Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hope and Faith

So lets go over my questions
1.Did you like your calendar for Christmas?
    I did! I loved it.... I can't believe it's already been a whole month since I looked at it...... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. But seriously, that is one of my favorite things that I've received yet.
2.Do you know Ashlyn Hinton? Her family now lives in our ward.
     I do know Ashlyn. Didn't know she was on a mission. When did she leave?
3.Have you received any packages yet?
    All of them! I think......

So.... Sister Crump passed away. I am really really sad to hear that. I love their family so much... I don't want them to have to face something that hard. But I do know this: That God has a plan for every one of His children, which He also knows by name. And when things get hard, we can ask for help. We have a Savior who is more than willing to help us bear our burdens. Just ask for help and he will give it to you. Some people are taken from this life early because they have finished the work they were given to do here. I know that Sister Crump was a wonderful woman who was an example of faith to all around her. I took the sacrament to her house may times, and she never showed anything but hope and faith. No fear. No pain. Only faith. Please help her family. Everybody needs support in times of trial.

I have been thinking a lot about Van Heder this week. I told his story to my companion, and I couldn't help crying when I got to the part about his stake conference talk connected to oxygen. the adversary of this earth has no power over us if we don't give it to him. We can acquire uncrushable faith. Van Heder taught me that men can overcome absolutely any trial or difficulty that comes in this life. He has inspired me to be not only a good man, or a better, but a best man. He was one of the best. He never gave up. I think he was my friend in the pre-earth life..... as weird as that sounds........

I got the Handley's package. Thanks! I am stoked for the 15th...... 20 years old.... wow..... you always hear country songs about turning 20 on the floor of a jail..... how about PERÚ?

Anyway....... I love you all! Sorry my letters are so lame! Ask me questions! Send me pictures! I LOVE to hear from different people. Betty Castagno wrote me once.... it made me super happy to know she was thinking about me.

- Elder Boekweg

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