Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another week flies by.

Another week flies by.

1. Speaking of packages- did you finally get yours? I sure hope so.
     I did! Happy year mark, right? It was cool. It took me forever to figure out the balloons.... ha ha ha. I spent a half hour looking for any kind of letters in the bottom of the package, and eventually gave up. Then I inflated the balloons and found your notes. Cool idea!

 2. Is Sister Marler due back on Sat? Did Pres. ever leave and go home? How are they doing?
     She is back. President never left. Sounds like they lost 3 relatives in one week....... God tries the righteous to see if they really are just that - righteous. How would we ever know if we would stick true to the Gospel if we never had to choose between it and other things? It can make us happy in any situation.

 3. How was the baptism of the lady you told us about?
     Pushed back another week.

 4. Do you speak in church very often?
     In Casa Grande, it was almost every other week. Here, I have done it only a few times.

I am glad to hear that absolutely nothing has changes at our house since I have been gone. Courtney still with her animals. Dad still with ZZtop beards. I am sure Kirk Bullough is crazy jealous. I am finding out that I have a pretty sweet beard myself.... I can't wait to see what kind of power is stored in my chin..... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Tell Shawna Taylor that I love her. I thought about her this week. She was such a patient neighbor. I am amazed at the shear love and patience that she showed to an idiot teenage boy with cool long hair.

Sorry I don't have any pictures this week... again. or a poem, or really anything that is interesting... ha ha ha ha. Writing home is getting harder every week.

I need a few things........ I would love a copy of "the infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister. I got special permission from President to have it on my mission. I would LOVE it..... please send it my way fast....... just a cheap copy. And if you could somehow slip in my German book, that would be cool too. Ha ha ha. Or more protein.....

Nobody writes me anymore..... Paper letters, anyway..... I used to get some from ward members or friends..... and now.... I think I am old news! Hahahaha! I guess this happens to every missionary when they get older in the mission. I would love a letter from grandpa Thorpe. A gigantinc, hand-written letter about whatever he wants to write about. Maybe one from Austin. I worry so much about him.

I love you very much. Be ready with questions for me on Mother's day so we don't waste even a second. Because the next time I call home, I will see you all 3 months later. It won't even matter in December.... ha ha ha ha.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul. Not a soul on this earth can tell me that He does not live and direct this work. He does live. And He does direct this work. He paid the price for our sins, and because of Him, we too can live again. It is not all that comlicated, really. We just do our best here, and He makes up for the rest. How merciful is He. How full of love and understanding. I know that He loves us, and that we never walk alone when we go where He has asked. Even if we don't understand it all completely, if we act in faith, somehow everything will be alright. He has promised us so. We cannot see the whole picture, or the end of the road, but He can. And I trust in Him completely to get me there. He is my only hope. I love Him and am grateful with all the power I am able for what He did for me. He died on Calvary to pay for the wrongs that I do.

He lives.

-Elder Boekweg

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