Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wishing for a beard

1. Did you get your package yet? Its just one package. Im worried about it cuz its your new pants.
   Got the pants. THANK YOU SO MUCH...... HA HA HA HA. I needed pants something fierce.
2. Do you like the Strawberry Whey Protein?   
     Love it. I'm going to need more...... ha ha ha. But not TOO soon. The Blender bottle is the     greatest thing on earth.
3. What general authority did Pres Marler meet up with?
     An area 70 from Bolivia
4. Is there a dedication date set for the Temple yet?
I love you people. Dad's picture in the field is hilarious. Everyone thinks my father is Porter Rockwell. I kind of do too, sometimes....... I wish I was as manly as that....... big nasty beard and everything. I might go through the Mason Halligan effect and just grow a huge gnarly face fro when I get home. Cherry red..... ha ha ha ha ha.

I am glad you think I am buff. Makes me feel good. Gives me faith and hope to carry on with it..... I am like the living carbon copy of Grandpa Thorpe. It's weird, because Sometimes I look in the mirror, and see just how much my face is not my own. I pretty much stole it from him. Ha ha ha ha. It's so funny. Now we have to figure out what on Earth is Courtney?

I am sorry this letter will be kind of short, and also void of photos....... I sat here for almost 20 minutes thinking that you didn't write me this week.... then I scrolled up and saw that you had..... ha ha ha ha ha. I'm an idiot....... So needless to say, I don't have much time.

I love you all more than words can say. Les amo más que palabras pueden explicar. I also wish that each one of you has a good week. También, espero que cada uno de Ustedes tengan una semana buena. Maybe someday I won't be such a dork. Quizás algún día, yo no seré tan como un pez sin agua. Ha ha ha.

I love you Mom

Bark at the moon, dad.

Don't go to Grantsville, Courtney

Love, Elder Boekweg (I still need the words to big rock candy mountain.)
Activity Day in Chimbote with Pres. Marler

Contemplating the Day in Chimbote
The Boy Boxed Up His Childish Things
by Elder Boekweg
The boy boxed up his childish things, and put them all away,
A call to fight a war afar, had called him another way,
He gathered all his war-tool things, and put them in his pack,
With not much more than hope itself, his life hung on his back,
He said goodbye to mother, who knew it would be long,
Before she saw her son again, and each should face this strong,
He jumped aboard a one-way flight, and waved goodbye to all,
Flew through several days and nights, to where he had been called,
His work would catch him off his guard, much harder than he thought,
Yet also much more joyous, though days were long and hot,
He fought with all the strength he knew, though at times it wasn’t much,
Soon he found a strength anew, he needed just a such,
For on his own, and far from home, he found that things were hard,
Souls were lost, and souls were saved, and ever-more to guard,
The boy missed home, although he’d known, the war would be this way,
And he had signed his name say, that in this work, for a time would stay,
And though his day was still far off, he thought of home and friends,
From time to time, a vision came, of when the war would end,
Soon the war was halfway through, and oddly he had found,
That there was where he wished to stay, to try to gain more ground,
The Southern front, a summer come, a winter already gone,
The time had passed, and soon he knew, this war would not take long………..

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