Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What a surprise- 2 emails in 1 week!!

Okay cool... So Lima is definitely better than the rest of Peru. It is about a million times as modern as Casagrande, and a million times as big as Trujillo. I feel like Ogden is to Salt Lake, as Trujillo is to Lima.... Kind of the same, but one definitely stands out against the other. We were waiting in lines all day, which would have been a pretty lame Pday, were it not for our trip to Mcdonalds afterwards. I never thought I would be thankful for the cleanliness and greasiness of a Mcdonalds... It was a tiny taste of America. I love America. 
   I had interviews with President Marler yesterday. Right after my trip to Lima. Which means I stayed the night in the apartment of the assistants, really close to the office. Their apartment is sweet, wooden floors and hot showers. It made me miss the niceties of the United States. Long live the USA. 
   Will somebody please send me more pictures of Uncle´s new kid? Everybody tells me he looks like me, but I´ve seen one pic of him! Also, Look for the blog of Elder Bramble. He and I are buds now, after our trip to Lima. We entered the field on the same day. It´s always good to know that you aren´t alone in your situation, right? He´s a cool dude. He´s got a pilot´s license and stuff. 
   It won´t be much longer now until I am done with training, and I start rolling out in the streets as a normal Junior companion. I am really excited. Not worried at all. 
   Tell Hunter´s mom that I will write her next week when I have a little bit more time. I only got a little while to write this week. Which makes it hard to let you all know what´s going on... or maybe my explanation does more damage....  
   I posted a lot of pictures this week because I can't write much. The first is my haircut in Grandpa Thorpe army pose, so you can compare our faces, which are the same.....
The second is the familia Saldaña. They rock.
 The third is my average day of tracting, which we actually do all day every day.

 My mission consists of OYM´s and nothing else. That is how we contact, and usually how we ask people to teach them in their houses tambien. A veces es interesante, porque las calles, y las entradas son casi la misma cosa. Entonces, realmente no sé si hacemos contactos de la puerta, o de la calle. Casagrande es bien diferente que Tooele. Ha ha ha ha. Just realized I typed all that in Spanish. Sorry. Use google translator, because I don´t have time to type it again. Tell Roberto that I need to know where he lived in Lima. Ask him for ¨su dirección.¨ I want to start asking the throngs of people from Lima here if they knew him. I know it´s a long shot, but I really do meet people from there every day. EVENTUALLY it´s got to happen, right?
   Got to go. I love you all. I´ll write again on Monday. And I will be going to Lima again in 2 or 3 weeks, so if my letter is a few days late again, don´t worry. 
   - Elder Boekweg

 P.S. LINZI KELSEY... You should write me the details of Alaska. I can print things off here, and I am curious as to what it was like there. Send me some pics, too if you can. I miss seeing green things.
1. Do you receive any money from the church for your purchases? Do you buy your own toilet paper? Food? Shampoo? How do you pay for your expenses? I am issued 80 Soles a month for that. Which is about 30 dollars.
2.  Are you changing seasons yet? Shouldn't you be going into spring? No change of seasons yet. They say it will continue to get a bit colder until Septiembre.
3. Are you getting close to transfers? How does that work? Transfers are in 3 weeks, and then my training is done. I will get a new companion, but I will stay in my area for at least another 6 weeks. 
4. Will you be part of the new technology change for missionaries? You know the IPADs and Facebook? No word on that yet. I sure hope they don´t give us Ipads... I don´t know how to use them. I am a bit old fashioned. Also, I can´t imagine they would issue us anything like that in this mission. especially in places like Casagrande. 
5. Did you hear about the dress code change? More colorful ties and colored pants? WOW all the changes. I have also heard nothing about that. You´ll have to send me the details. 

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