Monday, November 3, 2014

When will the TrujilloTemple be dedicated?

Dear Mom,

Wow. Brayden heads out sooner than I thought. He'll have been home a while when I get back. Especially if I extend. Ha ha ha. Hayden sounds like will be the closest return date to mine. I love those guys. I leave the field March 23, but won't be home until the 25th because it takes so long to fly home from here. I can only imagine Tyler Kelsey in SOUTH AFRICA..... ha ha ha. It's going to take him weeks. Also........ It sounds like the temple won't be dedicated until June-ish. We don't know for sure, but that's what I'm hearing. It's funny, because it's like the mission gossip. "When will the temple be ready?" But I only have 2 weeks until I have to tell them if I am extending or not. I feel like if I don't get to see the temple, and there is no other productive reason for me to stay, I should probably come home. I don't want to be here as a legal problem for the mission unless the temple is done in time. 
*The temple gates are opened and we are able to drive through the temple grounds.  The temple is beautiful and and the grounds are now being planted and are very lovely- from Sister Marlers Blog.

How is Erin doing? How is the post-mission shock? Ha ha ha. What time does she wake up now? Also... I am going to need her help learning German. I figure that Danish should be pretty similar, right? They are neighbor countries.

For Christmas............ I would really like a very large bag of Swedish fish. - and a banjo that waits for me at home - and maybe another huge stack of pictures like you sent for my birthday.

I would like a picture of Lane Liddell's infamous "un-crossed eyes" face. That always made me die with laughter. I miss Lane.

Elder Nelson will be home in just 2 weeks. I am sending him home with our home phone number. I figure that would be the easiest way to get this done? You can coordinate it all from home base. It is a SWEET package. But it's for Christmas too. Open it whenever you want, but know that I will be sending nothing else until I myself come home in March. I figure it would be kind of dumb to do so. But I have a gift for dad at the end of it all that he is going to LOVE. And I mean really love. I bought it a few months ago in the mountains........ but I won't say any more. It's super cool. Just think..... what could come from the Andes mountains of Peru?
Also... tell me about this "Ebola" thing? Apparently, It's made it to Brazil, which shares a border with Peru. People here are starting to worry a ton. Is it just like the swine flu?

I love you and will talk to you next week!

- Elder Boekweg

Ich bin ein schweinherd mit grosses armen. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think?
There Chance is in the back on the left.

Brownies- Im sure he enjoyed that.

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