Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back from Lima

****FYI- Chance didn't email us on Monday like he usually does so that will help you understand his email.

Hey. I´m not dead. I had to go to Lima yesterday for my residence card. So don´t worry. Also, They say I can only write this email to tell you that I´m alive right now.... So this may be all you get this week. Ha ha ha ha. Sorry. Try to send me whatever Tali was talking about with her mom´s thing. I guess she and I did something famous in Tooele or something? I don´t really know. Also... Swedish Fish will always be appreciated. In greater numbers. And a giant hershey bar.... maybe 2 or 3. MAN I miss American chocolate. Basically any form of candy that I used to like. Flavored water stuff again. And if you can, there are these pens that they sell in the MTC Bookstore, They´re called Vball pens. They are perfect for writing small in the planners. Mine is running out of ink. I could use a few more of those. Just had an interview with President Marler. He told me to tell you about my baptisms. I have had 6. They have all been great. 4 of them were a complete family, and now they are getting ready to head to the temple in Lima in a year.... which I think will pass more quickly than I think. I have 1 and a half months until my 6 month mark..... and from there, it´s straight on toward a year. I can´t believe I´ve already been here for a solid 2 months. Tell Dallin and Dad I said hi.
I love you all. Thank you for your letters. I LOVE receiving real letters from home. I know it´s expensive, but know that they are GREATLY appreciated.
I will write more next week. Sorry this week was weird.
- Elder Boekweg

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