Sunday, September 22, 2013

Big Changes

I got a call from President Marler, and he asked me to accept the assignment of being the ''Personal Secretary to the President.'' Which means I will now live in the office of the mission in Trujillo. I don't really know what that job entails. It looks like I'll be in this position for at very least 6 months, but probably more like 9. I'm really nervous. I have to have perfect Spanish for this job, because I'll have to talk to the mayor of Trujillo and stuff. I also get to call the Provo MTC to organize the new coming missionaries. It looks like I will be working HARD in this position.

We had some questions for him:
1. What is your new apartment like?
    We have hot showers here! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I can't explain the ecstasy of taking a hot shower after only having either cold or molten lava showers for 5 months...... The apartment is nice. It is much cleaner than the Casagrande place. I live there with 5 other Elders. All the office Elders live, work, breath, and die together. We do interchanges ALL the time. Stuff gets CRAZY here.... I can't believe how hard my job is.... until now, I felt like a mission was do-able. But now...... the computer has ruined my mission, too. Ironically, I'm going to have to learn facebook on my mission.... I swear that is a problem that only I would ever have in the entire world. Ha ha ha ha
2. No pensionista? Do you do your own cooking and laundry now?
    The local bishop does our laundry and things, and we have a lady make lunch every day except Sunday. The rest of the time we are on our own. Which I am eternally grateful for.
3. Do you shop for your own food?
    Yes. There is the Peruvian attempt at a Walmart called ''Wong's'' right next door to the office. 
4. Do you have a companion in the office?
    Yes. Elder Tway is from Parker, Colorado. He is the definition of what you'd think a financial secretary would be. He came to Per'u at the same time I did. We are both being trained for our new spots right now. It's good to have a buddy that truly understands your situation. We will probably be comps for a very long time... maybe up to 9 months. You should get in tough with his parents or something.
5. What is Trujillo like?
     Picture Salt Lake..... but without laws or cleanliness. Tons of chicken joints. That's basically all I know about it so far.
6. Will you get your mail quicker now?
    yes. By a week or so. Now I can get it the minute it comes in to the office. Normally, I'd have to wait another week.
7. Can you buy your own socks now :)?
8. Will you be on the greeting committee for the new missionaries at the airport?
9. Is it the same apartment you stayed in when you went to Lima?
  Wow..... I was NEVER destined to be an office worker. My computer skills are pitiful. Everybody laughs at me. Ha ha ha ha. They're all convinced I am a hick. A pig-raising Tooele County hick. I guess they're right.... Ha ha ha ha. At least it gives me an excuse for my computer abilities. Elder Tway, on the other hand, was a financial secretary for an insurance company before the mission. That's a bit different from being a pizza guy or a warehouse worker... Ha ha ha. He is having a much easier time with this transition than I am. It is SO hard. I can't believe how many things I have to worry about now. One of my jobs is health.... and right now, the mission is receiving like 20 new sister missionaries every change. But I still proselyte too..... I am going to be SO responsible at the end of all this. I have to keep track of a hundred little things every day. College will seem easy in comparison to this. 
   I love you.
- Elder Boekweg

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  1. Ha! He cracks me up!! Who would have thought he'd learn some good business skills on his mission in Peru! Is his mission converting to a facebook mission?? He looks way happy! Maybe now he can gain some weight. :)