Monday, June 24, 2013

75 days out!

Ok my first and most important question this week is:
1. Was that your apartment in the picture you sent last week? The one with the dog next to you. That is unbelievable!! If that is your apartment I cant imagine what you are seeing.
  No that wasn´t my apartment. But it was about 5 minutes from it. Definitely not much different. It´s in a place called ¨8 de Septiembre¨ which is the most dangerous part of town.
2. Did you watch the Worldwide Leadership Conference on Sunday? If so was it in Spanish?
  Yes and yes. It was SO annoying to have to hear voiceover Spanish, when I know what their real voices sound like.
This picture is from Chances mission Pres. Blog. It is the Trujillo mission watching the Worldwide Leadership Conference on Sunday. Chance is 5 rows back in the red tie.
3. Have you been able to teach a lesson yet in Spanish?
  Yes tons.
4. How does your church money card work? Are you able to use it to buy fruit at the stands and stuff?
  Don´t know what card your talking about.
5. Are you better yet from your sickness?
  A little bit better.
6. Are the people kind and welcoming to you? Have you had anyone shut the door in your face?
   People laugh at me all day, every day. But after that they are usually pretty nice. Nobody tells us we can´t visit them another day... they just blow us off later. HA HA HA.
7. How are your supplies holding up from home? 
  I have been immensely grateful for your thoughtfulness in the that tote... You thought of everything... And I have been using various things like IMMODIUM. LOL. Thank you! 
8. What modern convenience do you miss the most?
  Definitely carpet.... Is that weird or what?
9. Tell us more about your companion? How long has he been out? Are you able to help him with English and he you with Spanish?
  He´s only got 7 months in the mission. He´s very ¨by the book¨ and ¨to the letter¨. I guess that´s good. I have learned a lot about exact patterns of missionary work from him. And Yes.
10. Have you seen the Trujillo Temple? How is it coming along? Do they have a date yet for completion?
  Jan 2015.  I´ll be here for it. It´ll be like the grand finale of my mission. Cool, right? We are teaching a family right now who wants to be the first family sealed in it. La Familia Saldaña. They are awesome. And Yes I´ve seen it. It´s just a lot of cement right now.
11. Did you use all your cash when you flew there? I noticed you haven't used any money in your personal account at all.
  No. I have been very frugal. I´ve only spent like 30 bucks. Or ninety Soles. I bought a soccer jersey.
12. Is your Visa and passport safe and sound haha?
  Yeah. They keep it in the mission office.
13. Do you have to pay to use the internet?
  Yes. But it´s like 30 cents an hour. So basically no....
14. Do you ever eat at members homes? How is the food going?
  Never. But the food is......... repetitive. Chicken and rice every day. Sometimes we get duck instead.... which still tastes the same. Food is very bland here.
15. Does your pensionista do your laundry too?
  Yeah. She is awesome.
16. Are you still loosing weight?
  Ha ha ha.................... yes..... sorry.
17. Have you been getting letters or emails from anyone? Are you getting the pouch mail letters?
  YES! I finally got everyone´s letters this last Tuesday! Thank you everyone! I really enjoyed all of your thoughtful letters! And Amy is hilarious. Ha ha ha. Tell her thanks for the comic. Ha ha ha. I miss you all back home so much. I love you all to the point that none of you could ever know.
Okay... a few quick things.
Funny: Peru flew the flag at half mast when their team lost to Colombia for world cup qualifying games.
Cool: I taught a blind lady who could play guitar like a FOOL. She lost her sight after a car accident.
Needs: I Need more socks.... I never imagined that the streets would be as dusty as they are. I really can re-wear them every day, and our pension takes a week to do laundry. So I usually have 3 pairs for the week. It gets gross.... Ha ha ha. So if that´s possible, I would appreciate it. Also, I would like a letter from Grandparents Thorpe.
weird: People here LOVE Nu Wave music from the 80´s.It´s gross. Ha ha ha.

I think that is all. I love you all so much. And mom.... don´t worry about me. I´m starting to get things a little bit figured out. Thank you for your love and thoughtfulness. I never told you that enough before.
- Elder Boekweg

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