Monday, August 12, 2013

Staying in Casagrande

We'll start this week with the questions:

A few Questions:
1. How are you sleeping? You've never been a good sleeper and I pray everyday that you will be able to sleep.
    Sleep is kind of like a fleeting blessing... by the time I hit the bed, I am so tired that I fall asleep within seconds... we walk ALL day. And I mean ALL day. I can't believe how tired I am at the end of each day... so no problem sleeping.
2. Is it very cold there? Do you wish you took a jacket?
    Cold here is different. It's not like the brutal cold and face whipping wind of Utah, but it's just..... a constant state of never being completely warm. In Utah, you can go inside a warm house when you are cold. But the houses here don't have heating, and are made totally of cement or adobe, usually missing windows and stuff.... So you never really warm up. It's cold in your bones... I use my sweaters just about every day.
3. Did you pick your haircut? I cant get over how short it is. Who did it?
    I did NOT pick my haircut. Funny story about it. I sat down in this rusty chair, in a creepy barbershop that I'm sure had not been cleaned in 10 years or so, and this guy asks me what I want with my hair. I tell him ''Just a bit shorter'' or, ''justo un poco más corto.'' He then proceeds to buzz my head with a 1-clip... without asking or giving any warning, right down the middle of my head. At that point, the damage was done... As I stared at the naked strip of my head, I knew there was nothing I could do... so I just let it happen......
4. Did you get our package?
     No. I have only received 1 package from you since I've been here.
 I want to die over your comment about Peanut butter popcorn... I mentioned that just last night to my companion... ''quiero cancha con mantequilla de mani.'' Then he made fun of Americans and THEIR weird food....  ha ha ha. Yeah right....
I just want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..... with all my heart.......... ha ha ha. I miss cereal too...... and milk that doesn't taste like diseases.
It looks like I am staying in Casagrande for 6 more weeks. My new comp is named Elder Tayo, or something like that. He is Peruvian. 
That street is in 8 de Septiembre.... the poorest part of Casagrande. I don't imagine it gets much poorer that that anywhere in the world... it's nuts. It's also my favorite place here

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY! I can't believe how old you are..... It's weird to think that you are at the point in life where you can finally drive yourself places.... I wish I had more time to write you. I will work on a written letter, but we just lost our ''free monthly letter home'' deal, and I don't know when I'll be in Trujillo again... So I may not get to send it for a while.... But be patient. It'll come

My beloved father... I have thought about you a lot this week in particular... Thank you for teaching me to be a man. ''Buck up'' has become my motto.... Ha ha ha. I think about your little ''wisdoms'' all the time. I don't know if you realize how many of your one-liners have stuck with me. It's like...... dumb logic. I like it. My comp hates it. Ha ha ha ha. I say stuff like..... ''when in a painter's house, make sure the wall is dry before you lean on it,'' and to me, that is funny humor. But to him, it's just dumb. And maybe it is... truth is, I don't know what humor is anymore... Peruvians laugh at the weirdest stuff.... I don't know if I'll be funny when I come home... And that worries me, because it was the only chance at a wife I had.... ha ha ha. anyway, I just hope you know how much I miss you. The neighbors to our apartment always blast 80's rock music, which always reminds me of you.
   Casagrande Peru is totally going through it's 80's right now. People all dress like it, and they only listen to 80's music... I guess things hit a little late here.
I have to go. I love you, and will write y'all next week. Good luck in the modern world. These letters get sent through time as well as space, I think....
- Elder Boekweg

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