Monday, October 6, 2014

He got a Camera!

1. Tell us about your conference watching experience. Was it in Spanish? Did you watch it with members? At a home? Was it live?
    Haven't seen it yet..... In Peru this week was elections. It is illegal to have any kind of meeting during the elections, so we were not able to see any of it. It will be rebroadcasted to this country this weekend. Weird, right? We didn't even go to church this week.........
2. Do you get many letters these days?
    The missionaries from my group have started to write amongst ourselves because nobody else does. Ha ha ha ha.

 3. Is it starting to be summer there?
    Summer never ends here.

 4. Do you want me to put money in your account for you to just ship our package home to us?
      I am afraid it will get robbed doing it like that. I already arranged for somebody to take it home in 6 weeks.

 5. Can you buy more Ecco drink and is it expensive? Dad is hooked on it and the only place I can find to buy it is straight from Trujillo Peru!
     I KNEW he would love it. I do too. I'll have to send him Kimbo. It's like Ecco, but stronger. I like Ecco a bit more, I think. It's great.

 6. Will you ever have an Ipad or facebook on your mission?
      When the world goes inside out, and all the pigs in all the world sprout wings and fly, then swim like fishes, THEN, will the Perù Trujillo Mission have Ipads.

 7. Do you know your exact release date yet? Once I thought you told me March 23. Is that right?
     Don't come pick me up. Ha ha ha ha. I'll let you know when my date is when it's closer. I love you

 8. Have you seen any cool stuff lately on your pdays?
     Nah. Chimbote is city. Not much by way of ruins or anything here. But it's got a cool and very stinky fishing bay.

 9. Still playing soccer? Can you still buy soccer jerseys?
     Yes. and Yes. I will need some more money if you want nice ones. But junk ones I can get for like 10 soles. (3 bucks and some change.) Just let me know what you want. Holland, and what else?

Sounds like the bigger world is changing outside of mine. I hope Kendal is okay. I also hope that Kaylee Hopper feels what she needs to do. I also have been thinking a TON lately about Kelly. 

I am a witness that we are creations of a God that loves us very much. I feel His love every day. I am not perfect, but nobody else is either. All the same, I try my very best every day to do all the things that Jesus Christ has asked of me. I do it because I love Him. And I only feel comfortable when I know that He is happy with me. This drives me to do everything I can to make it happen. It is not easy, and I mess up more times than I can count. But I know it's all worth it in the end. I invest my life in the things that really matter in the end. And I love it. The greatest part is that this kind of happiness is available to everyone, if they themselves are willing to accept it and pay the price for it. What is that price? It is a willingness to admit that we are wrong sometimes, and that we can't fix the damage we have done alone. That is where the Atonement of the Savior comes in. He pays the rest of the debt that we owe. He only asks us to say sorry and try harder afterwards. It is so simple. Repentance is so open and free. It is bitterness at it's start, but even greater sweetness at it's end. The Savior repeatedly tells that His arms are extended out to meet us, and that we need only trust in Him. He will clean us. We can be free from our sins, and the horrible burdens that come with them. Nobody is happy in sin, and He knows this. THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ALL OF THIS. That we can be happy again, despite what we have done and have our slates wiped clean. Please remember this always.  There is nothing in God's plan that causes permanent suffering. It is the only intelligent thing to do. More important than mine, is God's love for you. He and His Son Jesus Christ have been planing your happiness for eons and eons. They want you to have it. What they do not want, is for us to suffer and be slaves to this world, because there is no kind of lasting happiness there. The world's solutions will never solve the world's problems. They only deepen the wounds. Have a good week!

Pretty normal week. Ha ha ha. Went to leadership counsel for the billionth time. ha ha ha. Maybe I'll show up in a pic?

Tell me how Erin's homecoming is. 

I bought a camera. But now I need an adapter cable...... ha ha ha ha. I am so dumb......

Thanks for the message dad. I love you. I have never seen your head with hair since I was 4 or 5, I think........

Courtney. I love you. I wish I had more time to write. Just think that in 3 months, I'll skype home again. Then 3 months later............................ I stinkin' come home....... wow......................

I love you mom. Thank you for being the most faithful writer of my mission. I always know I have at least one Letter waiting for me. 

- Elder Boekweg

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