Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chance's Apartment

    I sent you a ton of pics today, including my room. It's basically cement with windows... and you can tell which parts of the room belong to my comp hahaha.
   August marks the one year mark since I started school at BYU... THAT is hard to believe.... I can remember it so clearly. How weird. It's amazing how much the world can change in just a year. And I was thinking.... I am excited to talk to Roberto. Hopefully this Christmas I can take just a second to talk to him in his own language. I should have it down pat by then, I think. I dream in Spanish sometimes now. They say that is a big sign of progress. And actually, Roberto was in one of these dreams. I said to him, 'Roberto, por fin, tiene un amigo en la familia con quien puede hablar´. I´ll let google translate help you on that one. :)
     And as far as the blog, just post the pics. each one is theoretically worth 1000 words.
     Please send me Tyrel Barney's contact info. Tyler Kelsey's as well, as soon as he finds out where he'll be living.  Happy Birthday, Dad, Dallon, Joylynn and almost Courtney!
- Elder Boekweg

Chances bed is on the left


Soccer with the kids

Casagrande street


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  1. Oh my! Beckie, you taught him well. Glad to see he's taken that cleanliness with him. :)