Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot Peruvian winter

Mom and all-
   Alright.... before I start the answers to your questions.... I have one for you. What on earth made you take a picture next to the grizzly bear in the woods? That's dangerous...
 Ha ha ha ha. Dad and his beards...
   Now...... Here are your answers.
I want you to tell me when you get your package so I can see if it made it safe and well.
1. I have not recieved any packages yet. I don' t know when you may have sent them, but I haven't seen 'em yet.
 What soccer team jersey did you buy?
2. Chelsea and Manchester United. They are sweet.
Is there a place you can buy socks there?
Unless I am wrong, I think that was all the questions... oh yeah, there is a place to buy socks here, but I don't know if or when I'll have the chance to do that.

Okay... so the first pic is just so you can see my face again.

The second is a pic of me walking towards a Huaca, or an ancient Incan temple ruin of some sort. They are everywhere out in the desert. I sent you a letter about it. Let me know when you get it. I thought dad would enjoy seeing a REAL desert... Ha ha ha. It was hot in the middle of the Peruvian winter.
   Tell Uncle I loved his giant letter. And Linzi too. And Grandma Boekweg too. And everyone who´s love I am unable to reply to. I really feel bad about not writing back, but the truth of it is that Im just REALLY don't have time to do it.
   So you want a story........? Try this one out:
   We are teaching a family by the name of Saldaña-Castillo. I love these fools. Their son was my first baptism here. There are 2 sons, a daughter, the 2 parents, and a grandma. The grandma was all set up to be baptized 2 weeks ago, when she decided to take a suprise trip to Trujillo. During her trip, she DIED... So she missed her baptism by a few days. She was 85 years old. Now the family is super sad, but super receptive to the Plan of Salvation. They are all fired up to go to the temple and do  her work now... crazy how the Lord works. I was really sad too. I never imagined that I would be teaching people with life situations and events as real as this. This lady straight up died... And as sad as it is, the world goes on... I can't believe how time is behaving right now. Do you realize that I've already been gone for more than 3 months? July is my 4th.... Freaky... and then I think about Brayden, who's already been gone for almost 6..... this is all so weird. I'm going to be home before I ever felt like I was gone. Let me know how Terrance Palmer's homecoming talk was. I was excited to know. And Brock's, too. 
   I have some advice for dad and his young men: If you can train them not for trivial knowledge of Preach My Gospel and the scriptures ( like memorizing references, thought that too is important) but train them to adopt Christ-like attributes instead, they will be miles ahead when they hit the field. The field is built to teach young men the references, but the attributes take much longer to get the hang of. Figure out how to teach them patience, selflessness, humility, and all the other good qualities that good men need to be called good men. If that even makes sense.... Ha ha ha. 
   I really do love you guys. I am always sad when the dude that owns this little internet shack taps my shoulder, and sends me spiraling through another crazy week where I can't update and tell you my situation every 10 seconds. But my journal is filling up really fast. I think I'll be sending it home around Christmas. Merry Christmas. It'll be all you guys get from me this year... Ha ha ha. And oddly enough, by Christmas, I will already have 9 months in the mission. Eileen could have 6 more kids by then. It's an odd prospect. Time is weird...... Enjoy the green grass and showers that don't electricute your head when you acidentally touch them.

 -Elder Boekweg

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