Monday, August 18, 2014

Lots to do in Huamachuco

1. Do you need a new camera? Can you buy one in Trujillo or should I send one to you?
    I might be able to get one in Trujillo. We are going down there this Friday for Elder Anderson visit. I don't know how much it will be....

 2. Did you get Grandpa Thorpe's letter?

 3. Have you had altitude sickness adjusting to 16,000 feet?
     The first day only. I adjusted really fast.
So this week was really fast. It has been the biggest party in Huamachuco of the year. The missionaries usually get pulled out of the city for a few days because it gets so dangerous...... I have never seen so many drunks in all my wildest dreams. They are so funny. They pee all over everything and poop in the middle of the street. That is why I call this place "Neverland". You can do whatever you want here with no consequence. Ha ha ha. No police either. At least, not any that aren't drunk themselves....ha ha ha ha. Fireworks every night until the morning.

This keyboard stinks.

 I can't send you the poem yet, but next week maybe. Camera still broken.

Dad and Linzi and Grandma - 1 Nephi chapter 22

I don't have much time..... forgive me. Besides, I am on the mission blog a thousand times this week. That ought to cover it. He he he.

I love you. Good to see everyone is happy and safe. I wish  could write just a haf hour more....... but I can't. So..... I guess this is it for this week. Please pray for me this week.... we have a TON of work to do in Huamachuco.

"Our circumstances don't define us, they reveal us" - Van Heder

Love you all!

- Elder Boekweg

 Marcahuamachuco Ruins

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