Monday, November 17, 2014

The happiest moment of my entire life

Hi mom,

1. Do you still have your Christmas tree from last year? I am getting your packages ready and wondered if you still have your decorations.
    I do not...... I am sorry. I still have the ornaments, though.

 2. Any needs before I ship your Christmas package?
     Nay. JUST A BANJO

 3. When do you have to tell Pres. about your extension?
      This very same week. :) But they say the dedication is in June, probably....... so it looks like I'll be home in March. but I might extend another couple weeks or so........... guess we'll see.

 4. How is your toe doing?
     Still don't have a nail. I've got about half. My goal is to have it all back by the time I come home so I can walk barefoot on blessed carpet without grossing everyone out.

 5. How is your retainer doing?
     Meh. It's probably fixable. Not too bad

 6. Is your voice recorder still working? I cant remember if it needs batteries?
     Still works. That thing is a tank. It needs no batteries.

 7. Did you tell Elder Nelson that I will pay for the shipping for the package or however he wants to do it? We are soooo excited to get it. Cant wait to see.
     He's going to call you this week. Says it'll get there by the end of the week. You can open it whenever you want. In fact, it might be better if you open it sooner than later so that you can enjoy what's inside longer.

 9. Did you get my package yet?
    RASPBERRY OREOS ARE THE BEST THING EVER. Thank you so much! I loved it!

ummm.......... I am thinking of things to write........

I am losing Elder Oyarzo today. That bums me out. I love that guy. My next comp will be Elder Gonzalez, whose parents are from Costa Rica, but who was born in Seattle. He likes Pearl Jam. I think things will go just fine. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

Lane write me. I love that guy too.


Remember the familia Saldaña-Castillo from Casa Grande? My beloved converts from up there north? THEY GOT SEALED TWO DAYS AGO IN LIMA. Elder Zavaleta (who went home 3 days early just to see it) called me from the temple, and let me talk to each of the members of the family. It was literally the happiest moment of my entire life. I have never felt happier in all my mission. 

Comfortably dumb. Love you dad

Courtney.......... animals are for eating. :) Ha ha ha ha. But your rabbits are cool.

I don't have much time, so I have to say goodbye for this week. But the familia SALDAÑA was worth the week. And the year..... and the 20 months. :) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I love you goodbye!
-Elder Boekweg
  The first pic is just me overlooking my area, and the second is Chimbote from a mountain that I hiked.

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