something way weirder...... I will soon be training somebody to take the medical responsibilities from me.... I will be left with Visas and flights and salidas definitivas and things. I really do have enough work for 2 people. The weird part is that the person I am training.......... is a Sister...... ha ha ha ha. She received her calling from the 1st presidency to be a mission nurse. I will be the only Elder to ever be able to say that he had a daughter on the mission. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha hah a. Uncle will die over that one. My mission is so weird......

9. Do you need anything besides Strawberry Protein? Shoes, shirts, personal hygiene products?
Nope. But the latins like to "share" everything, y'know....... so I have run out fast........ It's just simply part of the culture here.

10. Have you been sight seeing lately? Anything cool?
Nope...... Ha ha ha ha. It's been total work for at least 3 weeks now. Between doing everything that Lima asks me to do for the missionaries without documentation, and the sick people, I have worked every single day for almost a month straight. Including Pday and Sunday. I am telling you.......... I don't think jobs like this exist in the states.... I put in at least 16 hours every single day without ever taking a day off. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. By the end of every day, I am so tired that I can hardly see straight. We work through lunch and dinner usually. We work until 11:30pm sometimes. I honestly don't remember the last time I slept more that 6 hours in one night. It's absolutely insane........ and the funniest part is that I never have any idea what I am doing. I don't understand my job at all....... ha ha ha ha. Peruvian legal work makes no sense to me whatsoever. And medical makes even less......

I think we are going to have a baptism in our area soon. We have been working with a lady found the church a few years ago, but now feels ready to join it. She is an investigator of gold.... the hard part for us is finding time to teach her.... ha ha ha. Ironic.
I don't know what to write..... Ha ha ha ha. This last week was the hardest week of my whole mission. I just worked myself into the ground..... the hardest part is that nobody understands..... When the bishop asks why you weren't at ward council, or when sick elders ask why it took you so long to get to the clinic, or when Lima asks why something isn't done, it is hard to be patient. Sometimes I want to blitz on people and tell them why they are so wrong to be upset. But like I said a few letters ago, absolutely nobody understood Christ. I feel like I am beginning to understand just how alone He was in this life. Leadership is lonliness. And yet, God somehow never leaves you alone. And it's nice to know at the end of every single day, that even though people make fun of you and say you don't work hard, that there is somebody who understands and sees everything that everyone else cannot. The Savior understands it all. And someday, it will all be made right. I have found that usually when we are upset, it is because we don't understand something. There is a variable at play that we don't comprehend. So seek to understand people before making judgements. Not many people have mastered that.
I will be going to the clinic again after I am done typing this letter. Ha ha ha.

Tell Linzi that she's awesome. Sorry I am vague. I look forward to her buying me a flight to Europe to go see her when I get home.... Ha ha ha ha ha.

Sounds like the ward and the family are passing through some hard times right now..... I love them.
Is Roberto's shirt too small?
I don't know how much you know about my job..... what would you like me to tell you about it?
I love you all. Send me more tangible pictures. I love them.
Love you mom,
-Elder Boekweg
One man said to another more small,
“The world’s not really that big at all,
You’ll find through life, you’ll come to see,
The man and place you’re meant to be,”

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