Monday, August 26, 2013


Chance asked for questions last week, so here are his answers.....

Q.Chance, are you in the area where the H1N1 flu virus is? Has the Mission President suggested getting a flu shot? Grace Duffy
A.I am in the H1N1 Area, but the thing is, I already had it back in the states. So I guess I am immune?

Q.Do you sing to people? Have you gotten your hands on a guitar at all? We listen to your CD all the time :) and we have one saved for Tali when she gets home... which she will appreciate. Did I tell you about the phone Levi bought at a garage sale (a Stansbury teenagers old phone) with your songs and Tali's on it ? Very funny and kind of weird! We laughed and laughed.  Nancy Gomez
A.One of out investigators has a guitar. I play it for them sometimes. And I even sing to them when we have a little extra time. That's crazy about the phone.

My questions:

1. Did you get my package?
     No package. I think it probably got stopped at customs. That means I won't ever get it. So maybe packages are a bad idea... If you want to show me some love this week, I need like..... 15 dollars for a jar of nutella. The zone leaders are going to Trujillo this week, and I guess they sell it there. HA HA HA. Times are pretty desperate... food here sucks.... can't even try to sugar coat that... ha ha ha.

2. Tell us a good missionary story?
     If I have time

3. Do you baptize in a font or river or ocean?
     We have a makeshift font. Half of our church is outdoors. Just an awning of some sort to block the sun, when it shows. The font is beneath that. Super dirty. Funny.

4. Do you ever eat at other peoples houses? I know your not supposed to but do you have to sometimes?
       Sometimes our investigators make us stuff, and if we don't eat it, we know we may not get the chance to come back. Like last night, this lady made us some kind of concoction of purple corn and vegetable oil. We ate it with spoons...... I smiled and said thanks. Luckily, here in Casagrande people are usually too poor to offer you more.

5. Are you liking your new companion? Does he speak English?
    My new companion is cool.

6. Is it ok without having a trainer? Do you feel prepared?
    I am not afraid of anything anymore. I've learned that when I am asked to so something, it means I can do it. In fact, things have been easier without my trainer. My Spanish has improved a million fold, because I have to teach almost every lesson alone. I even gave a 15 minute talk in church this week! I say these things not to brag or be a martyr, but to show that everything in this world can be done with God's help.

7. Have you played any more soccer?
     Every P-Day. It is the ONLY thing the native Elders ever want to do. And they outnumber the Americans that want to go see ruins and junk. Ha ha ha ha. So Yes....

8. Describe your P-day?

9. Have you tried Inca-Cola? We have it here in the Mexican market haha.
    Inca Cola is SICK. Ha ha ha ha. I tried just a sip of it, (Because You have to try Inca Cola if your in PerĂș) it tastes just like bubble gum. Super Gross.

10. Have you written any songs?
      Yes..... I have been using my camera's video ability to record the little melodies that come to me..... I really miss recording music... But it will still be there when I get home. So I'm not worried.

-Elder Boekweg


  1. Ok so I am late to figure out how to ask a question: 1-Tell us about the culture. Do people get married young? Do multiple families live together in a house? Do most people farm or are there other jobs they do? Is there such a thing as Peruvian standard time (i.e.15 minutes late)? What do you like most about the Peruvian people?


  2. Elder Boekweg; So if there are goat heads, why are you not eating Cabrito instead of Pollo? I have been to the markets in Lima and Cusco, they smell of warm meat. No totally enjoyable.

    I agree with how wonderful the people of Peru are. Of course, I was always with a tourist guide and taken to only places that were safe. I am always praying that the Lord keeps you away from danger. It is good that you are with Mission President now.

    Be well, be safe, spread the Word. Thank you for what you are doing. Grace Duffy (your Grandma Boekweg's friend from a million years ago.