Friday, August 9, 2013

Lima again

I went to Lima again. Hence the late letter home.
The first photo is 'How to cross the street in Casa Grande.' THE WHOLE TOWN LOOKS LIKE THAT RIGHT NOW. THEY'RE PUTTING IN A SEWER.
The second pic is just for laughs... I'm pretty sure I'm standing next to Bruce Fivas' Latino brother...  ha ha ha.
3rd photo is in Ascope, Perú. More mountanous than Casagrande, as you can tell.

Looks like my training ends this Monday... and then I am REALLY on my own. Luckily, I have had a friend up to this point... Elder Young, my zone leader actually lives in the same apartment as us. He's in his 23rd month as a missionary. He loves recording music, and is from Provo. He wants to start a band when I get home. I told him I was down for that. He'll be at BYU, go figure.
Sometimes, I think about how bad I want to eat lettuce... we aren't allowed to eat it down here. Nor Strawberries.... I miss them heinously.
I don't really have much to say this week.... except That if it's possible, I would love some strawberry poptarts and raspberry hot chocolate mix right about now..... :) They just don't understand the need for basic things like poptarts and homogenized milk down here. Milk here is sick. No wonder they prefer yogurt on their cereal.
And for everybody who wants to try a Peruvian dinner..... Try rolls, butter, fried chicken, rice, and boiled potatoes. and if you want a peruvian drink to go with it, pour rice in hot water, so that the top centimeter or so is completely rice, wait until the rice is soggy, then add brown sugar until you like it, and drink it. It's called 'Gwaker.' They love it down here. And for Peruvian desert, make rice pudding. Rice, rice, rice, rice rice...... rice...
I don't know if I'll get transferred, or if I will stay here in CG, but I hear it's probable that I have another 6 weeks here. That'll put me in September.... the end of it.... I can't believe it's already August. This is my 5th month... How wild. 
Mom - I will get home in Spring of 2015.... I want to mow the LAWN every day of the following summer. You will never know how much I miss grass... Also, Please tell Kelsey Gibby-Johnson I said congrats.
I wish I could somehow let you know how much I love you verbally. But I guess it can wait until Christmas in 5 more months.

I love you all, until next Monday,
   - Elder Boekweg

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