Monday, June 30, 2014

Hot Showers!!

1. How on earth are you going to do your laundry? You have to wash your clothes eventually.
     Haven't done laundry yet. That makes 4 weeks without clean clothes.... but everyone here is dirty too.... So I still SEEM clean. Ha ha ha.
2. Did you move to Otuzco yet?

3. What happens to the people who have been attending your services?
     They stop going. Ha ha ha. Pretty simple.
4. So tell me about your new living situation if you have moved? Apartment this time?
    No just a room. This time, at least we have running water. It's cold though. We have a dirt floor, and sometimes, earthworms come up and crawl on your feet as you shower. It's good fun
5. When is your release date is, is it still March? I know you said you could possibly extend. When will you know?
   March 25, unless I extend. In which case, it will be early May. Like the 10th or something.
6. Have you received your package yet?
     No. But I am being super patient for it......... I HATE waiting for packages..... ugh......
I love dad. I wish I could call him once a month to tell him about things. I think ALL the time, "if only dad could see this" He would LOVE these mountains.... they make his Oquirrhs and Uintas look like child's play.  He means the world to me. I miss him a ton.

I got Betty Castagno's letter! Thank you, Betty! I love getting letters from her! I don't think she realizes how happy her letters make me here. She is cool.

I have been sticking my head in the tiendas to see the scores of the soccer games as they happen. Sometimes, I just want to stinking watch the USA games.... But they will still be there in March..... or May..... I don't know. Crazy to think that 2014 is halfway over...... We are getting so close to the end.......... it's insane......

Don't know where my mission goes from here..... President could change me out this change, and bring me back to the coast.... I hope not.... ha ha ha. Right now, Elder Bravo left, and so I am acting as Zone Leader A and B for my zone........ I have only been a zone leader for 4 weeks! I have no clue what I'm doing..... ha ha ha. My comp. Elder Nelson (from Chicago) is the district leader for Otuzco........ we are a pretty strange companionship....... I always said that I have the weirdest mission ever........... I think that stands true.

Brag moment -  Presidnt calls me "Ammon."  It is my nickname.

Seems like things never slow down in the misiòn. I can't believe that the last time I saw all of you I didn't speak spanish...... ha ha ha ha. It's been so long!

Doesn't Courtenae come home soon? Like, this month? AJ Walters? Stewart Thomas?

And finally, don't forget to send pics of the 4th of July..... I love that holiday more than any other.

Pray for me and my zone......... Ha ha ha. Im not sure how else we'll survive..... 

Mom...... I love you so much. I think about you sleeping on that couch in  our living room or sleeping by the fire. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I wish I could take more naps..... We hike all day long every day. It is absolutely exhausting. By the end of the day, my feet usually want to cut themselves off. I am so tired... ugh.... But you are one of my greatest heroes, mom. You do so much for me and so many others. I can't wait to sleep in the sunlight of the kitchen window and listen to you watch the news while you cook dinner.... ha ha ha ha ha ha. My turn.

 I am working as hard as I know how. Everyday is hard in the mountains..... there aren't so many "elect" spirits that want to listen. Despite that, I feel like I am doing what God needs me to do. Every young man should serve a mission. Just give it your best shot. All you can do. You will find that God can make much more out of you than you can. Sure it is a sacrifice..... but not really, because God always pays us back infinitely more than we give. Just do it - NIKE. 

I love you all very much and am grateful for the people who still haven't forgotten about me. I wish I could shower in hot water..... ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

I REALLY wish I could shower in hot water........... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

- Elder Boekweg

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  1. Sounds like a very different world! He's not forgotten in this house for sure! What a brace young man. Tell him Levi wears his tie a lot:) we love Ammon!