Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get on board

I know that the Savior lives. He is with us unto the ends of the very earth. There is no place that we can be that He cannot find us and be with us if we let Him be. Don't give up on Him, because He never gives up on us. Yes, we are imperfect, and sometimes even stupid human beings, but He understand that. He understands that we have doubts and concerns. He understands that we don't understand the vast majority of what He does. But He keeps with us still. He asks us to get on board His ship in life's stormy seas, and not let go for anything. It is the only way to safety. It doesn't make sense to abandon ship just because it looks like the waves might rock us. There is less hope in the ocean than on the deck of the only boat. He asks us to not jump ship´. To hang onto what we know, and be patient until we undertsand the things that we do not know.

I also need to say something to dad - Dad, don't forget about my truck. You are running out of time. Ha ha ha. But way more importantly, I wanted to ask you to do something cool with me. I want to read the Book of Mormon at the same pace as you. I will read one chapter every day and never fail if you promise to do the same. I am going to start tomorrow. That should put us ending around the same time as Christmas, I think. 

Courtney, THANKS FOR THE PICTURES of the Boekweg cabin!?  I love them. 

Mom. I love you so much. Most every day, I am thankful for the things you taught me before my mission. how to love people was such easier to figure out once I used the example of your life. Being a mom to so many.... you are a near perfect example of love. Thanks for being patient with me as I passed through the idiot days....... which might not be completely over just yet..... I am still stoked to laugh like a fool with Uncle until the wee hours of the morning someday..... I don't have much time to write today.... like always......... but I wanted to tell you that I do think I will still be here in November.... in fact I am almost sure of it. Every six weeks, we don't have "changes" we have "stays". Ha ha ha ha. My President likes to put us places for a LONG time....... 

Anyway, I love you and will try to write more next week when internet is hopefully a little bit faster.

- Elder Boekweg

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