Monday, September 2, 2013

Cool Ruins

  Here are some pictures of the ruins I visited today. It's a place called El Brujo, or The Ghost. It was cool. Indiana Jones style adventure. It was in the middle of NOWHERE....

 So the pictures describe the ruins better than I can. But the story with them is that a billion years ago, some lady named the ''Lady of Cao'' was Queen of this ruin, and she had a junk load of money. She had a million slaves, and she died during childbirth. When she died, all her servants had to be killed too, according the beliefs of the people (Lamanites) because she would still need her servants in the afterlife. We saw where the bones of her slaves had been used to build the walls and stuff... pretty creepy. She also had human sacrifices made to her, and her wicked priests drank the victim's blood. Basically, this woman was a hag, and she was mummified so well, that we could still see her tattoos. Ha ha ha. Long story made short, the Lamanites had a lot of wicked years before the Spaniards came. And their weapons were so weird... They are like..... drum cymbals that they used to bash each other with. Kind of like a club, but less heavy-looking. Super odd.
Yes..... that is me in the Indiana Jones hat. Ha ha ha ha. I couldn't pass THAT opportunity up.
   I have a few shout-outs for the week. First off, to the people who occupied my brain for a few moments this week;
Brett Paulick. Dude, the church is true. I was thinking about your situation this week, and I realized that I promise people every day that going to church and saying nightly prayers will improve their lives... so why can't I make the same promise to you? That's my challenge for you. Head to church this week. I don't know exactly what you need in your life right now, but God does. And with that being said, I can promise you that by showing God you want His help, He will give it to you. He loves us and wants us to be happy.
Next person; Eileen. Thank you for your letter. I loved seeing your Asian kid, and I loved the advice you gave me.
Now Grandma Linda; Thank you for taking the time to write me, and tell me about things back home. I will never stop appreciating that.
Deedre; when we get back, I would like to attend a concert of the Utah symphony with you again. Something very classy and clean and proper and mannerly and high-class..... That way, I will be able to appreciate it all the more in comparison to the dirt here. Ha ha ha.
Roberto; estoy TAN animado para hablar con Ud. después de mi misión. Estoy aprendiendo su idioma todavía, pero creo que en dos años voy a hablar casi perfectamente. También, quiero aprender algunos chistes para compartir con Ud. Dos días detrás, recordé su chiste sobre ''Cual es al animal mas perezoso,'' y todas las personas con que estaba compartiendo lo amaron. No sé si puede entender todo lo que estoy escribiendo ahora, pero quizás con la ayuda de un gringo, puede traducir mi ''Gringo Castellano.'' Bueno suerte con eso, mi tío.... Y si quiere una camiseta de Alianza o la Uni o algo así, puede decirme. Hay bastantes tiendas acá que las venden. Y creo que por ahora, eso es todo... Por favor, no olvide escribirme un día. Quiero ver si puedo conversar con un Limeño. He escuchado que Uds. hablan en una manera diferente que los Casagrandinos... Entonces, debe escribirme si tiene tiempo. Yo lo amaría. Y le amo. Gracias por enseñarme un poco antes de mi misión. He tenido un instrumento que mis compañeros no tenían. Hasta Luego  
Courtney cannot be dating. That is too weird. But the asking idea was pretty cool. I give Nash props for that.
   Next item of business... I don't know if you can somehow get me some kind of shoulder brace to fix my posture, but that would be cool. My posture is suffering, with my backpack all day. Just something to pull both my shoulders back that I could wear beneath my shirt... If you can do it, thank you a ton.
   So people are sick of hearing me complain about the food, eh? I'll tell you what.... I will start sneaking pictures of the food when the pensionista isn't looking, so you can all see what I'm up against... Ha ha ha ha ha. You will all understand why I bring it up so often....
-Elder Boekweg


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