Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pics from the New Camera

So lets go over the questions:
1. What is your address if you will still be there in Nov, Gustavo is heading back to Peru and will bring a package with him.
     Tell him " La Capilla Mormona en El Carmen." That is where I can most easily find him. But we'll have to coordinate carefully. I can't spend time with him like I did the last time. Unfortunately, He is still technically my family, and I am not allowed to take a day off with him..... unless he comes on a Monday... that could work. Let me know.

 2. How much are the nicer soccer jerseys?
      40 Soles........ about 16 or 17 dollars

 3. How are your investigators? Getting close to baptism?
     They are doing great. I can't write too much because of mission rules on investigator privacy, but they are good. One of them has an AMAZING story that I will tell you next year.

 4. Of all the new missionaries coming to Trujillo now how many are from Utah? Does there still seem to be a lot of Utahns coming there?
     I have no idea who comes in anymore......

 5. Did you get to meet The Marlers son and Daughter in law while they were there recently?

 6. How far is Chimbote from Trujillo?
     Like....... 3 hours south.

 7. Who is bringing our package home in a few weeks? Will we need to go pick it up from him?
     Elder Nelson. He lives in Chicago, but he's coming to Utah for Christmas. I'm going to give him enough money to send the packages, once he's stateside.

Another week....... holy cow this is getting ridiculous. So fast. I feel like I just hit send a week ago on the last letter I sent to all you. It just keeps speeding up...... and when I think it can't get any faster, it does just that, and I find myself seated again at a computer that runs as well as my old car in the winter writing anoher letter about another week gone by. Erin's already home, and Brayden comes home in just 4 months........... how on earth have we made it this far? Months just click by here in the mission. I don't know how it is back home waiting, but I have been truly amazed at hpw true dad's statement was: "A week is about as long as a day." So dad. But so right.

We are having a lot of success in the zone right now. Pray that it doesn't run out. Pray for the missionaries personal conversion. That is what makes all the difference.

I though about Hayden this week again. He is cool.

I also thought about how strange it will be to see Uncle's 2 new children that I have never been with........ so odd.....

I don't have much time this week, because i got these pictures attached. But I hope they are worth it. Everyone always tells me they want more pictures........... the price, I suppose, is shorter letters.... because I don't have time to do the both. These dang computers.........
I love you! I will talk to you next week!

- Elder Boekweg


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