Saturday, March 15, 2014

Walk Forward

1. Amy Bate wondered if you got her letter?
     I loved Amy Bate's storybook. She is SO stinkin' creative. HA HA HAH A HA. And the one drying his bum............... I died laughing.
2. How is it being with Elder Leavitt again?
    It's a blast.  I love him like my own brother.
3. Did you meet Elder Frankhauser?
    Yes. He is cool. I gave him a training on Wednesday after they all arrived. "don't eat lettuce, pork, strawberries, ceviche, or crude water".
4. Were you able to write Hayden?
    Yes. Enough said.... I love Hayden. I am sad with him.

I thought about the Gomez family this week. They are so cool. I wish I heard more about them. I sure do think the world of them. Sometimes, I see these missionaries here from places like Arequipa or Huánuco Perú, who are serving in their home country, and I can't help but wonder if Medardo wasn't somewhat the same. En la Ciudad de México. El hombre de Piedras Negras. There are quite a few Mexican Elders here also. I feel like they are kind of on "my team" like we sort of came from the same place..... We are both from the north, maybe? I don't know. But they talk really cool.

I wish I had enough time to write everyone back........ But I can't......... we have an hour.......
I just got told that I will be the first and only missionary to have an iPhone in our mission..... This is so ironic. The only guy who hates technology ends up running around as the only guy with an iphone in Perú....... what on earth? I can hear Uncle's laughter from here.....

I love you guys. Can't believe it's already been a year.

Should I keep sending poems home, or are they just getting weird? I kind of feel like they are.... ha ha ha.

I send home my love to everyone. Sorry my letters home are so lame. I'd send home pictures, but you all already know what airports look like. Ha ha ha. Just ask me more questions.... or request pictures of something...... I don't know.... I have never been a good facebooker. I don't even know where to start.......

I also wish that I had enough time to write home about all the things that happen in a week. I just can't. there's not enough time. I'll just tell you all everything when I get home. Ha ha ha. Oh my gosh....... I am just like my father....... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I just hope I never go bald. With a head like mine, I couldn't afford to lose my hair..... EVER.

I need more strawberry protein. I love it. You should see the size of my triceps. They are approaching Tyler Kelsey status. Linzi Kelsey.............. do whatever feels right......... I'm winking right now. Ha ha ha. I also got your birthday package. Thank you so much! Those are my very favorite things to get.... Tangible pictures and letters!

KAYLEE HOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!! You already know...............

Advice for this week.......

"If you want to walk forward, walk forward."

Until next week, I love you all

- Elder Boringkweg

These pictures are from Sister Marler NOT Chance :)

Office Elders



If you will notice the blonde head just behind Elder Leavitt.....Yep, those are Chances hands on the guitar. Too funny!


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