Monday, August 4, 2014


1. Do you live in an apartment? Hot water?
    We live above a small restaurant that our pensionista lives in. We eat there..... but it's not an open menu type deal, as much as it is "you get what I cooked today" setup.

 2. Do you have a maid again?
     Yes. Worst thing ever. Ha ha ha. Me and these pensionistas do battle.... I am telling you, it is the worst thing ever. I refuse to eat rice anymore. They HATE me for it. Ha ha ha ha. She told me "a plate with no rice is not a Peruvian plate" I said, " I don't care. I'm not from here." H ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I dream of the day that I will be freed from these ladies....

 3. Do you have a ward there or branch?
     We have a very weak and struggling branch. I will have to tell you about it when I get home. Ha ha ha. Things are crazy here... it's a different church almost..........

 4. What kinds of things do you eat in Haumachuco?
     Rice, rice, rice, rice, and rice. Sometimes, we eat rice with a bit of rice to the side. Oh my gosh I hate rice......... Ha ha ha ha ha ha. But they have pretty good soup here.

Courtney - Congrats on the stock show.

I only have five minutes left.............. Internet time is like a pensionista.......... Uncle might laugh at that one. I miss that guy. I wish he would write more than once a year.... ha ha ha ha ha. 
Well, I wish all the youth luck as a new school year starts. Study hard. 

Love you all,

Elder Boekweg

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