Saturday, April 5, 2014

Helping Hands

Lets go over the questions first:
1. Are you getting better? What did you have?
    Yeah I'm good. I think it was another round of bronchitis.
2. How was the earthquake and tsunami- did it affect you at all?
    We had an 8 inch Tsunami here in Trujillo, Perú. Ha ha ha. Slept right through it.
3. Where will you  be watching conference?
     Don't know..... probably the stake center. I will be honest, though...... watching it in Spanish is just not as cool. Voiced over is so lame compared to their real voices..... but oh well.
4. How did you like the llamas? We loved their outfits! Did they spit at you?
    No. Ha ha ha. But it was the first llama I have seen in my PERÚ mission in a year. Funny, right?

My Dearest April,
I’m writing to you from the war,
I’m exhausted,
But these people still need me more,
I don’t understand,
Much of the world over here,
But I’m trying,
To get over all of my fears,
And my dearest April,
I’m dying without you in my arms,
And I get so tired, call me a liar, I burn in the fires I set for you,
And I’m running dry,
Killing the time,
But I can’t seem to find, a better way,
My dearest April…
-Elder Boekweg

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I told myself I would right that home when the time came..... and here it has come. Wow. That was a pretty quick year. I remember standing in the Provo temple grounds and being scared out of my mind. Ha ha ha. Can't believe I haven't been with you all in that long. Mostly, I am just excited that Uncle can't say his "Long time no see, and ever longer time and still won't see," -thing. Because now it's not true. HA HA HA! 

I cannot believe that Courtney just went to prom....... my little sister who was missing teeth for like 25 years...... she can't be that old already..... That is so nuts.....


Mom..... your birthday present will arrive late.....ha ha ha. But it will be worth it!

I love Betty Castagno's letters. They always make me way happy. I love her. I wish she would send me more!

The Lord lives and is directing this work. I bear my testimony that he is at the head of all if this. We are only His hands. I testify that He is good. He loves us more than we could ever know. He is patient. He is loving. He is understanding. He is happy. And it is my privilege every day to tell people that they can be as happy as He is. I wish more people would take it upon themselves to dig deeper into the Gospel, because only there can we as children of God find the happiness we all crave. It's simple.

Not much time this week. I love you all!

Especially mom!

-Elder Boekweg
 Chance and Elder Leavitt organized the Helping Hands service project in Trujillo.

 Chance driving the "Trash Bike"

Elder Leavitt and Chance are companions

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