Monday, August 19, 2013

Ask me a Question

1. Did you get your package?
    No packages yet. Just the one from over a month ago.
2. How do you like your new companion?
    New comp is from Iquitos, Perù... the jungle. He plays the Incan flutes all the time, this change is going to be really interesting... his voice is the exact same as Roberto's.... so that is weird for me...
3. Did you ever buy socks?
    No socks bought. But it's all good. I stopped caring about clean socks when I realized that most of the time none of my other clothes are either.... ha ha ha. Sometimes I go 4 days without changing pants... ha ha ha. It just doesn't matter here. It's not like anyone is going to care.... most folks here don't even shower.
4. Would it help you if I sent you some international stamps? Do you have access to a post office?
    I would love some international stamps, there is no post office here, But I hit Trujillo about once a month.
5. Are you staying healthy, gaining any weight? Your not sick right?
    Not sick. doing good.

   Now... I have kind of given up on letting everybody know what's going on here.... it's like there is always WAY too much to convey, and it's not like I can converse with people and enjoy conversations about it, so I figure I'll just talk to everyone when I get back in 2 years. Ha ha ha. Isn't that so ''like me?'' It would be impossible to tell you everything that has happened in a week in a foreign country, in one hour of typing... It will just never happen... So I had an idea.... maybe you could have people post questions to the blog. That way they could ask whatever they wanted, and I would know what you all want to hear about. Even if it's like a million questions.  So everyone should write me a question to answer next week. Maybe something that requires like a short paragraph answer, so that I can have time to get to everyone's question...... Yeah?
We baptized a man named Leo. He told us he was minutes from killing himself when we found him on the street. He actually cried like a child to us in the middle of the road, which oddly enough, nobody here found weird. Anyway, a few weeks later, and he's a member of the church! He's super happy now and loves to go to church with his wife every week.
I want Peanut Butter popcorn SO badly... I was offered guinea pig HEAD yesterday. I gratefully eat rice now - which I also hate - so that I don't die. I will NEVER eat guinea pig head... Nor chicken feet. Nor cat paws. Nor any form of fish eye ugh......
HAPPY BIRHDAY TAYLOR! WOO WOO! I can't believe how old you already are... I remember when you first started coming to church with my family... it doesn't seem so long ago... and yet, it was over 4 years ago.... Anyway, enjoy your birthday!
Got to go.... think of me as you eat peanut butter popcorn while watching soccer this weekend....... Heaven knows I miss that.... ha ha ha ha ha ha. Peru is the land down under.
- Elder Boekweg


  1. Chance, are you in the area where the H1N1 flu virus is? Has the Mission President suggested getting a flu shot? Grace Duffy

  2. Do you sing to people? Have you gotten your hands on a guitar at all? We listen to your CD all the time :) and we have one saved for Tali when he gets home... which she will appreciate. Did I tell you about the phone Levi bought at a garage sale (a stansbury teenagers old phone) with your songs and Tali's on it ? Very funny and kindof wierd! We laughed and laughed.