Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pictures are worth 1000 words

Each of these pics are worth 1,000 words. Short letter is justified.

I am glad Elder Hansen made it over there. He is awesome. By far the most powerful guy I have met on the mission. He is so cool.
Shirts are cool, right? Inca cola is so gross, but I am sure Roberto will love the shirt.
*Chance sent us some T-shirts home with Elder Hansen who came home 2 weeks ago. We loved them, they say PERU! Roberto gets one that says Inca Cola. It was so fun to meet Elder Hansen who served with Chance in Casa Grande. We learned so much about the mission and saw great pics. Welcome home Elder Kaden Hansen!

The dogtags...... I was hoping that picture wouldn't make it onto the blog......HAHA..... Look.... I was having a rough day and week. And the package came........ I had to open it. I am sorry. I wear the dogtags everyday now. I think they're cool. I love grandpa. He is a true man. tough as nails.
*Chances birthday is Feb 15 and he opened his birthday packages early haha

COURTNEY  Ha ha ha ha. She's so funny. Stinkin' farm queen.

The pictures are of an average shopping trip here in Trujillo.

Tio Roberto - disfrute su polo. Pensé que sería un recuerdo bueno de su país. A mi me encanta su país y la cultura de su gente. Un día, voy a encontrar un polo bien chevere de su equipo de fútbol favorito. Pero tiene que avisarme cuál quiere..... puedo mandar otro paquete de cosas a mi casa el 10 de Marzo, entonces si me avisa antes del Marzo, puedo buscar el equipo que desea. Hay mil lugares para comprar aquí. La avenida España tiene más opciones que creo que hay personas en el mundo.... ha ha ha. No tenemos lugares así en los estados, ¿di? (Allí es mi dejo norteño que voy a tener cuando regreso... espero no le fastidia. Ha ha ha.) Por lo menos, es mejor que los casagrandinos.... ellos casí cantan mientras hablan. Bueno, me avise cuál equipo y talla, y en todos modos yo lo busco su polo. ¡Le amo!

Sorry I don't have a whole lot of time this week. President got a lenghty letter from me this week....

-Elder Boekweg


Suitcases, Suits, and Bombs,

by Chance Boekweg


A room was filled with businessmen, who boasted of their feats,

Who argued like they’d always been, of who they could defeat,

Each one said they rose above, the rest who claimed the same,

They cited stats to push and shove, their way to higher reign,

For only one could ever be, the CEO of the company,

In desperate strikes to beat the rest, they cut each other’s knees,

Looking for what flaws they could, in every other man,

The room was filled with worded bombs, to wreck down other’s lands,


The boss who then would choose the heir, to the company´s success,

Then entered to a ghastly sight, the room now filled with mess,

The businessmen had been compared, until they were no more,

For now each felt but one inch tall, and wrecked down to their cores,

They burnt each other to a crisp, a personal flambé,

And now there were no other words, with which with they each could say,

I am worth the job you have, please give it now to me,

I promise I won’t let you down, by numbers, you can see,”


They each appeared to shrink away, as vampires from the sun,

Their sucking of each other’s blood, Left each of them a crumb,

A shadow of their former self, piece that once was whole,

The boss now saw but ashes, of men once made of gold,

And so he hired none of them, for each, you see was beat,

They dropped their bombs, in places wrong, to burn each other’s streets,

With words a man can wreck a man, reduce him down to dirt,

Strip away his happiness, and rob him of his shirt,


Be careful when you drop your bombs, ‘cause really you don’t know,

The damage they can do to those, who’s streets you do not know,

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