Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life in the Mission Office

Questions first:

1. Do you go on the trips to other places with the Marlers?
    Yeah. They told me I'll see the entirety of this mission, including some areas that haven't been opened up yet. I get to help President open places. That'll be sweet.
2. Does Pres. Marler know you know how to play the guitar? Are you going to get the chance to play his?
     He knows. He told me he wants me to do a musical number sometime. I'll told him YES. Ha ha ha. He has the nicest guitar in Perú. Haven't had the chance to play it yet.
3. When you make a facebook can we friend you?
    Don't have one yet. I'll resist it as long as I can. Ha ha ha ha. Funny how I will only get one when God Himself wants me to..... Ha ha ha ha.
4. Are you going to have an IPAD?
    Don't know..... I would say though, that if anyone here is getting one, it's the assistants, then me. 
5. Did you get Dads letter? I know shocking, he sent you one.
     Nope. I got one from Sister Taylor, though! She is awesome. I miss her unique brand of humor. People here don't laugh at the same stuff I do. I'm always looking weird because I laugh at things that nobody else does. Ha ha ha.
6. Will you send us pics of your new apartment and city?
     I will when I get some. This job keeps me so busy that I haven't had time to take even one pic of Trujillo. But I feel like I just got transferred from Perú to Spain. It's a lot nicer here. REALLY European. It's like........ a filthy version of Madrid.
7. Do you do the trainings for zone conferences?
    Yeah. President Marler also told me that in the future, I will be doing splits with the assistants to go work with Zone Leaders, and we will be teaching them how to become better teachers..... which is a daunting task for me, as I have never been even a senior companion yet......... apparently, My job floats somewhere between Zone Leaders and Assistants. I'm like a weird 'special task' missionary. They're even going to make me get a new plaque that says I'm from the office. It's all very weird. It's very humbling, because I stink at just about everything that this job entails. Ha ha ha ha.
8. Where will you watch general conference?
    Thanks to my new job, I will be watching it at the mission President's house..... right at his side.... I am going to learn SO much. It's so cool, because already, I will be somewhere with President, and he will lean over to me and teach me some profound doctrine that I had never thought of before. I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with him. It's like drinking straight from the spring. Unfiltered, pure and personal. I LOVE that part of it.

My Spanish is also improving much more quickly here. Half of the office speaks English, so I am constantly having to switch between the two. They say that's better for retention of a language. Sometimes I can't remember if people just told me something in English or Spanish. Even some of my own thoughts are that way.... Not to mention I have to call places like Argentina and Puerto Rico now, so I get to hear all sorts of accents and forms of Spanish. Argentinians have beautiful Spanish. It's soft and gentle. At least, more so than the Caribbean guys.... they are barely understandable. Especially over the phone. Ha ha ha ha. This job has grabbed hold of every one of my weak points and is just pulling on them to make them grow. I can't believe how much I'm learning here. It's disgusting.

Like I said before, I am the health guy too. Which means I get to work not only with President, but Sister Marler a lot too. She is crazy. it's so funny, because she is way more....... brutal than President is. President always wants to send people to the clinic for any sickness. But Sister Marler always wants me to tell them to buck up. Ha ha ha.

And the clinic.................. Uncle, imagine Verruckt zombies level. That is exactly what the hospital here looks like. I always envision Nazi Zombies jumping down from the holes in the ceiling when I have to go there....

My job requires me to not ever sleep..... People call me late at night from Lima asking questions about Visas and things. Last night, I went to bed at around 12, and then woke up at 5 thirty to take a missionary to the bus stop to get to Chimbote. And that's just a normal day! I am working SO crazy hard here....... by the time my time here in the office is done, I am going to know everything about everyone. This must be how Brand Reynolds feels. Maybe he can help me learn about parasites, since pretty much everybody here has them. By the time I come home, I will be like a witchdocter/ultimate survivalist. I will know how to cure every problems that one can acquire in the 3rd world country of Perú. Ha ha ha. Maybe that will come in handy when my own kids get sick.... maybe to some extent, I will know what to do when they get bitten by death mosquitoes and piranhas. :) I love this weird country.

Roberto..... ¡estoy esperando su respuesta! Tengo una invitación de una familia en Casa Grande para regresar un día y gastar una semana con ellos en Hawai, (cual es un citio cerca de Cascas) y me dijeron que puedo traer mi familia. Entonces, Tal vez podemos visitarles juntos un día. No sé, quizás aún visitar a Lima también. Quiero ver su país con Ud. Sabe mucho más que yo a cerca de la cultura y todo.

I love you all, especially you, mama.

- Elder Boekweg


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  1. Elder Boekweg; congratulations on your position at the Mission Home. My prayers are with you for health and strength. Try to get some sleep when you can. Grace Duffy