Saturday, October 5, 2013

Goat Heads

Sis Marler put this pic on her blog. She says "4 goat heads...ooops, that is 3 goat heads and Elder Boekweg"
So lets cover a few questions first:
1. Do you go out proselyting everyday or only on designated days?
     Sometimes, I have too much to do here. So we don't always go out proselyting. But I hear that as soon as me and Elder Tway get the hang of things, we will be going with the assistants to proselyte in different areas and zones almost every day. That'll be fun. I´ll see the whole mission.
2. Are you gaining any weight yet? I know you are eating better. I saw the pics of you eating tres leche cake. It looked delicious!!
    No..... Just raw muscle. It's awesome. Me and Elder Tway have this sweet nightly exercise program worked out, (not to mention my 200 continuous sit-ups every morning) so We're actually getting pretty ripped. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Also... I don't know what's up with my facial hair, but all of the sudden I have tons of it. It practically grows up to my eyes now.
3. I am starting to try and figure out your Christmas package. Do you need any American things like medicine or deodorant or whatever?
   Nope. Just buy me a banjo for Christmas and leave it downstairs until I come home. :) Just send me a picture of it. Really. I mean it. Ha ha ha ha. Seriously.
4. Is it spring yet?
    As the nickname suggests, Trujillo is the ´city of eternal spring.´ Every morning is chilly, and every afternoon is warm. After being in Casa Grande, Trujillo is PARADISE. Ha ha ha. There´s Wong's, and nice showers, and even floors............
Now.... I just got done watching General Conference in the mission Pres´s house.... and Sister Marler made cinnamon rolls.... I felt like I was home again. They really have become my surrogate grandparents. I feel completely at home around them. I love them. President teaches us things all the time. I am SO grateful for that. It's like living in the presence of FOUNTAIN of knowledge.
Also... I want to Roberto to know how much I like his country. I love it. I love the people, the architecture, the climate, the language, everything.... except the rice and chicken. I just have to mention how different it is from what I'm used to. Amo al Perú.
Mission President asked me to write a song for the mission that they can sing at all the zone meetings. So it looks like I get to leave a part of my music here too. I am so happy about it. He has a guitar, and although it is a nylon string, it seems like the greatest and only guitar in my world right now. By the way Sadie, how is my old guitar doing? You should send me a picture of the old girl sometime..... Oh how I miss her.
No puedo creer cuan diferente es la vida ahora. Y en verdad, todavía estoy aprendiendo el idioma y todo, pero puedo ver el progreso en maneras que antes yo nunca creí eran posibles. All my friends are going to laugh at me and my spanish when we get home, because in comparison to theirs, mine is very formal and proper. But I hear that´s just how Peruvians talk.
Dad... I am still crying about your letter. I'll let you know when I can worthily reply back. I'm sure you understand my logic. Mom won't. Ha ha ha.
Mom.... this week, Sister Marler had me call the Salt Lake Temple to submit some names of struggling missionaries and their families.  I know that God is well aware of our struggles, and loves us enough to bless us always, even though when all is said and done, we probably don't deserve any of it.
Uncle and Eileen... I love you and your kids. Uncle, I want you to know that your nametag is always on the inside of my suitcoat.  And I want to hear more about y'all.
Familia Gomez... You people are awesome. That is all for now.
Familia Fivas... Your son is a dork. That is also all fow now. I love him.
Familia Johansen/Sadie... Tell Taylor or Nate to send me directions of how to make your hair look awesome even when you accidentally cut it like a fool because you were doing it alone?
Familia Kelsey... Tyler is hilarious. Linzi is brave. Also, there is an Elder going home this change named Elder Vanden Bosch. He plays soccer for Dixie. You may want to look him up. He is 6ft 5in and has hair like the Johansen boys. Jacee, I hope is stoked about her last year in high school. And Kamry...... I believe enough has been said. I love you all too.
And to all the rest who I did not have time to write, I love you and wish you a happy week. Enjoy conference. And Brett Paulick.... this does not count as a church attendance. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
- Elder Boekweg

Did y'all go to Elder Young's homecoming? Can Deedre send me some more interesting stories about my ancestors? Will you tell Taylor Gregrich I said hi, and that she is an example to me of faith? Will you also send me pictures of mountains? I miss them.

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