Saturday, October 26, 2013

Soccer on P-day


Wow... I forgot how beautiful fall is in Utah. I miss that old tree. And ask dad if he listened to Pink Floyd in my car. That would have been sweet.

So President Marler, his wife, my companion, and I are driving to a market (Sister Marler shops a lot) and he asks us what we used to do before the mission. I tell him I used to record music. He asked if there was anything I had done online. I said yes. He then proceeded to look up Potato Girl, and play it on his Iphone. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It was so weird. He said he liked it. What I am gathering about him and his wife is that they were hippies back in the day. They love music too. President Marler has played Simon's guitar (from Simon and Garfunkel). They like all those types of groups. It's cool. Ha ha ha ha. You should hear our planning meetings about the Christmas program.

Okay..... I have to go use Pday to play soccer now..... like we do every week...... ugh........... I 'm getting kind of tired of soccer EVERY DAY. Why do they want to spend the only free day we have doing the same thing we do in the mornings of every other normal day? We always work through Pday. And when we finally get a free second, they all want to play soccer...... I love soccer, but there are things I would rather do with a free day in a foreign country. The problem is, all the Elders are Peruvian, and have already seen all the cool Incan ruins and things. Ha ha ha ha. Oh well. I feel better now.
I'll write more later today. I've got about 30 minutes left this week.

See ya

Back Again-

I miss you all. Sometimes I feel farther away than others. Usually Tuesdays. Brayden is still a dork. I wrote Sadie a huge letter this week. I think Linzi is getting one this next week. And Tali is halfway through her mission. Now THAT is weird. It seems like no time at all has passed since I sat at her ordination....... and now she's on the downhill home........ holy cow. Tyler is good, I hope. I hear there's some crazy stuff in Africa. I am crazy jealous of his safari adventures. Tyrel Barney is also doing well, I hope. I still need his contact information. I bet he's killing it over there in the Philippines. }

Send me Mason's wedding invitation..... I can´t wait to see it.... NOVEMBER 30th??? Dang.

Kason looks like a butterball. Little fat happy dude. Do I have that right? I can't wait to see him for the first time. He may be talking by then.

Until next week, I suppose things will go on as they do. I hope Courtney doesn't transfer to GHS, or I will disown her. ;) Ha ha ha ha. I am sending something special home this week. Sorry for the lack of pictures once again. I always forget my camera. I think I have taken about 150 pictures. That's almost one for every day, I think..... wait...... I have no idea how many days I've been out now.... maybe 200? Anyway.... It's going to be crazy to see Luke Jones hit his year mark, as I feel like he just barely left in Nivember of last year. And from there, we will all start taking turn hitting the year mark. after that, it's full steam ahead to the 2 year mark....... how crazy. I love my mission. It means everything to me. I am going to sob even harder coming home. I'm not sure how it'll all go down. I can't even imagine the day when this ends..... a mission was as far out as I ever planned for. I guess I just assumed it would never get here, let alone end someday. Now all I know is that I'll go back to BYU...... I don't know what I'll study, where I'll live, or who will be there with me. All I have now is ideas. No plans, really. Should I be worried? For the time being, I am not making any plans. There is far too much to worry about already. Although, quiero viajar a Perú de nuevo con Roberto eventualmente para ver las cosas que no tuve la oportunidad de ver mientras estaba aquí sirviendo una misión. Lugares como Cuzco, o aún Lima. Tengo amigos aquí ahora, y ellos quieren que les visito en el futuro. Entonces, hay que viajar a Casa Grande para verles también. Roberto, ¿quiere ir conmigo a un lugar se llama Hawai? Creo que es cerca de Casa Grande. Quizás 30 minutes más norte, en la cierra. Allí viven ellos. También, quiero decir de nuevo que estoy tan animado para hablar con Usted cuando llamo a mi casa en Diciembre. Será lo maximo. Tiene que decirme si mi Castellano es bueno, o todavía falta mucho para ser entendible. Ya no puedo creer que he aprendido tanto en un tiempo tan corto. Pero sé que también, tengo mucho para mejorar. Mi manera de hablar es un poco raro. Estoy tratando estudiar la gramática lo más posible. ¿Tiene algo que puede ayudarme? Si quiere visitar a Perú conmigo, avíseme no más, y nos vamos. ¡Chao!

I love you Mom, Courtney, Dad, and all the others who love and support me so much. I can feel your love and your prayers every day.

- Elder Boekweg

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