Monday, November 10, 2014

A Flood

Hi Mom,
I can't stop thinking about how much you're going to love the package I am sending home. Elder Nelson goes home in one week, and three days. Then he can call you and coordinate everything.

Will someone send me a picture of Hayden? I love that guy so much....... ha ha ha ha ha ha

Happy Birthday Eileen!

I flooded the house this week. We are 6 Elders that live together, and I accidentally left a water faucet on (because there was no water, therefore no noise, therefore I forgot to close it before leaving the house in the afternoon) and it flooded the entire house. Luckily, all floors in Perú are tile, or cement, so everything was fine except for some clothes that Elder Grant left on the floor. They got wet is all. But it was so funny to come home to a lake....... oops....

I've seen a lot of weird things in my missionary work....... ha ha ha ha. It's pretty bad. Reminds me of when one of my investigators died....... THAT was crazy............... and a really, really, great story. But she was also the reason that the dad of the family started listening. They are going to the temple this month, because it's been a year...... actually, a year and several months, They had to save up to go.

I think I'll probably be getting a new companion this next week, which makes me very sad. Elder Oyarzo is the best.

Crazy to think that Christmas is only about a month out from here. Feels like yesterday was also Christmas....
No news yet on the temple. Still don't know the date. I am hoping hard that it's April......... because THAT would be a cool end to the song.........
I love you mom. Of all the people I care about, you stand alone. I am most excited to see YOU again. You're going to have to teach me English again, because mine's getting pretty bad........ I have to translate everything from Spanish to English in my letters now. And I have SO very very much to tell you. I think you have about 3% understanding of everything that goes on here. I have failed giving you a good idea of what my mission has been like. And I AM SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU. All the details.......... it may take several lifetimes.
love you bye,

- Elder Boekweg

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