Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Working Hard

Wow... what a week. I worked SO hard. Never got to bed before 12, because we were out running around Trujillo with mission business and airport problems until 11:30 every night. I am so tired, but I don't feel it. Maybe it will catch up with me and I will sleep for 6 weeks straight as my first transfer at home again. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love being this busy. I am addicted to slaving myself away. It is cool to be able to work so hard for the mission. It is an answer to my prayers. Looks like I have 6 more weeks here in the office. That makes 6 transfers and 9 months here in total. It's been a good run. I am hoping I get sent to the mountain area of the mission next.... we'll see, eh? I am a bit worn out of the city and dirty beach. The air here is not clean. Ha ha ha.
PerĂº is so cool.

I guess I get to Skype home again in just a few weeks. I'll still be in the office, just barely, so everything should be easy just like last time.

Remind me to tell you about the cancelled Argentinian flight story when you skype me. And the Chileans. I am convinced that I have the most stressful job that any 20 year old in the whole world can have.... ha ha ha ha ha. Ironic, right?

Grandma Boekweg's story this week was super cool. I know the feeling....... Sometimes it's terrifying to think that we could botch somebody's first impression of the church. Yet somehow, God helps us, and we always come through when it's needed.

Grandpa Thorpe. He's cool.

Can I ask for a special letter to be sent to me from Tim Crump, Easton, and all the others who are preists? I want to talk to them about missions. Just have them tell me how things are in their lives.

1. Did you get your package? I have not received yours yet. Hopefully soon.
   No I didn't. And.... I actually haven't sent yours yet... I am looking patiently for one very cool thing to put in it...... sorry.
2. Will you have special Easter plans?
     Nope. Ha ha ha. To be honest, holidays don't really exist in the mission field. I don't even notice them.
3. When is your baptism?
    Next Saturday. I'll send pictures.

I love you all, I am out of time this week!

-Elder Boekweg
Chance and his first MTC companions Elder Leavitt and Elder Cunningham, celebrating their 1 year mark!!

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