Saturday, February 15, 2014


Today is Chance's 20th birthday.

So..... I guess I am 20 years old now.... Doesn't feel like it. In fact, I didn't even remember it was my birthday.... I have been worrying about reserving hotels for President's trip with a general authority this weekend. The best part is, even after I found out, I forgot again! Ha ha ha. My comp had to remind me.

Y'all realize that according to the mission system, my group has one year on the 25th of March? It's coming so fast...... and if this next year goes as fast as this one has..... I will be shoveling snow out of the driveway, winter 2015 before I even knew I left home.... It's so bizarre....

Sorry I never take pictures.... ha ha ha ha. I guess if you want to see an airport or a desk or something, I could take a few more.... ha ha ha. I actually went to Chimbote this week for 3 days. We proselyted with Zone Leader's and had a great time. Elder Dennis, (Who ends his mission this change) says he wants to start a band when I get back. He's going to BYU. He is a fantastic drummer. (He's the black-haired white guy in the drum video from Christmas).

I am so glad you're going to Elder Kaden Hansen's homecoming. I am sure his talk will be great. If it's anything like his district trainings were, it can get you through a really lonely time in a tiny town where nobody understands a word you say any given day of the week. I learned so much in Casa Grande.

Shout out to M.J., Reagan and here it comes.............Sister Taylor!! Happy Birthday to all of you.

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday packages and wishes. Its so nice to hear from home. I loved all the letters and pictures.

1.  How is summer?
    Really, really, really, really humid. Hot.
2. Did you LOVE your bday presents?
    Yes! The pictures were my very favorite! It's good to see everyone in the ward is doing well. And Keith Handley is bald now!? Nobody told me...... ha ha ha. I love that guy... I'll always be his annoying neighbor kid. ha ha ha ha.
3. What is the number one thing you feel you've learned in the mission office?
    Follow the Spirit. We can do nothing without it. Be proactive. Be interested.
4. What is your favorite thing about the mission office?
     Getting to learn directly from President.
5. How do you like the city?
    To be honest, the city is not really my thing.... I am becoming ever more interested in the idea of moving to Lewisville, Idaho, and living alone among my pigs and fields of potatoes. I even told President Marler that. He laughed and said, "Why on earth would you want to live in Lewisville, Idaho?" (He was born in Idaho Falls, I think). I don't think he feels the same about it as I do... ha ha ha.

I love you mom. Thank you for eveything you do for me.

Good luck back home,

-Elder Boekweg

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