Monday, October 27, 2014

The work goes on!

1. I am thinking Christmas.....Is there anything you need? What could I send for your companion that would be helpful?
    I don't need anything..... except that Banjo........... just relent and do it...... or I will ask for it in February again. Ha ha ha ha ha. Give in. And maybe some Swedish fish. Man I love those things....... probably more than life itself at times.

 2. Did the debit card issue cause too many problems for you? What were you trying to buy?
      Nah. Wanted to buy some soccer jerseys last week for you, but I'll do it this week.

 3. Do you live in an apartment? Was it one of the pics you sent a couple weeks ago?
     It's more of a small dirty house. But it's cool. Really ghetto. I live in the HOOD. ha ha ha ha

 4. When are your transfers? Will you be getting a new comp?
      Transfers are still 3 weeks away. But I will probably lose my dear Elder Oyarzo, and meet the missionary who is destined to "kill" me, they call it. I only have 3 changes left after this one. I hope they are cool.

Well mom...... I guess we're down to 4 and a half months until you have to drive to the airport to get me...... ha ha ha ha. Can you believe it?  But this does bring something important up. In the next few weeks, we are going to hear the official opening day of the Trujillo temple...... there is a possibility that it will be maybe late April or May, in which case, I would be able to extend and be here to see it...... and if that is the case, I really would like to stay out longer.......... I need to know what you think. Because that means I would not, in fact, be home for the very next general conference with you all. But it would mean that I could see all the people I have worked with in my entire mission there at the temple that I have dreamed of for so long.......... I think it would be pretty cool. I ask you this because if I am going to extend, I need to tell President Marler as soon as I can. They are going to buy my plane ticket within the month of November. And I don't know exactly which date. I guess all of this depends on the temple dedication date that I will hear soon. But if it happens to be in April or May, I would like to stick around here to see it. Tell me what you think.

Our zone here is doing very well. We are learning how to have lasting success. People are changing every day. And that is what counts.

This week is concilio otra vez. Asi que, tal vez me verán en el blog unas veces más en ese sitio de pronto. Ojala

I drown in this work. It consumes all that I am. I do not exist outside of the work of salvation. It's odd to know that that "old world" I used to live in still exists. Roxberry in Tooele still serves Razzberry rushes...... so many things have changed........  I am planning on spending a lot of time with Uncle and Hayden until I have to leave Tooele again for Fall semester at BYU..... and THEN I will be alone............... Each one of my friends and family will be far, far away from me. Not to mention, I don't have any idea what I want to study! I also don't have any money to study in the first place! If ever a man truly had nothing............. it was probably still not me, but I think I come close..... ha ha ha ha ha ha. I have seen people here who REALLY have nothing. I am just at a loss about what it is I am going to do when a few more short months come and pass.

However, I do occasionally have that dream that all missionaries have, when they come down the escalators in the airport and see their family for the first time in 2 years...... THAT might just be the sweetest moment of my entire life up until then. That moment will be worth 2 years' hard work. But for fear of what comes after that, I can honestly say that I would stay here and work until I die to avoid it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Grandma Boekweg- THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! Peanut butter Honey blend is the GREATEST. Also, I needed some new socks severely.... I wear through a pair in a matter of weeks.

The work goes on here. I love you dad. I think about you when I do work with our stake young men's leader. Zone leaders talk to stake leaders all the time. Tell the missionaries that they should do more splits with the young men of the stake. It's super effective for us, and teaches them to be missionaries early on............. And Don't forget about my truck. Ha ha ha ha ha. I'll need it.

Mom....... I miss you a ton. I hope you know that that dumb pillowcase with cast away written on it is ridiculously good at reminding me of you. Thanks. Ha ha ha

Courtney...... sorry I never write you, apparently. I will try harder. I hope you have a good Halloween. I love you.

Happy birthday Grandpa and Niki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will talk to you all next week!

- Elder Boekweg
****Mail Strike ended…send packages OK - Thank You Sister Marler

 The mail strike is over and it is OK to send packages.  Those that are in Lima are coming slowly over the next 2 months.  Hopefully we will get them all…

Please remember the best way to send items is in a 4 pound prepaid envelope…from the U.S. post office, these come as letters and do not go through customs.

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