Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eden Water

Courtney- I am getting changed a ton because there are insane things going on in the mountains. Areas are getting closed and shrunk all around. Sounds like the church might make us shut down the mountains completely. In which case, I am extremely grateful for my chance to have been in them. Even if they are the hardest part of the mission. They are so beautiful.

I am pretty jealous of dad. Alaska sounds awesome. I want to see some whales someday. 

Huamachuco is crazy...... It's probably my favorite area in my mission so far. It's SO beautiful. Today for Pday we are going to a place called Eden which is like an hour from here up in further into the mountains. I am going to drink the water from the spring that I hear is there just so I can say I drank Eden water........ Maybe it's the fountain of youth? Ha ha ha.

Reagan is HUGE! All of the sudden it looks like she can throw baseballs and do big kid things..... I can't believe how big she is already! And London too! It's crazy!
How is Erin doing? I haven't heard anything about her in literally years now. Ha ha ha. She comes home pretty quick, right? 

That brings up Jared. How is he?

We had a baptism this last Saturday, though I only taught him once. Still, it was cool to see. 

I only have 15 minutes left, but I will get in what I can.

I still wish I had more internet time. I hear that in other missions they have 2 hours...... Oh well.

I love you mom and dad and Courtney. I have realized that I really have very little in this world except for you. When you take away everything, all you have left is family. 

I will try to send more pictures. The internet in Huamachuco is a little better that in Otuzco.
I hope you know just how much I love you, mom. You are so important to me. And I miss you a ton. It's hard to go almost a year and a half without seeing your own mother. It's probably harder to do the same without seeing your child. Thank you for everything. Someday I 'll have time to tell you all the insane things that have happened here. 

Have a good week.

- Elder Boekweg

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