Monday, June 16, 2014

Be Where You Are

1. Do you have a maid?
2. Do you have hot water?
    Hmmmmm............. I went 3 days without bathing this week because there was no hot water..... and it is too dang cold to shower in cold water....... ha ha ha ha ha. But it's cool, because nobody here bathes....
3. Tell us more about the man who came 2 hrs by bus for church.
     How did he know you were there?
     How many people attend your service?
     How did that man hear the gospel?
   He got baptized in Trujillo. He heard that we were coming months ago from the Elder doing scouting here. We have 18 in Sacrament last week. 22 Yesterday.
4. How often will you travel to Trujillo to meet for zone meetings?
    Haven't gone yet.... looks like we are on our own out here.
5. What are you eating there?
    Good question....... bread...... and hot chocolate.
6. Are there places to buy things?
7. Did you buy a coat or jacket?
8. What is the temperature?
9. How is the work going so far?
    Good and REALLY REALLY hard. It's difficult to work with members when there are none....
I love you a ton! I wish with all my heart I had more time to write you. You deserve more than my lame letters. I don't know how all my friends do it. Do they have more time?

Don't delete the world cup games..... I want to see them eventually........ Ha ha ha.

I will keep trying to figure out how to attatch pictures.... I am SO bad with computers..... I am sorry. It must be torturous to go without information week after week..... but I can't type fast enough to tell you everything I want to! Just know that I am okay. I am happy and safe and making the most of my mission here in Santiago de Chuco. Far as it may be from home, I know that in reality, it's not all that far. Be where you are. I love that quote. Thanks dad.

I have to go. my computer is beeping telling me that my hour is up.

I love you so much!

- Elder Boekweg
These pictures are from the SD card he sent home. These pictures were taken in Casagrande.


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