Monday, July 7, 2014

Clean Laundry

Question time.....

1. Have you done your laundry yet?

 2. Did you get the package yet?
    FINALLY!  The voice recorder is SWEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
So are the books! Thank you so much!!!!!!

3. Is Otuzco touristy? I remember its the place where you were holding the llama right?
    It's called the "capital de la fe" meaning, capital of the faith. It's SUPER bad apostasy here.....    They worship the virgin de la puerta.

4. Have you had any baptisms yet?
    My current area has not baptized in over 8 years...... :) like I said, it's bad apostasy here..... ha ha ha

5. How was the crab catching in Trujillo?
    It was super fun.

 6. How is your new companion? From Chicago right?
     He is cool. He is a little older than me, but that is how my whole mission has been. I think it's to help me stop laughing at bathroom jokes and humor.

7. Do you study your English scriptures or do you have new Spanish ones?
    I am weird...... I always study in English. I figure that all the rest of the day speaking in Spanish is enough practice. I'd like to understand my studies without thinking too hard. Ha ha ha. Most study in Spanish.

Dad's beard is ridiculous...... BUT NOT AS RIDICULOUS AS MASON. What the flip is he doing!? I'm going to call him Boady McCaw...... I figure that suits him better now. I love that fool to death. Where is Uncle's beard?
Sister Marler always makes fun of me because everyone I know has a beard. I hope to join them someday........ in the league of excellent beards...... We'll make everything. I am finding out that I too, have a sweet beard..... If I don't shave every day, It shows............ 
I am currently typing this letter with a mentally handicapped man hanging over my shoulder like we're best friends...... He's telling me about his dogs..... and touching my hair..... literally as we speak. But I have long gotten used to such things. My comp is laughing at me because I am playing it so cool. Ha ha ha ha. Just imagine it.... and now the "w" button on the keyboard is sticking bad.... and internet's slow..... i have acquired an unbreakable patience these days................ 

He's yelling now....... in my ears....

Have fun in Alaska dad!

Mom... it is so hard to write home..... I have to type every words three times because the keyboards stink so bad...... I wish I could show you it all...... it is SO hard.........

This week was horrible.... we got 5 lessons all week..... This is well known as the hardest place in the mission. NOBODY wants to be in Otuzco. Ha ha ha.

People are super mean most of the time. They have very little respect for us. Yell at us. Spit at us. Make fun of us in every street. They never stop laughing and mocking. I have never imagined rejection like this. It's such a hard place...... ha ha ha ha ha ha. We just hike all day hoping that someone will open their door. We knock doors here because even the members won't help us. There is no more effective way. They don't give references. They leave church early 2 hours early after showing up 30 minutes late. They are in need of some serious conversion here in Otuzco. 

To be honest, this was maybe the hardest week of my entire mission. I hope next week proves different. If not, I may be in for a LONG couple months here. Pray for me............. ha ha ha. I can't convey just how "dead" the work here is. it's especially terrible because we were just in Santiago, which was a dream come true. We got pulled out, and put in this place....... where things are different. But give me some time, and we'll have this place turned around. I just hope we don't have to go on like THIS for much longer. Ha ha ha. I'm just frustrated and running low on patience right now.... sorry for being a bum with short letters..... 
But I have learned so much about Christ in this.... He was always willing to do the hard things. He suffered and died for us..... I cannot imagine how long and hard the road must have looked when He stood in the Garden, knowing that what was about to happen would cause Him to bleed from every pore, and eventually die........ But He did it. That is the good news. It is done. And because it is done, we each can be freed from the awful chains of sin and death. We can be made free from our guilt, our pain, our burdens, our afflictions, our doubts, and all things that seem hard. I love Him to the very bottom of my soul. And while He requires me to be here, I will be. Hiking. Searching for someone who cares that this debt has been paid. We cannot begin to understand what He did for us. I know He is always with me in this work. The great part of righteous living, is that you can always have that confidence. You never have to doubt that He approves of what you are doing. And when you know that, everything else seems very small and insignificant by comparison. I invite everyone who reads this to read the accout of the Atonement and Crucifixion in John. I find strength in it every time I do. And it is always enough to get me through one more day. He paid the debt. We can do hard things. That is my testimony for the week. 

I love you. Mason's beard and mullet is still disgusting. Ha ha ha. I love it.
I love you all, have a good week,

-Elder Boekweg

Thanks to Sister Marler for the picture of Chance crab catching in Trujillo.

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