Monday, May 27, 2013

First letter from Peru

Ok, so I asked Chance a bunch of questions and he answered every one of them. So I will start off with our question- answer part.....

1. Have you been sick from the food?
    not yet
2. What is your mailing address, lots of people are asking and I don't know if its best to send it to the mission home first. I would think you wont get your mail for some time if it goes there first since they would have to get it to you.
    I have NO idea if I even have one. But Dear Elder still works
3. How was the long flight? Did you get sick?
    eleven hours. no.
4. Is your companion Peruvian?
    Yes. Elder Zavaleta is from Lima (los Olivos, yo creo) tell Roberto I spent the night in Callao (Cayow)
5. What is your apartment like?
      Apartment reminds me of.... a cement floor, cinder block walls, and a rotten wood ceiling. Ha ha ha
6. Are you drinking your 1 cola a day?
     no. There is plenty of fresh water.
7. How was it to meet the Turks? What is the mission home like?
    Turks are awesome. I´m pretty sure Pres Turk wears Nike socks under his slacks. Ha ha ha. The mission home in the nicest home in Peru by a long shot.
8. Did you ride a bus to get to your city?
     I took a vanpool-ish thing to Casagrande, where I am. It is in the far North of the mission, close to the ocean. It is surrounded by sugarcane, which is always on fire... Ha ha ha. It´s WILD here...
9. Are you by a university? I googled Independencia and its says it by Huaraz and there is a university there. It looks like its by the mountains.
    There is a difference between universities in the states, and universities here... So yes and no... ha ha ha enough said?
10. Do you need your priesthood lineage? Actually I am going to send it in an attachment in this email. Let me know if you cant open it.
      that will do
11. Do you want me to give out your email address?
12. How are you able to email me?
      there are little niches in Casagrande with internet. Kind of like cybercafés.
13. How is your Spanish? Are you keeping up?
      Mí Español es mejorando, pero necesito estudiar más, porque personas aqui hablan MUY más rapido que mis maestros en los estados. Es difícil para me entender que estan diciendo a veces.
14. How is the pensionista thing working out? Do you get 3 meals a day?
      The pensionista is awesome. She is the wife of our area president, whose name escapes me. Peruvians eat dinner at noon, and lunch at 7 or 8, if that makes sense.

And now I can say what I want. Ha ha ha. First of all, wherever I am..... is NOT where I used to be. Ha ha ha ha. I have never dreamed of poverty like this. I already don´t believe that poverty even exists in the states. We are so blessed. Also, I have been amazed at how.... dirty everything is. The streets, houses, and everything else are just filthy. My apartment is lucky enough to have a makeshift shower that is sometimes warm, but a lot of people don´t have one. There are a billion dogs in the streets, starving. Ladies breastfeed their kids in visible public all the time. There are things called motos, which seem to be the preffered mode of transportation. It´s basically a motorcycle with a couch nailed onto the back. Ha ha ha. Like a taxi.
   Everybody stares at me when I walk by... It´s surreal. But I guess if I had gone my whole life having never seen more than a few white people, I would stare at me too. I always hear them say, Mira! Un gringo! Ha ha ha. Then they usually ask me to say something in English or German. Everyone thinks I´m from Germany... which I find sort of funny. I guess it makes sense. Compared to them, I am this tall blonde haired blue-eyed guy with the name Boekweg. Muy raro, as they would say.
   I am going to start counting how many Barcelona logos I see in a single day it´s got to be in the hundreds. Little kids are always playing soccer in the streets with homemade balls. They idolize Messi. He´s kind of like a god here. Ha ha ha. I guess these people don´t need any lessons on which soccer team is the best in the world. Also, I can get nice jerseys here for DIRT cheap. So If you want one (And I mean ANY team) let me know.
   And a disclaimer... It looks like my time to communicate with ANYONE is going to be extremely short. So tell everyone that I love them even if I don´t write back. Especially Grandma Boekweg, whose note I recently found in the pocket of my white pants as I got ready for my FIRST BAPTISM! Ha ha ha. Not bad, right? He was a little ten year old boy named Brandon Castillo. And he has like, 18 other names that I don´t remember... Ha ha ha. I can´t figure out how to send pictures, and I´m running out of time. So I guess I´ll try to have it figured out by next Monday. You´re not going to believe the pictures... In only a week I have seen SO many crazy things.
   Anyway mom, I love you very much. Don´t worry about me. I am safer than I have ever been. I love you too, Courtney. And dad...... I loved hearing from you too... Ha ha ha. Just kidding. I love you. Everybody likes Van Halen here. Long live Rock n Roll.
This picture came because Sister Udy at the MTC took it and sent it to Chance with this message:
Your mom will love this!
She was right. I had asked for the famous picture by the map. Thanks Sis. Udy!!
From what Chance said I think this is where he is serving-
Casa Grande
—  Town  —
Casa Grande, Peru is located in Peru
Casa Grande
 / -7.7445833; -79.1881
Country Peru
RegionLa Libertad
DistrictCasa Grande
Casa Grande is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the district of Casa Grande of Ascope Province in the region La Libertad. This town is located beside the Pan-American Highway some 48 km north of Trujillo city in the agricultural Chicama Valley.

I think this might be what Chance meant by the sugar cane is always on fire. His Mission Pres. wife- Sister Turk posted this on her blog:
                                            You can tell we are in Casa Grande because of the
black and white smoke constantly pumping
out of the Sugar Cane factories.


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