Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Short and Sweet

I really liked the question and answer thing and apparently Chance doesn't mind it either. So I will start the blog there again,

Time for some questions:
1. Have you received any of the mail Ive sent so far? I sent some by dearelder and 1 thing by regular mail.
 I haven´t recieved a thing yet. Sorry...
2. Are you sick yet?
 I don't feel sick.
3. What is your address where you live?
I really don´t think I have an address, but if you want to look up close to where I live, look up ¨Madre de Dios, Casagrande¨ because that is the street next to me. It is SO poor. Ha ha ha.
4. How are the fruit stands, do you buy any?
 I´m not allowed to buy anything that doens´t have a peel. But I bought a mandarin orange from a stand the other day for what is probably 7 Americans cents, and it was SO good. Way better than what America has. It was fresh. Ahhhh.....
5. Do you eat lots of rice? haha
6. What are your Sundays like? Have you spoken in church yet?
irreverent, No.
7. Do you have a bed?
8. Do you have running water and toilet?
9. Do you need anything?
more time to email.....
10. Do you hate the question / answer thing?
It´s cool.
Uhhh.... I am so sorry.... but the guy who owns this email place just tapped me and said my time is up.... So I have to go. I will figure our how to send pics and stuff eventually..... I DO have two years here, after all...
I love you all very much. I will try to write the mission pres for less time next time. Sorry. Ugh....
 - Elder Boekweg
*** Chance refused to sing in the ward choir. I told him it would catch up to him on the mission. I found a picture to confirm that HAHA!! Sis Turk put on her blog that.... The Elders all sat on the first two rows... we weren't sure what they 
were doing ... but they were a part of the big last choir
number that they had prepared.

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