Saturday, April 26, 2014

Surprise visit from Roberto's parents

So for my questions. Ive been dying to ask................
1. How did you like your surprise visit from Robertos parents!! That is so cool. I cant believe they drove all the way from Lima just to check on you. Juana told Joylynn that she was going to do that sometime, I cant believe she really did. I bet you were so surprised. They called Joylynn and Roberto to report that they had found you and you were healthy and very nice. They said you were polite and friendly and your spanish was very good. Tell me more!!!!!!!!! (Roberto is Chance's uncle. He is from Peru. His parents live in Lima.)
    So I am in the middle of a "change plan" (that is when I coordinate all the changes in the mission, aka "how eveyone is getting to where they are supposed to be" which is the hardest part of my entire job, and I get a call from a Zone Leader. He tells me "there are two people here in my church building and they say they are your family.... do you have an uncle..... Roberto?" I laugh and say yes, because I thought it was Roberto and Joylynn. Turns out, it was his parents. So President says I can talk to them, and thay they would have to come to the church building that I was in. They came, and by some miracle of the 8 planets and wind resistence, I was even able to have lunch with them! Ha ha ha ha. Roberto looks exactly like his parents.... I guess that makes sense. Ha ha ha ha. His parents are super nice. And..... I gave them the package that I had been waiting to send to you. You are going to love it.... But there are some VERY VERY VERY Valuabe things in it.... I really hope that nothing bad happens to it, or I am out a TON. Roberto's dad is coming May 9 to Utah. he tells me. So be on the look out for him. It is cool to know that I have family here. President thought it was hilarious that somehow a White missionary had family here that was willing to travel 8 hours in bus from Lima to Trujillo just to meet me. They sacrificed a lot to be there. I wish I was abelt to have spent moretime with them. But I couldn't quite explain that I had to keep working because I was a missionary. They wanted to take me to Lima with them. Ha ha ha. I had to tell them "maybe another day," but I think they left happy.

 2. How much money do you get from the church on your church debit card each month? Dad is teaching the young men how to live on a mission budget and our missionaries here get $110 per month. I was curious how that is different from here.
    I get 750 soles a month. That's like 250 dollars. Now, that includes all food, laundry, housing, and personal/transportation here in PerĂº. But we are one of the least expensinve mission on the earth, I have heard. I am sure my advice on Money is useless to those who serve stateside. Ha ha ha.

 3. Did you end up doing anything special for Easter?
     Nope. Ha ha ha. I am telling you, holidays don't count as a missionary.

I really don't have a lot of time this week.... I only Skype home once more after this next time on Mothers day. Also, only one more general conference...... that is SO weird.

I went to Casa Grande yesterday again. And going back today in a few hours to see a baptism.

Sorry.... Power went out in PerĂº for a while. Guess I'll finish this letter now... Ha ha ha.
Thanks for the pictures:
Dad is terrifying.
Courtney is too pretty for her own good.
Mom doesn't look older than 28
It's odd to see everyone growing up and progressing without me... I feel like I am outside of the family house looking in through a window. I see everyone getting taller, and in Dallon's case, buffer, and I just think, "Time is flying SO fast."
I don't know much else to say.... I also, as true to my form, have no pictures to send home.....
I have been far too busy to write poems lately..... even on my P-days. Things never slow down here. I just get more and more and more to get done. it's crazy.... I really cannot imagine a more stressful job for a 20 year old to have. I love it.
Hey Sadie, drop me a line sometime.
You too, Linzi.
I was thinking about Jared Handley today in the bathroom. He was in my dream last night. We were playing music in the basement. Where is he now? What is he doing? Is he alive? Ha ha ha ha.
I love you all. I really wish we had just a little longer to write home. My letters home must STINK.... Ha ha ha. Sorry for always writing the same thing home. I used to wonder how the older missionaries could be done with internet time in 20 minutes and call it a day...... but in some way, I kind of get it now.... there is just so much to say, and not enought time to say it.... Plus, I could never answer every person.... so it's better to just not pick. Ha ha ha. I love to hear from people, and it is always appreciated. But I really have a short window for writing back. I would need days to get it done every week. So until 2015, I hope my lame letters somehow get the job done. Brayden's letters home are so superior to mine! Ha ha ha. But that's just our personalities, too, I think........ Ha ha. Hi Elder Fivas.
Okay.... I guess I will sign off... I love you all, especially mom, and hope you all have a good week. Everything is good down here. Waiting for an earthquake! They just had one in Chimbote. The south of my mission. Be cool if I get to be in one here in Trujillo.

Elder Boekweg

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  1. Chance, I just had a wonderful lunch at the Lion House with your Grandmother Merilynn and Grandpa David. What great people. They are loving their mission at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Mer told me all about the Center and the history of the Hotel Utah. I had known the building in the seventies when I lived in Salt Lake, but had not really seen much of it since it was restored. Beautiful. The flowers are all out on the Square. What a great missionary tool the whole Temple Square complex is.

    Tell Elder Leavitt that his soccer buddied are doing well. Brooks Jeppson is now in urban Orlando, Florida. Daniel Baggaley comes home on August 6. It has been so fun to live in Florida and know that missionaries are all over the world and connected to each other.

    Take care, be safe, and do the Lord's work. Grace Duffy