Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Dearest April

I have a really cool story this week. But first, the questions....

1. Is this a sister already on the mission or is someone being called who has a nursing background?
    She is already here. Hermana Calle from Bolivia. She was a doctor there with her own clinic and everything. She is 20 years old.

2. Who will be her companion? Wont they have to call 2 sisters into the mission office?
    I don't know.......

3. If you leave in 1 more transfer when will you start training the Elder who will take your place?
    Probably right before June starts

4. Do you know Elder Winterton? Crazy story........Sitting at the Temple today, I was waiting for Court and Dallon. This girl sitting next to me started talking to me and she asked me if I had kids. I told her my son was 20 and on a mission in Peru. She got this shocked look on her face and said which mission. I said Trujillo and she said "my brother served in Trujillo 6 yrs ago and now my good friend is there". Elder Winterton. I told her I would ask you about him.
    Yep. He's got the deepest voive I've ever heard. He sang at the Christmas program. The Lord's Prayer.

5. So you're right I don't know much about what you do. I know you do visas and travel and medical but that's pretty general. You mentioned once you call other countries. Like what countries? How often? Do you call Provo? What do you have to do with visas? Do you deal with health insurance? Have you ever had to call a parent cuz someone was way sick or hurt?
    I do the travel, the health, the legal work, and the personal affairs of the President. It keeps me BUSY. I will probably just have to explain it on Mother's day or something. It would take forever. And a hour of internet time just isn't that long....

6. So you said there is no fall there. Is it starting to be less hot there now?
    Yeah. It's chilling down just a bit. It's super humid still.

7. You didn't say how the milk was? Glad you loved the oreos!  
    Milk was great! Ha ha ha. Everyone was jealous. Thank you!

8. Are you writing your friends? Tyler sent a pic last week of him holding a handful of hair he shaved off HIS OWN HEAD! So cool.
    That's cool about Tyler. He has the coolest mission I have ever heard of.....

9. Would you like me to send you your friends letters each week?
    Sure. It's always nice to get mail. THe more the merrier

10. When do we get some pics and more poems? You haven't sent pics in months.
    Right now....

So this week took me far, far away from the earth I knew...... I went to Otuxco PerĂº. THe maountain village in the Andes Mountains outside of Trujillo. It RAINED like I have never seen before. I couldn't believe how green and foggy and wet everything was. I saw llamas. I saw cobblestone streets. It really is a different life up there. It was cold! The first time I have been soaked to the bone and cold in a year! I think I caught bronchitus again. Or pneumonia...... I don't know...... Oh well. I sent pictures of it all. We taught some lessons up there and had a great time. Elder Matt Dority from Logan Utah (Who says Aunt Joy was his Enlgish teach in 8th grade) is standing next to the plastic baptismal font that they use up there because there isn't a real one. The church rents out a small restaurant on Sunday to have their meetings. The picture with all the stairs is to show you just how hard it was raining. I wish you all couldn have  seen it. It may have been the single coolest experience of my entire life. The Andes Mountains are SWEET.
Catholics build the coolest buildings sometimes.... there is a catheadril in Otuzco that is HUGE. Very old, also. I wished with all my heart that dad could have been there to see the mountains and the stonework. The Andes make the Rockies look like Child's play....... ha ha ha. Moss grows on every roof and even on the power lines. It was such a crazy place. Waterfalls and wild llamas. Insanity.

I have been wanted to tell grandpa Boekweg that I am serving with a couple from California, and the wife says she went to high school with him. She saw my nametag and said, "I knew a David Boekweg in high school. Is he your relative?" I think she said she went to West high..... Her name is Rosetta, but I don't know her maiden last name. She served a youth mission in El Salvador and Guatemala back in the day.
Let's see......
Things are back to normal after our sweet mountain adventure. I can't wait to tell uncle about all this stuff in person. I can just hear him, "WHAT BRO!?" Ha ha ha. Eileen will just drop her jaw and chuckle. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love them.
Enjoy the pictures. It could be another 3 months until you get new ones. Ha ha ha ha ha. I am such a punk. Sister Taylor taught me well.......
Happy birthday DEEDRE! I hope you are planning on some REALLY nasty health stories when I get home, because as the world's official "least qualified doctor" I have been in some really interesting situations with health. I don't know how you do it............ people's bodies are gross.
Dad, Don't forget to look for my truck. Ha ha ha. Sweet beard, man.
I love you mom. Good luck with everything. I hope you sing My Dearest April (here is a link to Chances song)
when April 1st hits this week. Ha ha ha. I can't believe it's already been that long..... holy cow. And RJ has 10 weeks!? I feel like he just barely left! Time flies......
Elder Boekweg

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